10 Best Japanese Yuzu Juice in 2024

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Wanpaku Yuzu Juice

Product nameWanpaku Yuzu Juice

Wanpaku Yuzu Juice is a blend of yuzu juice and honey. It is not too sweet and has a refreshing taste. It is made from yuzu, a favorite of Japanese people, and its sweet and sour aroma spreads in the mouth. Yuzu is a specialty of Kochi Prefecture, and the yuzu grown in the Reihoku area has a reputation for being highly aromatic. The juice made from yuzu grown with pesticide-free and time-consuming methods tastes exceptionally delicious. The fact that it is also designated as a return gift for hometown tax payment shows that it is a product of Tosa’s pride and joy.

Tsuburauna Yuzu

Product nameTsuburauna Yuzu

Tsuburauna Yuzu is a juice made from yuzu grown in Oita Prefecture with honey and mashed summer oranges. You can feel the delicious taste of yuzu filling your mouth. The honey also gives it a gentle sweetness, making it easy to drink and refreshing. The addition of mashed summer oranges gives it a delightful texture and a strong fruity taste. This local juice is very popular in Oita Prefecture, but it is so popular that it is now famous throughout Japan. It is also rich in vitamin C and citric acid, and its high nutritional value is also appreciated. It is easy to drink for everyone from children to the elderly, and many people give it as a gift.

Minute Maid Hachimitsu Yuzu

Product nameMinute Maid Hachimitsu Yuzu

Minute Maid Hachimitsu Yuzu is a juice made from yuzu and honey produced in Shikoku. It is of course delicious on its own, but the special feature of this juice is that it is drunk hot. It is sold warm in vending machines and stores, and is much missed in winter. In the cold season, the juice is soaked in its deliciousness as you sip it while holding the warm container in your hand. Many people are soothed by the gentle sweet and sour taste that Japanese people love. It is also rich in vitamin C, so it is great for the body.

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Yuzu Lemon

Product nameYuzu Lemon

Yuzu Lemon is a soft drink made from yuzu and lemon. Yuzu yuzu, squeezed in season at a designated farm in Kochi Prefecture, is used. The addition of lemon juice gives it a refreshing citrus aroma and sweetness. No artificial sweeteners are used, so there is no sticky aftertaste. It is hard to find in stores unless you are in Kochi Prefecture, but once you try it, you will be addicted to its refreshing taste. Once you drink it, you will become addicted to its refreshing taste. It is so tasty that even yuzu lovers will be impressed. It is also reasonably priced, so many people buy it during sightseeing trips as a local juice.

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Yuzu 5

Product nameYuzu 5

Yuzu 5 is a 5X diluted juice made from Japanese yuzu and acacia honey. This is the best juice made by a specialty yuzu store. No preservatives or coloring agents are used. You can enjoy the mellow aroma of the abundance of domestically produced yuzu. The addition of acacia honey gives it a mellow and delicious taste. Since it is a diluted juice, you can drink it with milk, wine, carbonated water, or any other way you like. It is a great product that both children and adults can enjoy. 5x dilution means that one bottle can make 2.5 liters of this product, which is also a good value. Many customers buy it for home use or as a gift.

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Gokkun Umajimura

Product nameGokkun Umajimura

Gokkun Umajimura is a Kochi Prefecture drink that uses only yuzu and honey as ingredients. This juice is made with a focus on taste and safety so that even small children can drink it. No flavoring or additives are used, and it is made from only nature’s bounty. Word of mouth on the Internet is full of “Excellent!” and it has even been introduced on YouTube. Many people drink it in the summer or after taking a bath, as it tastes even better when it is cooled down to a crisp. The package design is also tasteful and recommended as a gift.

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Dilute Yuzu

Product nameDilute Yuzu

Dilute Yuzu is a diluted type of juice made from yuzu. Kochi Prefecture is famous for its yuzu. Among them, we carefully select those from areas with the most suitable aroma for yuzu drinks. The carefully selected yuzu is combined with sugar from Hokkaido, and this additive-free juice contains no preservatives or flavorings. The undiluted 6x Yuzu juice can be diluted with shochu or soda, or poured over yogurt, making it a popular choice for a variety of drinks.

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Okabayashi Noen’s Yuzu Drink

Product nameOkabayashi Noen’s Yuzu Drink

Okabayashi Noen’s Yuzu Drink is a juice made from yuzu from Kochi Prefecture and sugar from Hokkaido. The product is characterized by the fact that it is grown, processed, and sold entirely in-house without pesticides, with special attention paid to the yuzu itself. Of course, it is additive-free, so even small children can drink this juice with peace of mind. Take a sip and you will feel the refreshing aroma of yuzu penetrate your nose. The refreshing taste also makes it a popular product that quenches thirst during the hot summer season.

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Captain Yuzu

Product nameCaptain Yuzu

Captain Yuzu is a dilution syrup made from yuzu juice. We recommend using it as a syrup for chu-hi, cocktails, and highballs. It is well known for its delicious yuzu flavor. For soda or water, it can be diluted 4 to 5 times. It also has a sweet taste, so many people use it as a syrup for shaved ice or as a confectionery ingredient. Although it is a syrup for professional use, the 600 ml size is easy to use at home, so it can be used not only for drinking by splitting, but also for cooking, and can be arranged as much as you like.

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Hotto Hitokiki Yuzugokochi

Product nameHotto Hitokiki Yuzugokochi

Hotto Hitokiki Yuzugokochi is a juice blended with Kochi yuzu and acacia honey. The Reihoku area in Kochi Prefecture is famous for its yuzu, and is located at a high altitude with a large difference in temperature. We use only yuzu from this area. Thanks to the region’s reputedly aromatic yuzu, it has a refreshing, easy-to-drink finish. The drink is also available in a small size, so it is recommended for use after sports, after bathing, or when your body is feeling hot. Since no food additives are used, it is safe for everyone from children to the elderly to drink.

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