Commitment to the SDGs

The editorial department of japanese snacks lab (hereafter referred to as “we”) is involved in a variety of initiatives to achieve a sustainable world.

Details of SDGs Initiatives

Goal 8: Both job satisfaction and economic growth

We have introduced a flexible work style by introducing remote work. This removes geographical restrictions and provides an environment in which people can work according to their own lifestyles.

Goal 12: Responsibility to Create and Use

We are reducing the use of paper by digitizing many processes within our operations. This avoids wasteful consumption of resources and promotes sustainable consumption and production patterns. We also strive to provide sustainable information through our own operations.

Goal 13: Take concrete action on climate change

We have significantly reduced CO2 emissions from our daily commute by promoting remote work. We are also working to protect our living environment and address climate change issues by allowing each member of the team to freely set the location and time of his or her work.

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