8 Best Japanese Matcha Snacks in 2024

japanese matcha snacks

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The Appeal of Japanese Matcha Tea

Matcha is a Japanese green tea produced using a unique process and characterized by its bright green color and rich flavor. In Japan, it has long been a central part of the tea ceremony, and in recent years it has become widely popular as a matcha-flavored sweet and beverage. Matcha’s appeal lies in its deep history, calming effect, and diverse health benefits. A trivia tip for enjoying matcha-flavored sweets is that the flavor varies greatly depending on the quality of the matcha, so choosing sweets made with high-quality matcha will allow you to enjoy a richer flavor. In addition, matcha tea contains ingredients that have a relaxing effect, so you can enjoy its benefits not only as a tea, but also through the confectionery.

Pocky Dark Deep Green Tea

Product namePocky Dark Deep Green Tea
Gluten Free

Pocky is a stick-type snack made of pretzel made of flour and butter, covered with chocolate.
They are named “Pocky” because of their pleasant crunchy texture.Pocky is easy to share with friends because you can enjoy the chocolate without getting your hands dirty, and it can be easily eaten during leisure activities such as picnics, tea time, or while driving.Pocky is a very popular snack in Japan, but for a limited time only, a Japanese specialty, matcha green tea, is kneaded into the pretzel dough itself, baked, and then coated with matcha chocolate.The taste of matcha green tea is richly fragrant in the mouth, giving this confectionery a Japanese flavor.

Langley Uji Matcha with gyokur

Product nameLangley Uji Matcha with gyokuro
Gluten Free

The Langdosha cookies are made with flour and Hokkaido sugar and baked slowly and carefully.
It was developed to make it easier to eat at a time when langdosha cookies were still expensive and not easily available.The Langtry series has a long history and is made with a two-stage egg-filling process to increase the crispiness of the cookie, resulting in a Langdosha cookie with an outstandingly crispy texture.
They are popular at home as snacks and tea-time treats.The Uji green tea flavor, which is only available seasonally, contains gyokuro, which enhances the elegant aroma of green tea.

Elise Matcha

Product nameElise Matcha
Gluten Free

Elise is a pastry that every Japanese person must have eaten before, with its light, crispy texture and cream filling. The crispy, light texture of the wafer mixed with flour, eggs, and sugar gives it an airy feel that no one else can imitate. The usual flavors are chocolate cream and vanilla cream, but for a limited time, a matcha green tea flavor is also available. The bitter taste peculiar to matcha is suppressed and the taste is sweet and delicious. Even those who do not like bitter foods and small children can enjoy it with peace of mind. You can be sure to have Elise when you have a sudden visitor! It is such a confectionery.

Kit Kat Mini Adult Sweetness Dark Green Tea

Product nameKit Kat Mini Adult Sweetness Dark Green Tea
Gluten Free

Kit Kat is a well-known chocolate-coated cookie dough made of flour and shortening.Kit Kat is available in miniature sizes that can be easily shared with friends or eaten in small portions as a snack to prevent overindulgence. The dark matcha green tea is kneaded into the dough with crushed biscuits, and combined with the chocolate sandwiches and the matcha-flavored chocolate coating, it has a sweet yet refreshingly bitter adult flavor that is addictive. The matcha-flavored chocolate also contains green tea, which gives the biscuit a richer tea aroma.

Meiji Rich Chocolate Sandwich Green Tea

Product nameMeiji Rich Chocolate Sandwich Green Tea
Gluten Free

A slightly hard cocoa cookie made of flour, shortening, and cocoa powder is sandwiched between two pieces of matcha chocolate, which is made from 51% matcha green tea. Every time you bite into the cookie, the aroma of the matcha and the delicious taste of the cocoa cookie spread out. Since they are a little hard, we recommend eating them with coffee or other beverages at tea time. The cocoa refined from chocolate is kneaded into the dough, and the crunchy texture of the hard-baked cookie is made possible only by Meiji. You can also enjoy the aroma of cocoa and matcha green tea.

Alfort mini chocolate Masa green tea

Product nameAlfort mini chocolate Masa green tea
Gluten Free

The harmony of rich and flavorful chocolate kneaded with Uji ichiban-cha green tea in a crunchy biscuit made of whole wheat flour is an irresistible delicacy. The fragrant ichiban-icha tea gives the cookie the depth of matcha green tea, making it a chocolate cookie that gives a sense of “wa” (harmony) with chocolate. The bright green color of Uji ichibancha tea is also beautiful in Alfort. In Japan, it is a popular snack for everyone from small children to adults.

Choco Coco Kaoru Matcha

Product nameChoco Coco Kaoru Matcha
Gluten Free

These cookies are thinly baked with flour and shortening, and coated with chocolate on one side. The fragrant green tea flavor uses two kinds of green tea and is kneaded into the cookie dough, giving it a rich flavor when you put it in your mouth. Each cookie is individually wrapped, so it is easy to eat a little whenever you want, but the sweetness of the chocolate really stands out, so it is recommended when you are craving something sweet.

Golden Milk Candy Green Tea Latte

Product nameGolden Milk Candy Green Tea Latte
Gluten Free

“Gold Milk Candy” is a revolutionary candy from a Japanese confectionery company with a long history of producing mainly candy. It has received two World’s Best Category Awards and six “Gold” awards at the International ARC Awards 2021, the largest competition of its kind in the world. The candy is made by adding fresh cream to sugar and syrup, and is characterized by a gentle, enveloping milk flavor that allows everyone from small children to the elderly to breathe a sigh of relief. The matcha latte flavor uses two types of matcha from Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, which is famous for its matcha production, to create a delicious and astringent taste, which is in perfect harmony with the rich milk.

Japanese matcha snacks:Summary

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