TokyoTreat vs Sakuraco: Which should I subscribe to?

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TokyoTreat vs Saluraco: Comparison Chart

Types of SweetsFocus on contemporary Japanese snacksFocus on Japanese wagashi and traditional confections
Price (3-month subscription)$35.5/month$35.5/month
ShippingVaries from country to country, but in the U.S. it is $12.50.Varies from country to country, but in the U.S. it is $12.50.
SafetyAllergen and ingredient information available.Allergen and ingredient information available.
ReviewsNumber of reviews:21,130Average review rating:4.8Number of reviews:23,895Average review rating:4.8
Official SiteCheckCheck

Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco are both Japanese snack boxes. The company that operates both boxes is Ichigo Corporation, so there are many similarities between them.

So what are the differences between the two boxes? Both have high ratings and the same fees, so it is difficult to know which one to choose.

Here we would like to look at the differences between the two.

TokyoTreat vs Sakuraco: A Detailed Comparison of Features

Both Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco are Japanese snack boxes, but let’s take a look at what kind of snacks are inside each.

We will also introduce the box design and ingredients, which may be of interest not only to those who purchase the boxes for themselves, but also to those who wish to send them as gifts.

The design of the box

First of all, the Tokyo Treat box is a brightly colored box with a large “TOKYO TREAT” written on it. The box is a simple design at first glance, but in fact, there is an illustration of the month’s theme on the side of the box.

Depending on the month, there may also be a small illustration on the top of the box, but the main logo, TOKYO TREAT, is prominently displayed, giving it a very pop and cheerful impression.

Next, Sakuraco is displayed on a brightly colored, yet slightly subdued box with the word Sakuraco on it. The logo is a little smaller and more subdued, and the cherry blossom symbol along with the logo is more prominent.

In addition to the logo, the box contains an illustration of the month’s theme, but the illustration is painted in gold or a color similar to the color of the box, so it is not overly conspicuous and gives a very elegant impression.

Type/content of sweets included in the box

Types of Sweets・Instant Noodles
・Japan-only and seasonal Kit Kat
・Chocolate Snacks
・Potato chips
・Cakes, cookies and sweet breads
・Traditional sweets such as rice cakes and manjuu
・Japanese tea
・Sweet sweets such as candies and kompeito
・Slightly salty snacks such as rice crackers and rice crackers
・Small items for daily use

Both boxes have a different theme each month, and the snacks inside change with that theme. However, the type of snacks included in each month is somewhat fixed.

Tokyo Treat is mainly modern snacks. It includes cookies, potato chips, instant ramen noodles, sweet breads, and other snacks that look like they could be purchased at a convenience store in Japan.

Recently, videos showing people eating snacks and daily necessities purchased at convenience stores and supermarkets have become popular on social networking sites! Tokyo Treat is filled with snacks that you may have seen on social media before.

Sakuraco, on the other hand, focuses on traditional Japanese sweets and wagashi. It mainly features sweets made with okaki, mochi, and anko (sweet bean paste), but also includes cookies and other Western sweets famous in the prefecture related to the month’s theme.

Many of the traditional Japanese snacks are themed on nature or use ingredients derived from nature, allowing you to enjoy and feel the four seasons in Japan through these snacks. Sakuraco is packed with snacks that can be enjoyed with both the eyes and the tongue.

The amount of snacks in the package

Quantity15-20 pieces (1300g)20 pieces

The amount of sweets inside varies slightly from month to month, with Tokyo Treat containing 15 to 20 sweets, while Sakuraco contains 20. Tokyo Treat specifies the weight as 1300g (or more), while Sakuraco does not specify the weight as it changes every month. Both Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco have about 20 snacks.

I feel that both of these snacks are very good value for money, as they contain about 20 items. It is of course possible to enjoy a variety of snacks, and it seems like you can enjoy them for a long time, little by little, before the next one arrives.


12 months$32.5/mo$32.50/mo
6 months$33.5/mo$33.50/mo
3 months$35.5/mo$35.50/mo
1 month$37.5/mo$37.50/mo

Both offer one-time buyout and 3-month, 6-month, and up to 12-month contracts. The longer the contract, the more economical the one-time payment. Both are operated by the same company, and although there are differences in theme and content, the prices are the same.

Delivery Method

The delivery method is basically the same in both cases. There are several shipping methods, and they vary depending on the country. For example, in the U.S., the order is eligible for express shipping, which means that the order will be shipped in 3-5 days and delivered in 5-10 days from the time the order is received, which is about 2 weeks from the time of order.

Shipping costs are also required separately in both cases, and these also vary from country to country. For example, in the U.S., shipping costs an additional $12.50.

If the box you receive is damaged, or if you have trouble receiving your order, you can contact customer support for assistance.

Safety information such as allergen information

AllergenListed both on the official website and in the guide included in the box.Listed both on the official website and in the guide included in the box.
VegetarianMentioned as to whether it is vegetarian or not.Mentioned as to whether it is vegetarian or not.

Both Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco allow you to check the contents of your next box on their websites in advance, with allergen information on each item and whether or not it is vegetarian-friendly.

Both boxes also include a booklet with information about the month’s theme, Japanese culture, and allergen information for the snacks in the box. You can also check the allergen information for each snack in that booklet.

It is very attractive to be able to check the allergen information before purchasing and eating the snacks, and to be able to eat them with full confidence.

Number of reviews

Number of reviews21,130 reviews12,961 reviews
Average review rating4.84.8

Both Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco have very high ratings, with an overall rating of 4.8. Many of the reviewers said that they purchased Tokyo Treat because they had always wanted to visit Japan or because they love Japanese culture, such as anime.

Many of the snacks, from world-famous Kit Kat snacks to popular Japanese snacks such as chips and gummies, were easily accepted overseas, and many people said they liked them so much they wanted to buy them again.

Sakuraco, on the other hand, was also said to be cute in appearance, as many of the boxes and even the packaging of the snacks are carefully designed. For example, in the cherry blossom-themed month, the box, snack package, and even the shape of the snacks inside are all cherry blossoms.

Sakuraco also features home goods included in the package, such as plates, chopsticks, teacups, and other daily-use items that were included with the snacks. Hence, many people said that it was the best gift for their friends.

Operating company

Both companies are operated by the same company, Ichigo Corporation. Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, and everything from planning to shipping is done in Japan. This means that you can get snack flavors and seasonal snacks that are only available in Japan, and you can be sure that your snacks will be made in Japan and delivered to your home.

TokyoTreat vs Bokksu|Which is better in the end?

When we compared Tokyo Treat and Sakuraco, we found that while they share many of the same features, such as price, management company, and shipping, they are actually very different concepts.

Tokyo Treat’s theme is to deliver the latest in Japanese culture in a pop-up box with modern snacks. The snacks change with each month’s theme, but they are all fun to look at and delicious on the outside, whether they contain snacks in character packages, chocolates in the shape of Christmas candy canes, or chocolates in packages with samurai swords. Boxes containing instant ramen noodles and pastries are also rare, and the contents are very well stocked.

The booklet inside is also very informative, and if you enjoy the snacks while reading it, you will want to take a trip to Japan right away.

Sakuraco, on the other hand, is more focused on traditional Japanese culture, and the snacks inside are mainly traditional Japanese sweets. However, Sakuraco is not all about traditional sweets, but also includes modern snacks such as cookies, tarts, and chocolate sweets, as long as they fit the theme of the month, making it easy for newcomers to try.

And since there is some kind of home goods included in each month’s package, you can enjoy Japanese culture from the outside as well, for example, by arranging the snacks you receive on the plates you receive and enjoying the tea you receive in the teacups you receive.

The themes cover Japanese culture and Japanese prefectures, and are recommended for those who have been to Japan or like Japan and would like to see a Japan they do not yet know.

Recommendations will vary depending on what aspects of Japanese culture you like, but we would say that TOKYO TREAT is for those who like modern Japanese culture as symbolized by kawaii culture, and Sakuraco is for those who like good old Japanese culture and are Japan connoisseurs.

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