Munchpak vs Universal Yums: Which should I subscribe to?

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Munchpak vs Universal Yums: Comparison Chart

MunchpakUniversal Yums
Types of SweetsContemporary World SnacksContemporary World Snacks
Quantity5-15(3 kinds available)5-18(3 kinds available)
Price (month to month)32.95/mo
(In case of 10 assortment)
(In case of assortment of 10-12 items)
ShippingFree within the U.S.A.
(Other countries charge a fee)
Free within the U.S.A.
(Other countries charge a fee)
SafetyNo allergen information listedIngredient information available
ReviewsNumber of reviews:-Average review rating:-Number of reviews:165Average review rating:4.1
CompanyMunchpak(USA)Universal Yums LLC(USA)
Official SiteCheckCheck

Munchpak and Universal Yums are both assorted snack boxes. Inside are snacks from all over the world. The amount of snacks can range from a small box containing 5 snacks per box to a large box containing about 20 snacks, so there are many different ways to enjoy these snacks.

If you are wondering which one to choose, we hope this will help you decide which one is more suitable for you.

Munchpak vs Universal Yums: A Detailed Comparison of Features

Both are snack boxes, but what are the features of each? Because they are similar in price and number of snacks, we are interested in other features. We will take a detailed look at everything from the box design to allergen information.

Box Design

The Munchpak box design features the Muchpak logo and a smiley face. The box is basically red, or white on the top and red on the sides. The box may have the Munchpak logo or a large smiley face, but other than that, the illustrations and the box color do not seem to change.

The Universal Yums box design is basically a single design. The illustration of the earth symbol with a bite mark and many illustrations of snacks are drawn around it. However, the colors are blue and white, and the box is very cute.

The type/content of the snacks in the box

MunchpakUniversal Yums
Types of Sweets・Chocolate
・Sable Cookies
・rice crackers
・Sable Cookies

First of all, the snacks inside Munchpak are unique in that each box contains an assortment of snacks from various countries around the world. The boxes contain a well-balanced assortment of chocolate snacks, chips, crackers, rice crackers, and other snacks.

It is like a mystery box, but it is very promising because it says that Munchpak’s team only packs snacks that they judge to be tasty.

Munchpak’s allows you to add carbonated beverages to the original box and family pack. There is an additional charge of $6.5.

Next is Universal Yums, which is similar in that it delivers snacks from all over the world, but this one has a monthly theme country. For the first month, you can choose from the UK, Greece, or Thailand, and the following month you will receive an assortment of snacks from a country chosen by the management.

The theme may be a single country, such as the Baltic States, Ukraine, France, or Poland, or it may be an assortment of snacks from various countries. For example, if the theme country is the Netherlands, there will be a lot of famous Dutch chocolate snacks, and if the theme country is Thailand, there will be fried seaweed snacks and spicy pineapple candies.

The amount of sweets in the box

MunchpakUniversal Yums
Mini: 5pieces+Yum: 5-7pieces
Original: 10pieces+Yum Yum: 10-12pieces
Family Pack: 20pieces+Super Yum: 15-18pieces

Comparing the amount of snacks in the boxes, we found that both have three choices, with Munchpak’s written as 5+, which means that the base is 5, but there can be more.

The smallest snacks are 5, the next are 10, and the largest are 15-18, or 20 or more.


MunchpakUniversal Yums
MiniOriginalFamilyYumYum YumSuper Yum
12 months$17.95/mo$32.95/mo$46.95/mo$16/mo$26/mo$41/mo
6 months$19.95/mo$31.95/mo$45.95/mo
3 months$20.95/mo$30.95/mo$44.95/mo
1 month$21.95/mo$28.95/mo$42.95/mo$18/mo$29/mo$45/mo

Next, let’s compare the prices. First, we see that Munchpak offers a one-time buyout and 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month contracts. The longer the contract, the more economical the one-time payment.

On the other hand, Universal Yums offers only a one-time purchase or a one-year contract, and even with a one-year contract, the savings seem to be minimal.

Shipping Methods

Munchpak currently ships to Australia, Canada, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, and soon to be the United Kingdom. If you would like to ship to countries other than those listed above, please contact us and we may be able to ship to you.

Orders placed outside of the weekend will be shipped within 72 hours. Please note that shipping within the US is free via USPS, but there is an additional shipping charge for orders to other countries.

Universal Yums ships to the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Israel. Shipping to the United States is free, but other countries will incur different shipping fees depending on the country and product.

Allergen Information and Other Safety Information

MunchpakUniversal Yums
AllergenNo detailed descriptionIngredients are listed.
VegetarianNone statedNone stated

Munchpak does not provide information on allergens or whether the products are vegetarian or not, and Munchpak’s website provides a list of the next items to be delivered, but it does not provide information on ingredients or specific allergens for each item. However, instead of information on ingredients and specific allergens for each product, there is a warning that the product in this box may contain a specific allergen. Therefore, if you are allergic to any of these products, please do not eat them.

Universal Yums has a booklet inside the box that introduces the product and lists the ingredients, so you can check before you eat it. However, the official website states that the product is not recommended for those with severe allergies, as milk and soy may have been used in the manufacturing plant.

Operating Company

Both Munchpak and Universal Yums are operated in the U.S.A. Munchpak buys its snacks directly from the companies around the world that manufacture them, so you can taste the real snacks from the countries where they are made.

Universal Yums also offers an assortment of snacks from all over the world, sometimes including snacks that are not available in the US. The introduction page says that all the snacks in the box are tried and tested by the staff, and they are passionate about what they do.

Munchpak vs Universal Yums|Which is better in the end?

Both are similar in that they both deliver snacks from all over the world, but the main difference is whether you enjoy snacks from many different countries each time or whether you focus on one country each time and fully enjoy the snacks from that country.

If you are the type of person who is curious to know what kind of snacks are available around the world, or if you are the type of person who wants to learn about snacks from countries that you only know about from a world map, Munchpak is for you.

You can enjoy snacks from several countries at one time, and you may be curious to know more about the country that suits your taste, or you may be interested in the culture of the country, such as the popularity of such snacks in this country because of its hot climate. I would like to enjoy the monthly box while looking at the world map.

If you are the type of researcher who wants to learn more about a country, Universal Yums is for you. You can see the trend of the snacks in the box, such as “Chocolate is eaten a lot in this country,” or “Baked goods are abundant in this country because it is hot and they can be stored without melting. You will definitely want to enjoy this with a world map in hand.

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