TokyoTreat vs Bokksu: Which should I subscribe to?

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Tokyo Treat vs Bokksu: Comparison Chart

Types of SweetsFocus on modern Japanese snacksMainly Japanese wagashi and traditional snacks
Price (3-month subscription)$35.5 / month$45.99/month
ShippingVaries by country, $12.50 in the U.S.Free of charge
(except some countries)
SafetyAllergen and ingredient information availableAllergen and ingredient information available
ReviewsNumber of reviews:21,130Average review rating:4.8Number of reviews:12,961Average review rating:4.8
Official SiteCheckCheck

Tokyo Treat and Bokksu are both Japanese snack subscription boxes that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Japanese culture.

However, there are two types of Japanese culture that are famous around the world: modern kawaii culture such as anime and characters, and traditional Japanese culture such as kimonos and ninjas.

So which is better for the Japanese culture lover, Tokyo Treat or Bokksu?

Let’s take a closer look.

TokyoTreat vs Bokksu: A Detailed Comparison of Features

Just as there are two types of famous Japanese culture, traditional and modern, there are two types of snacks: traditional Japanese snacks such as rice cakes and manju, and snacks and candies such as the world-famous Kit Kat and Hi-Chew.

Tokyo Treat and Bokksu are both Japanese snack subscription boxes, but what are the differences in the boxes, the types of snacks inside, the prices, and the delivery methods?

We would like to compare their information to help you choose the box that is right for you.

Box Design

The Tokyo Treat box is a brightly colored box with a large “Tokyo Treat” written on it. It is very clear and eye-catching.

Tokyo Treat has a different theme each month, and the Tokyo Treat logo is surrounded by illustrations that match the theme of the month. For example, a spring or cherry blossom theme would feature cherry petals, while a Valentine’s Day theme would feature hearts.

The illustrations are understated so that the Tokyo Treat logo stands out, but the pop impression is very clear and easy to understand. It is a very modern representation of Japanese culture.

Next is Bokksu, which is written in large kanji characters as “box. Bokksu” means ‘box’ in Japanese. The fact that the word is written in kanji expresses the Japanese style.

The color and theme of the box changes every month, but the design itself remains the same. This is where you can feel Bokksu’s attention to detail.

Types and contents of sweets in the box

Types of Sweets・Japan-only and seasonal Kit Kat
・Chocolate Snacks
・Potato chips
・Cakes, cookies and sweet breads
・Instant noodles
・Traditional sweets such as rice cakes and rice crackers
・Japanese tea
・Sweet snacks such as candy and cookies
・Chips and other salty snacks

Tokyo Treat has a monthly theme and packs snacks and drinks that match the theme.

Basically, the snacks are mainly modern snacks, with an assortment of packages and flavors from chocolate candy, potato chips, gummies, etc. that match the month’s theme.

Some of the snacks come in character packages, while others contain candy in Japanese sword-shaped containers.

Bokksu, on the other hand, focuses on traditional confections such as rice cakes, rice crackers, and arare. Snacks made from naturally occurring ingredients such as seaweed and fruit have long been a favorite in Japanese culture, and Bokksu also offers naturally sweet snacks such as chocolate and fruit snacks and green tea, red beans, and kinako (soybean flour) snacks.

Both also contain beverages: Tokyo Treat contains popular Japanese carbonated beverages and juices, while Bokksu contains tea packets of green tea, hojicha, and other Japanese teas, which you can make yourself at home by pouring hot water and a tea packet into a mug and enjoying.

Tokyo Treat contains instant noodles. It may contain instant noodles that can be eaten simply by pouring hot water into a cup, or instant noodles that can be made and eaten in a pot.
Bokksu does not contain instant noodles, so this is a feature of Tokyo Treat only.

The amount of snacks in the package

Quantity15-20 points (1300g)More than 20 points (750g)

Bokksu contains more snacks than Tokyo Treat, with about 20 snacks, or 20-22 snacks depending on the month.

The Tokyo Treat is heavier than the Bokkusu because it contains more drinks, such as cider and juice.


12 months$32.5/mo$39.99/mo
6 months$33.5/mo$43.99/mo
3 months$35.5/mo$45.99/mo
1 month$37.5/mo$49.99/mo

Both offer one-time buyout and 3-month, 6-month, and up to 12-month contracts. The longer the contract, the more economical the one-time payment.

Tokyo Treat may appear to be cheaper, but Bokksu offers free shipping, while Tokyo Treat requires an additional shipping fee, which may be about the same.

Shipping Methods

Tokyo Treat offers several shipping options. For example, if you are in the U.S., you can expect your order to arrive in 5-10 days since the U.S. is an express shipping country.

The shipping time is 3-5 days after receiving the order, so it will take about 2 weeks to reach you.

If the box you receive is damaged, or if you have trouble getting it, you can contact customer support for assistance.

Bokkusu’s shipping is USPS if you live in the US. It takes 1-3 days from order to shipping, and 1-2 weeks once shipped.

If there is any damage to the box, you can contact Bokkusu customer support via Whatsapp or phone if you are in the US.

Safety information such as allergen information

AllergenListed both on the official website and in the guide included in the box.Listed both on the official website and in the guide included in the box.
VegetarianMentioned as to whether it is vegetarian or not.Mentioned as to whether it is vegetarian or not.

Tokyo Treat allows you to check the contents of your next box on their website in advance, and you can be assured that each item has allergen information and is suitable for vegetarians.

Also, after you receive your package, there is a booklet in the box that includes a Japanese culture guide and details about the items in the box, which also includes allergen information and whether the items are suitable for vegetarians or not. This is a great way to check before purchasing and even before actually eating the food upon delivery.

Bokksu also provides allergen information for each of its products on its official website, as well as whether the product is suitable for vegetarians or not. The booklet inside the box that introduces Japanese culture also includes allergen information for each item you receive, so you can buy and eat with peace of mind.

Number of reviews

Number of reviews21,13012,961
Average review rating4.84.8

The reviews on Tokyo Treat were overwhelmingly 5-star reviews, with most people saying that every item in the box was delicious and that the selection was good. Some said they would not have chosen it themselves, but when they tried it, they found it to be very tasty.

On the other hand, some long-term subscribers said that they had had some of the same snacks before and that it took quite a long time from order to arrival.

Looking at Bokksu’s reviews, there are overwhelmingly 5-star ratings here as well. What stood out among the 5-star reviews were those who said it was the best gift they had ever received.

Others who used customer support said that the response was very fast and courteous. This is reassuring information.

However, there were also those who said that they did not receive the gift easily, indicating that it may take some time for delivery. It is better to keep in mind that it takes time for delivery.

Operating Company

Tokyo Treat is operated by a Japanese company called Ichigo Corporation, whose CEO is a Japanese woman and who handles everything from planning to shipping in Japan, so the snacks, ramen noodles, and drinks are authentically made in Japan.

The company has the advantage of being able to obtain and deliver snacks that are popular around the world, but in flavors that are exclusive to Japan or seasonal flavors.

Bokksu is operated by Bokksu KK, an American company. Bokksu is operated by Bokksu K.K., an American company, but also has a branch office in Japan and operates from two locations.

The concept of Bokksu is to provide snacks from all over Japan and to support local businesses in Japan, including snacks created exclusively for Bokksu. Some snacks are made exclusively for Bokksu and are authentically Japanese.

TokyoTreat vs Bokksu|Which is better in the end?

Comparing Tokyo Treat and Bokksu, we can see that they are very similar but not the same. The concept of “bringing Japanese snacks to the world” is the same, but the two companies have different goals.

First of all, if you like modern Japanese culture and kawaii culture, Tokyo Treat is for you. Depending on the month, you can find snacks in character packages, instant ramen noodles, sweet breads, and other modern selections in the boxes.

The selection looks like something you would get at a Japanese “convenience store,” and you are likely to receive something you’ve seen on social media and wanted to try! You may receive a product that you have always wanted to try because you have seen it on social networking sites. It is exciting to know that you don’t have to go to Japan to get them delivered to your home overseas.

Bokksu, on the other hand, is more traditional Japanese. The boxes are filled with traditional Japanese snacks such as rice cakes and rice crackers.
The box also contains famous snacks from all over Japan as well as rare snacks made by local companies in the region, which will make you discover new things you may not have known even if you have visited Japan many times.
This box is recommended for those who love good old Japanese culture.

Which one is better, Tokyo Treat or Bokksu, depends on what aspect of Japanese culture you like, but you can be sure that you will enjoy authentic Japanese snacks and drinks, both of which are shipped directly from Japan.

If you are new to Japan or just like the modern Japanese culture you see on social media, Tokyo Treat is for you, while Bokksu is for the Japan connoisseurs and those who like the traditional culture you see in old Japanese movies.

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