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Product nameAQUARIUS

AQUARIUS is a sports drink containing sugar, salt, minerals, and other ingredients. It is loved by everyone in Japan as an easy and tasty way to rehydrate. It is always available in stores and vending machines, and is a very familiar drink. It contains minerals that are lost through perspiration, as well as amino acids and citric acid, and is more rehydrating than water. It tastes refreshing and delicious, and can be drunk in large gulps. It is also available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs as a hydration drink for sports or when you go out.

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Calpis Water

Product nameCalpis Water

Calpis Water is a lactic acid bacteria beverage made from milk. Calpis” was Japan’s first lactic acid bacteria drink. Since its birth, the Calpis series has been everyone’s favorite drink in Japan, young and old. It is pure and tailored to give it a refreshing taste. It has a natural sweetness, yet is refreshingly sweet and sour. You can drink it forever. Drinking it as a reward or a change of pace between studies or work is sure to invigorate your body and mind. It is also available in a variety of sizes, so you can buy a size that is easy to drink depending on your situation.

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Product nameCoca-Cola

There is probably no one in the world who has not heard of Coca-Cola. It is a carbonated beverage made with sugar. When it comes to carbonated beverages around the world, Coca-Cola is the beverage of choice. Its tremendous popularity is not only worldwide, but also in Japan. Both children and adults are addicted to its unique flavor and strong carbonation. The swish of Coca-Cola is perfect for a change of pace. It tastes great in any situation, such as between studies or work, or when you want to quench your thirst. There is no place where Coca-Cola is not sold, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and vending machines, and it is conveniently available in a variety of sizes.

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Mitsuya Cider

Product nameMitsuya Cider

Mitsuya Cider is a carbonated beverage born in Japan that contains sugar. When it comes to carbonated beverages in Japan, Mitsuya Cider can be said to be the most popular. Children and adults alike are enamored with its simple, cool taste. Made from carefully filtered and polished water, with no preservatives, this transparent carbonated beverage is safe and natural. Drinking it refreshes both the throat and the mind. For this reason, it is recommended for a change of pace or as a reward for a tired body. Many households stock it at home, and it is easily available at all supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Dole 100%

Product nameDole 100%

Dole 100% is a 100% juice that focuses on the freshly squeezed fruitiness. Many people think of the Dole series when they think of 100% fruit juice in Japanese supermarkets. The Dole section is gorgeous, selling not only the standard orange and apple flavors, but also peach mix, grapefruit mix, and a variety of other flavors not available from other companies. 200ml is a small enough to drink, so it is easy to carry around with you. In addition, many households keep a stockpile of these drinks because they have a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature.


Product nameFanta

Fanta is a fruit-flavored carbonated beverage. It looks pop and is very popular in Japan, especially among children and young people. In addition to the standard grape and orange flavors, a variety of other flavors are sold, including limited-time-only flavors, store-only flavors, and even mysterious ones. Because they contain no synthetic colors or flavors, they are favored not only by teens but also their parents. After school and on weekends, you will often see young children playing with Fanta in their hands on the streets. The product is available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the best size to carry around.

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Product nameTropicana

Tropicana is a 100% juice that allows you to enjoy the taste of the fruit itself. Tropicana boasts a rich, concentrated flavor that makes you feel as if you are tasting the whole fruit, and is popular among men and women of all ages as a daily nutritional supplement. The 250ml paper carton is lightweight and easy to carry as it is sized to be consumed in small portions. The 250ml paper packs are light and easy to carry, and are available in six different types of fruits, many of which can be found in supermarkets around Japan, making it possible to change the juice you drink every day according to your mood.

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Product nameBayalys

Bayalys has two types of juice: orange and apple. Produced by Asahi, this long-selling brand has been around for over 70 years. The juices are made from whole squeezed fruit juices to give them a fruity taste, while still being refreshing and easy to drink. It is therefore very easy to drink and is great for quenching thirst. It is a drink loved by everyone from children to the elderly, and the fact that it contains enough vitamin C for one day is also a nice point. Incidentally, Okinawa Bayarese also offers tropical fruit juices such as mango, shikwasa, and guava, which are appreciated by tourists.

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Vegetable Life

Product nameVegetable Life

Vegetable Life is a vegetable juice mixed with about 20 kinds of vegetables and several kinds of fruits. 1 serving of vegetable juice is Japan’s world-class vegetable juice. The bitterness, eggy taste, and foul odor of vegetables have been cut to the utmost limit to achieve a fruity taste. Even 98% of children who dislike vegetables answered that “Vegetable Life is delicious. It is recommended for busy modern people because it provides vegetable nutrition in a tasty way. In Japan, we often see office workers, students, and even the elderly drinking it as a daily nutritional supplement.

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Pon juice

Product namePon juice

Pon juice is a 100% fruit juice from Ehime, Japan. Ponjuice is famous for its traditional mandarin orange juice, but it is also available in apple and grape. One sip and you will feel our commitment to the deliciousness of our fruit juices. The rich aroma and the richness of the juice are very satisfying. In Japan, trust in the taste of Pon juice is high, and everyone, young and old, men and women, loves it, saying, “You can’t go wrong if you drink this. The PET bottle is also carefully selected to prevent oxidation of the juice and preserve the flavor for a long time, and an oxygen barrier bottle is used.

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