10 Best Japanese Orange Juice in 2024

japanese orange juice

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Table of Contents

Sunkist 100% Orange

Product nameSunkist 100% Orange

Sunkist 100% Orange is a 100% orange juice that focuses on the sweetness and tartness of the orange. This is a famous juice loved by all, so much so that everyone has seen this package. It can be stored for a long time at room temperature, making it convenient for bulk purchases. It also comes in 200ml paper cartons, making it easy to dispose of. It is a drinkable size, so I drink it as an on-the-go accompaniment or easily when taking a break. The high quality fruitiness is made possible by the Sunkist brand, which handles fruit. And yet the price is reasonable, which is another reason why they are so well supported.

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Bayarese Orange

Product nameBayarese Orange

Bayarese Orange is an orange beverage with a delicious fruit flavor. Produced by well-known beverage maker Asahi, Bayarese is a well-established brand that has been around for more than 70 years, and its commitment to fruit beverages is evident. It contains no coloring agents or preservatives and is made with pure water. In addition, the variety used is Valencia orange in order to balance the acidity and sweetness. Since the juice is squeezed from whole oranges, you can enjoy the fresh orange flavor, and since it contains enough vitamin C for one day, it is safe for everyone from children to the elderly to drink.

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Pon Juice

Product namePon Juice

Pon Juice is a 100% mikan juice from Ehime, Japan. Ehime Prefecture is a mikan producing area, and it is a traditional 100% serious mikan juice that has been produced for more than 50 years. There is no Japanese person who does not know Pon juice. It is especially loved in Ehime Prefecture, where taps that emit Pon juice are installed for a limited time only, and Pon juice is distributed at schools. Blended with both orange juice, which has a refreshing aroma, and Japanese Onshu mandarin orange juice, which offers both sourness and sweetness, it is a great way to nourish your body every morning.

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Qoo Orange

Product nameQoo Orange

Qoo Orange is an orange juice made from high-quality fruit juice. Qoo Orange is an orange juice made from high-quality fruit juice. It is made with pure water and has a refreshing taste. It goes down smoothly and can be drunk in a matter of seconds. In Japan, both children and adults love Qoo. The plastic bottle itself is designed with children in mind, with its easy-to-grip design and mini-game attached. Many families let their children drink it.

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Tropicana 100% Orange

Product nameTropicana 100% Orange

Tropicana 100% Orange is an orange juice that is a cross between mainly Valencia and Navel. The juice is thoroughly processed to remove oxygen from the juice to prevent oxidation, and containers with excellent oxygen barriers are used. You can enjoy the juicy sweetness and fresh aroma as if you were drinking the juice straight from the orange. The drink is sized for drinking and reasonably priced, so many people use it as an accompaniment when going out or having lunch. Not only does it taste great, but it also provides vitamin C, killing two birds with one stone.

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Natchan Orange

Product nameNatchan Orange

Natchan Orange is an orange juice boasting a refreshing aftertaste. Mandarin oranges, which suit the Japanese palate, are used. The freshness of the juice makes it easy to drink. It is the most familiar orange drink for Japanese people. It can also be frozen, so it is often frozen and carried around with you during summer and sports. Since it contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives, many households stock it at home as a juice for the family to drink.

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Fruit Selection Orange 100

Product nameFruit Selection Orange 100

Fruit Selection Orange 100 is an orange juice made from 100% concentrated orange juice. It boasts a refreshing acidity typical of oranges with a moderate sweetness. There is no persistent sweetness. It comes in a paper carton with a straw, making it convenient to carry around and popular with children and women. It can be stored at room temperature, so many households keep a stockpile. Many people drink it as their daily fruit drink because it is manufactured by a manufacturer that has been around in Japan for a long time and is reasonably priced.

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Dole Orange 100%

Product nameDole Orange 100%

Dole Orange 100% is a 100% orange juice from fruit specialist Dole. Since it is a well-known manufacturer, you can find it in many supermarkets, and many people probably think of Dole when they think of juice. It boasts a freshness that focuses on the feeling of freshly squeezed fruit. It comes in a 200 ml paper carton size, so it is convenient for going out, and many people stock it at home for easy tasting and nutritional supplementation in the morning on busy days.

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Vitamin Fruit Orange Mix 100%

Product nameVitamin Fruit Orange Mix 100%

Vitamin Fruit Orange Mix 100% is 100% orange juice with the freshness of fresh fruit. It contains no added sugar, no added flavors, and no unnecessary ingredients. We are focused on the deliciousness of the orange itself. One sip and you will feel the freshness of the juice. Another key point is that it is a Food with Nutrient Function Claims containing 30 mg of vitamin C. This juice is popular among those who want to take in something safe and tasty for their health.

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Fanta Orange

Product nameFanta Orange

Fanta Orange is the orange flavor of the very popular Fanta carbonated drink. Fanta offers both a fruity taste and a burst of carbonation. This juice is loved by many people in Japan. The addition of orange juice gives it a delicious and refreshing fruit flavor. While it contains a large amount of vitamin C, it contains no synthetic coloring or flavoring, making it a carbonated beverage favored by families. Fanta is always found in vending machines, and young children can be seen drinking Fanta on the streets after school and on weekends.

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