10 Best Japanese Apple Juice in 2024

japanese apple juice

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Sunkist 100% Apple

Product nameSunkist 100% Apple

Sunkist 100% Apple is a 200 ml juice containing 100% apple juice. It is produced by Morinaga Milk Industry, a well-known Japanese beverage manufacturer. It is well known for its refreshing and easy-to-drink apple-like mouthfeel with a good balance of sourness and sweetness. It can be stored for a long time and can be kept at room temperature, making it convenient to save space in the refrigerator. It is also recommended as a rolling stock for disaster reserves. The paper carton is also solid, so it is recommended that you carry it with you when you go out, as it does not easily get crushed.

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Bayarese Apple

Product nameBayarese Apple

Bayarese Apple is a soft drink made from carefully selected apple juice. It is made with pure water and contains no coloring agents or preservatives, so families can drink it with peace of mind. While focusing on the fruitiness of the fruit, the drink is characterized by its refreshing taste and can be drunk in large gulps. Bayarese is a long-established brand that has been in business for more than 70 years, so it is highly reliable and loved by everyone from children to the elderly. It has a long shelf life of 10 months, and since it comes in a PET bottle, it is easy to store for a long time.

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Anpanman’s Fruit Juice Apple

Product nameAnpanman’s Fruit Juice Apple

Anpanman’s Fruit Juice Apple is a concentrated reduced juice made from 100% apple juice. It comes in a paper carton with Anpanman, a very popular character, and is the drink of choice for young children in Japan. Each bottle is also small at 125 ml, which prevents children from drinking too much. Thanks to the sweetness of the ripe apples and the package design, even children who are in a bad mood can be put in a good mood by showing them this drink. It is also convenient to carry, so parents always carry this juice in their bags when they go out with their young children.

Qoo apple

Product nameQoo apple

Qoo apple is a juice produced by the Coca-Cola Company that focuses on the sweetness and tartness of apple juice. It is made with pure water and has a refreshing taste unique to low-fructose juices. It has a reputation for being easy to drink. Another important point is that it contains multivitamins and is recommended by nutritionists. The PET bottle is also ingenious, and when the label is peeled off, Coo-chan’s face appears, making it a great learning tool for children to recycle. The back of the bottle also has a mini-game on it, which is a great way to have fun with friends and family on the go.

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Tropicana 100% Apple

Product nameTropicana 100% Apple

Tropicana 100% Apple is a 100% apple juice that focuses on the taste of the fruit itself. Because of its focus on juice concentration, approximately 4.6 apples are used per bottle (900 ml). It is made from mixed juice and puree, and boasts of its richness. You can taste the fruitiness as if it were squeezed by hand. Therefore, drinking it first thing in the morning will surely make your body happy. The original nutrition of the fruit can be easily obtained through the unique manufacturing process of the world-famous brand “Tropicana”.

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Pon Apple Juice

Product namePon Apple Juice

Pon Apple Juice is 100% apple juice. Pon juice comes from Ehime, Japan. It is a Japanese brand with a reliable and serious image. It boasts a mellow apple aroma and a clear taste, with a focus on the balance between sourness and sweetness. It is a clear type of apple juice with a refreshing taste, so you will be gulping it down in no time. The PET bottle is also a special feature. In order to prevent oxidation of the juice and preserve the flavor and nutrients for a longer period of time, we use oxygen barrier bottles that prevent the passage of oxygen.

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Fruit Selection Apple 100

Product nameFruit Selection Apple 100

Fruit Selection Apple 100 is 100% fruit juice with a fresh apple aroma and taste. Since it is 100% fruit juice and reasonably priced, it is easy for children to drink and many households buy it to keep on hand. It can be stored at room temperature, so it takes up little space in the refrigerator. It also has a long shelf life, making it suitable for long-term storage. The paper carton is convenient to carry and can be quickly reduced in size and disposed of after drinking, making it a good choice for holidays and events.

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Natchan Apple

Product nameNatchan Apple

Natchan Apple is an apple juice with a gentle taste and refreshing aftertaste, as if the apples were cut straight from the tree. It contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or coloring agents, and is made with a focus on pure water preparation. It contains a well-balanced blend of clear and cloudy apple juice, allowing you to enjoy its natural flavor. As an easy-to-drink apple juice, it is loved by all in Japan. It can also be frozen, making it very useful during the summer. Half-frozen Natchan is great to drink in the summer because of its crunchy taste.

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DOLE Apple 100

Product nameDOLE Apple 100

DOLE Apple 100 is 100% apple juice from concentrate. DOLE is a brand loved not only in Japan but around the world. DOLE is a brand loved not only in Japan but around the world. The 200ml size makes it easy to carry around and convenient for a quick drink while working or studying.

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Vitamin Fruit Apple

Product nameVitamin Fruit Apple

Vitamin Fruit Apple is a juice that focuses on the original taste of apples. This 100% juice is produced by Ito En, a famous Japanese beverage manufacturer. It contains no flavoring or sugar. You can taste the original aroma, sweetness, and freshness of apples. In addition, the mixing of acerola also brings out the acidity, allowing you to enjoy a good balance of sweetness and sourness. Not only the delicious taste, but also the fact that it is a nutritional food containing vitamin C is one of the reasons why it is supported. It can be stored at room temperature, making it convenient to keep in stock. Since this juice is made with a focus on safety, it can be enjoyed by the whole family when going out or at snack time.

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