10 Best Japanese Keto Snacks in 2024

japanese keto snacks

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Product nameLIBERA

LIBERA is a low-sugar snack that is perfect for diets. The size of a single piece is rather small, making it easy to pop into your mouth. The texture of the puffs is also addictive. The dietary fiber suppresses the absorption of fat and sugar, so you can snack on them without feeling guilty. You can easily buy them at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Carbo Balance

Product nameCarbo Balance

Carbo Balance is a delightful sweet developed by Bourbon that balances taste and sugar content, allowing dieters to eat without guilt. By reducing sugar by 60%, even those on a ketogenic diet can eat it with peace of mind. The texture is moist and satisfying. The varieties are rich kinako wafers, burnt caramel cake, baked cheesecake, and chocolate chip cookies, allowing you to choose according to your mood of the day. They are full of dietary fiber and are recommended for those who strongly desire to eat something delicious even while on a diet.


Product nameSUNAO

SUNAO is a delicious biscuit for dieters. It is made with oligosaccharide, which is gentle to the body, and is rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is important for dieters as it regulates the intestinal environment and promotes the elimination of fat. In addition to the ingredients, the taste is wonderful, with the rich flavor of fermented butter providing a satisfying sensation. The texture is light and easy to eat. It is an ideal way to get good nutrition for your body while having a snack. Recommended for those on a diet.

Base Cookie

Product nameBase Cookie

Base Cookie is a candy-type complete meal sold by the complete meal brand Basefood. Five flavors are available: matcha, sweet potato, coconut, cocoa, and earl grey. The base cookie is lower in calories and sugar than commercial cookies, making it an ideal snack on a diet. The crunchy texture is very satisfying. Although it is said that snacks should be tolerated during dieting, base cookies can be eaten without feeling guilty because they contain good nutrition.

Goo Pitta

Product nameGoo Pitta

“Goo Pitta” is an individually wrapped diet-friendly biscuit ideal for when you feel hungry. Soy Milk Okara Biscuits are low in sweetness and sugar-free. Rich in dietary fiber, lactic acid bacteria, and konjak mannan, they absorb water and swell to provide a feeling of fullness, so even a small amount is satisfying. This snack is perfect for women who are concerned about body fat and calories, and prevents overeating between meals. The effect is more effective when taken with water. It is an ideal snack that is both delicious and healthy.


Product nameZERO

ZERO, a sugar-free chocolate that can be enjoyed while on a diet, is part of the “ZERO” series that has been loved since 1996. Made with Lotte’s proprietary technology, the seller, the chocolate is so rich that it is hard to believe it is sugar-free. When you open the box, you will find five vertical bars of chocolate, wrapped in golden paper. They are not too sweet, but have a sweet aroma and a smooth texture. Each bar is separated so that you can eat a little at a time. This product can be recommended for those on a diet.

MCT Style <Baked Chocolate>

Product nameMCT Style <Baked Chocolate>

MCTs (medium-chain fatty acids), also mentioned on the package, have been reported to reduce body fat and visceral fat in people with a high BMI. The main ingredients are flour, sugar, edible rape oil, and medium-chain fatty acid oil. The baked technology makes the baked chocolates crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. It is a luxurious taste with two textures. The individual packaging allows you to eat a little at a time. This product is recommended for people who are on a diet or watching their fats, and is a snack that can be picked up without guilt.

Almond cookies 50% less sugar

Product nameAlmond cookies 50% less sugar

Almond Cookie Sugar 50% Off” from the Morinaga Biscuit series is the perfect snack for dieters who are concerned about sugar and calories. This product is designed to be both delicious and healthy, and the ingredients are ingenious while maintaining the usual delicious taste. Made with savory almonds, the gobs of almonds provide a satisfying sensation. This product combines the luxurious flavor of almonds with calorie control. It is a snack recommended for dieters who have to put up with sweets.

Chocolate Chip Cookie 50% Off Sugar

Product nameChocolate Chip Cookie 50% Off Sugar

Chocolate Chip Cookie 50% Off Sugar is a product from the Morinaga Biscuit series. This is a great snack for those who are on a sugar restriction diet. This product values taste and health, and the ingredients are ingeniously designed without sacrificing the usual Morinaga Biscuit flavor. The crunchy, chewy cookies and luxurious chocolate chip flavor make every bite a satisfying experience. Recommended for those who want to enjoy delicious snacks while on a diet.

Fruit throat lozenges with no sugar content from Asahi

Product nameFruit throat lozenges with no sugar content from Asahi

This product, which can be easily taken out when you feel discomfort or dryness in your throat, comes in a large bag containing individually wrapped candies. Whether you are out and about or relaxing at home, you can keep it in your bag and enjoy its delicious healing properties anytime, anywhere. This product is sugar-free, yet provides vitamins C and B, and comes in four different flavors: orange, peach, acerola, and grape. This is a recommended item that you can enjoy with peace of mind without worrying about cavities or excessive sugar intake.

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