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Cream Collon <Milk for adults>

Product nameCream Collon <Milk for adults>

Collon is Glico’s long-selling baked confectionery brand that has been sold since February 1971. The shape is bite-sized in order to create a product that can be easily enjoyed while evoking the atmosphere of fashionable European-style confectionery. The name comes from the word “colon,” which stands for a cylinder, due to its characteristic colossal shape. The adult milk flavor is made with fresh European cream and burnt milk paste, resulting in a rich cream. It is thick, rich, and has a sweet aroma. The dough that wraps around the outside is caramelized and has a bittersweet flavor. It is not only sweet, but is truly a candy for adults.

Cream Collon <Strawberry>

Product nameCream Collon <Strawberry>

The Cream Collon <Strawberry> is filled with sweet and sour strawberry cream. The waffle dough on the outside is crispy and light. It tastes even better with a cup of coffee during a relaxing time.

Cream Collon <Light milk>

Product nameCream Collon <Light milk>

Cream cologne <Light milk> is filled with light milk cream. Crispy and light texture waffle dough is rolled around the cream cologne. Eating it during a break from studying or working will soothe your tired body with its sweetness.

Strawberry Zukushi

Product nameStrawberry Zukushi

“Strawberry Zukushi” is a winter-only product from Glico’s long-selling baked sweets brand “Collon”. It is a bite-sized rolled waffle wrapped in a lovely strawberry-colored waffle. The strawberry flavor spreads out everywhere you eat, along with the smooth cream. The cream is fragrant with the sweet and sour taste of strawberries, and the waffle dough also contains strawberry powder, allowing you to enjoy the harmony of the crispy, gentle texture and the light, fluffy cream. This product was devised to make it easy to enjoy the atmosphere of European-style confectionery, and once you try it, you will want to eat it again and again.

Collon Uji Matcha Flavor

Product nameCollon Uji Matcha Flavor

The “Collon Uji Matcha Flavor” is a local Kyoto souvenir. It is a delicious confection consisting of a fluffy, aromatic cream made with rich, hand-picked first-grade green tea from Uji, wrapped in a crispy waffle. The aroma and flavor of matcha tea spreads richly, and both the dough and cream are finished in matcha green tea color. The cream has a sweet matcha flavor, but the taste is deep and the aroma of matcha spreads in your mouth as soon as you put it in your mouth. The perfect balance of sweetness and savory flavor unique to Uji matcha tea makes this a must-have for matcha lovers.

Collon Tochiotome Strawberry

Product nameCollon Tochiotome Strawberry

“Collon Tochiotome Strawberry” is a local cologne sold exclusively in Tochigi Prefecture. It is a delicious confectionary that uses 20% Tochiotome strawberry juice and has a rich strawberry flavor. Tochiotome strawberries are a brand of strawberries from Tochigi Prefecture, and are characterized by their large size and strong sweetness. The cookie dough crumbles when you pick it up with your fingers and blends well with the smooth cream. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries spreads in your mouth with a gentle sweetness. The light texture is so delicious that you can eat it in no time at all. Recommended for those who like strawberry sweets.

Shinshu Kyoho Collon

Product nameShinshu Kyoho Collon

“Shinshu Kyoho Collon” is a cologne made from the juice of Kyoho grapes grown in Shinshu. Shinshu Kyoho grapes are characterized by their rich aroma, strong sweetness, and gentle sourness. Its flavor, sweetness, and acidity are in perfect balance, and you can fully enjoy the taste kneaded into the cream. The cute package design is also attractive, making it an ideal souvenir from Shinshu. One bite and you will enjoy the crispy waffle dough and the sweet aroma of grapefruit. It is a must-try snack when you visit Shinshu.

Collon “Otona no Sweet Potato”

Product nameCollon “Otona no Sweet Potato”

Collon “Otona no Sweet Potato” is a petite sweet filled with soft and gentle sweet cream, perfect for adults to refresh and relax. The colocolored shape is cute, and the size is small enough to be eaten in one bite. When you open the package, you can smell the delicious aroma of sweet potatoes. The cream wrapped in the crispy purple waffle dough is made from Japanese sweet potatoes, and its gentle aroma spreads with each bite. It is recommended as a special sweet for adults with a luxurious sweetness.

Collon “Otona no Chocolat”

Product nameCollon “Otona no Chocolat”

Collon “Otona no Chocolat” is a petite sweet filled with soft and gentle sweet cream, perfect for adult relaxing occasions. The melt-in-your-mouth cream is lavishly filled with Van Houten cocoa, giving it a chocolatey flavor that is not too sweet and has a bittersweet taste. The baked waffle spreads a delicious taste with a lingering cinnamon flavor. It is perfect for a break after housework or work. Please enjoy the fine taste for adults.

Collon “Otona no Sakura Matcha”

Product nameCollon “Otona no Sakura Matcha”

Collon “Otona no Sakura Matcha” is an adult-flavored cologne consisting of cream with Japanese cherry blossoms wrapped in a matcha waffle made with Nishio matcha green tea. The package is impressive with its pretty pink color that reminds one of cherry blossom viewing. When you open the package, you will find that the inside is also pink. The light pink cream wrapped in the bittersweet matcha-colored waffle dough is a soothing, spring-like color. The gentle aroma of cherry blossoms spreads. It is an elegant addition to your tea time when you want to take a breather. It is a delicious sweet that reminds you of the coming of spring.

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