10 Best Japanese Vegetable Juice in 2024

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1-Day Vegetables

Product name1-Day Vegetables

“1-Day Vegetables” is a 100% vegetable juice made from 30 kinds of vegetables. The amount is so large that it amounts to 350g of vegetable intake required for a day. No other juice incorporates such a large amount of vegetables. In addition, the nutritional components that are lost during the manufacturing process are also carefully considered and compensated for. In other words, by drinking this juice, you can take in five nutrients equivalent to 350 grams of vegetables. It is also recommended by nutritionists, so if you tend to lack vegetables, drinking this will give you peace of mind. The fact that it is easily available in supermarkets throughout Japan is another proof that Japanese people love this product.

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A day’s worth of vegetables

Product nameA day’s worth of vegetables

“A day’s worth of vegetables”” is a 100% vegetable juice made from 350g of 30 vegetables. No salt, flavoring, preservatives, or nutrient enhancers are used. The flavor is tomato-based, with a rich, delicious taste unique to tomatoes. The nutrients are calculated to provide a well-balanced intake of various nutrients. Therefore, the nutritional deficiencies of today’s busy people can be easily compensated for with this product. In Japan, many office workers and senior citizens drink this for breakfast or lunch.

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Vegetable Seikatsu 100

Product nameVegetable Seikatsu 100

Vegetable Seikatsu 100 is a 100% juice blended with about 20 kinds of vegetables and fruits. We focus on the fruity taste of vegetables and fruits so that even those who dislike vegetables can easily consume nutrients. It boasts a refreshing taste and is easy to drink. Even children who dislike vegetables say “Vegetable Life is delicious,” and it is highly favored by families. There are four types of juices in the lineup, so customers can choose the bottle of the day according to the nutrients they need and the flavor they prefer, another reason for its popularity.

Kenko Dojo

Product nameKenko Dojo

Kenko Dojo is a 100% juice made from carefully selected vegetables and fruits. It does not contain a drop of water. Of course, no salt, sugar, or preservatives are used. It is a blend of straight squeezed juice and mashed puree of vegetables and fruits to the limit. You can enjoy not only the flavor of the vegetables and fruits, but also the texture as if you were eating vegetables. That said, it is not overly greenish, and has a fruity taste. This is a particular product chosen by health-conscious people.

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Vitamin Vegetable

Product nameVitamin Vegetable

Vitamin Vegetable is a 100% juice that provides 12 daily vitamins and 120 g of vegetables per serving. It is designated as a Food with Nutrient Function Claims because it provides a daily supply of vitamins, and is recommended by dietitians. It is mainly made from carrots and oranges, and boasts a refreshing and easy-to-drink taste. Of course, it contains no sugar or sweeteners. It is easy for children to drink and is favored by people who are not fond of vegetables, people who want to take vitamins easily, and families. Even people who don’t like vegetables can enjoy drinking it very much, which is very gratifying.

Del Monte Vegetable Juice

Product nameDel Monte Vegetable Juice

Del Monte Vegetable Juice is a 100% tomato mix juice blended with ripe tomatoes and 21 other vegetables. One glass of Del Monte Vegetable Juice contains the nutritional content of three tomatoes and enough green and yellow vegetables for one day. The juice boasts a rich, concentrated flavor, but it is strangely refreshing to the palate. Drink it, and you will feel your body rejoice. The large 900g serving size makes it ideal for sharing with family members or as a healthy habit for those who live alone.

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Mutenka Yasai 48 Kinds of Dark Vegetables

Product nameMutenka Yasai 48 Kinds of Dark Vegetables

“Mutenka Yasai 48 Kinds of Dark Vegetables” is a tomato mix juice with 100% vegetable juice made from 48 kinds of vegetables, mainly tomatoes. It contains no flavoring, sugar, or salt, allowing you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients as they are. With a focus on vegetable-like richness and drinkability, this product is a great choice for those who are concerned about vegetable deficiency. Because it is reasonably priced and easily available at supermarkets, many people continue to make it a daily healthy habit. It is no exaggeration to say that no other juice has such a wide variety of vegetables, and we often hear people say that their stomachs feel better after they start drinking it.

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Noukyou Vegetable Days Vegetable 100%

Product nameNoukyou Vegetable Days Vegetable 100%

“Noukyou Vegetable Days Vegetable 100%” is a 100% vegetable juice made from 36 vegetables. One pack (200 ml) contains 350 g of vegetables for one day. Of course, no sugar or salt is used. It is also mainly made from carrots, so it has a sweetness that makes it refreshing and easy to drink. It can be stored at room temperature, so many people buy and store it as part of their daily health routine. It is a popular product, so we appreciate that it is easy to obtain.

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Kobe Koryuchi 16 Kinds of Yasai and Fruits Juice

Product nameKobe Koryuchi 16 Kinds of Yasai and Fruits Juice

“Kobe Koryuchi 16 Kinds of Yasai and Fruits Juice” is a 100% mix of 16 kinds of vegetables and 3 kinds of fruits, mainly carrots and apples. Since it is mainly made from carrots, it is rich in beta-carotene. It also contains no preservatives or coloring agents, and is manufactured in Japan, so you can rest assured that it is safe. Because it is light and has few habits, even those who dislike vegetables can drink it, and many families have their children drink it. The fact that it is sold in 500ml PET bottles is also highly appreciated as it is easy to carry around.

Sixteen Kinds of Vegetables

Product nameSixteen Kinds of Vegetables

“Sixteen Kinds of Vegetables” is a 100% tomato mix juice blended with 16 kinds of vegetables, mainly ripe tomatoes. Each bottle contains the equivalent of 280 grams of vegetables. What is surprising is how delicious it tastes. The balance of sweetness, flavor, and acidity has been calculated to achieve a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate. You can rest assured that there is no added sugar, salt, flavoring, preservatives, or coloring agents. It is truly a delicious vegetable juice that Japan is proud to offer to the world. It can be stored at room temperature, so many people stock up and drink it every day.

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