10 Best Japanese Grape Juice in 2024

japanese grape juice

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Table of Contents

Sunkist 100% Grape

Product nameSunkist 100% Grape

Sunkist 100% Grape is a 100% grape juice made from red and white grapes. This juice has the richness and sweetness of grapes and satisfies even the smallest hunger. The Sunkist series is a popular juice that everyone in Japan drinks. They are sometimes given as gifts as a set, and at 200 ml, the drinkable size is convenient and perfect for carrying around. It is also nice that it comes in a paper carton that can be disposed of immediately. Many people stock a lot of these juices at home because they have a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature.

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Welch’s Grape 100

Product nameWelch’s Grape 100

Welch’s Grape 100 is 100% grape juice, a balanced blend of two types of grapes. A whopping 12 bunches of grapes are contained in one bottle (800g). You can tell by that alone that it is very rich. It is not too much to say that it is like a wine. It is also full of polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties, so many people take it in as part of their daily health routine. It has a very long shelf life of 12 months, so if you keep it in stock, you can enjoy it all year round. Because it is so rich, some people enjoy it in an arrangement by occasionally mixing it with carbonated acid or alcohol.

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POM Grape Juice

Product namePOM Grape Juice

POM Grape Juice is a concentrated 100% grape juice made from a combination of red and white grapes. The POM juice series originated in Ehime Prefecture and is now one of the most trusted juices in Japan. This grape juice is easy to drink, yet offers a robust richness. Furthermore, the PET bottle is also carefully selected. The oxygen barrier bottle prevents oxidation of the contents and preserves the freshly made flavor. The shape of the container is also made for easy pouring, making it perfect for sharing with others.

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Koiwai Junsui Grapes

Product nameKoiwai Junsui Grapes

Koiwai Junsui Grapes is a pure water juice made from grapes. We are particular about the ingredients and use fruits from designated farms. It is characterized by a mild taste with reduced astringency of grapes. You can feel the gentle sweetness. Furthermore, it is made with pure water so that even children can drink it refreshingly. This juice is perfect for people who like grape juice but do not like it too thick. Of course, it has no coloring or preservatives, so you can rest assured of its quality. In addition, the container is thin and designed to fit in a child’s hand. This juice is a good choice for parents and children to enjoy drinking together.

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Tropicana 100% Whole Fruit Grape

Product nameTropicana 100% Whole Fruit Grape

Tropicana 100% Whole Fruit Grape is a 100% juice made from grapes. Among them, 30% of the grapes used are Concord varieties, which have a mellow aroma. It boasts a richness and full-bodied flavor with an emphasis on fruitiness, and one sip and you will know how good it tastes. It is of course great to share with family members, but it is also easy to finish for a one-person household. It is also rich in polyphenols, so we recommend drinking it every morning as a wake-up drink.

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Welch’s Muscat Blend 100

Product nameWelch’s Muscat Blend 100

Welch’s Muscat Blend 100 is a concentrated 100% white grape juice blended with Muscat of Alexandria. It is characterized by its rich aroma and elegant sweetness. You can enjoy its luxurious taste. The Welch series boasts a richness like the fruit itself, and this juice has a reputation for being as gorgeous and rich as a white wine. Although it is a straight juice, some people drink it with carbonation or alcohol.

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Product nameFRUITS SELECTION Grape 100

FRUITS SELECTION Grape 100 is a 100% grape juice blend of red and white grapes. It offers a well-balanced taste of grape sweetness and aroma. It is not too thick or sweet, making it easy to drink and recommended for children. It can be stored at room temperature, and the fact that it comes in a paper carton is also appreciated for its easy portability. Many people buy a lot of it and keep it on hand to have with their daily breakfast or lunch, or take it with them when they go out with their children.

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Dole Grape 100

Product nameDole Grape 100

Dole Grape 100 is a concentrated 100% grape juice made from grapes. Everyone in the world knows the Dole series. It is sold for its freshly squeezed, fruity taste. It is popular among men and women of all ages because it is easy to drink while still having the freshness and sweetness of grapes. It is easily available at supermarkets, convenience stores, and other places around the country, and many people end up buying it. On the other hand, since it can be stored at room temperature and is conveniently sized for drinking, many people keep a supply at home. They are also appreciated as small gifts.

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Sunkist 100% Muscat Blend

Product nameSunkist 100% Muscat Blend

Sunkist 100% Muscat Blend is a 100% fruit mix juice made from apples and muscat. Muscat is made from Muscat of Alexandria, which has a mellow aroma. You can enjoy its gorgeous aroma and gentle, elegant sweetness. This is a juice of the well-known Sunkist brand. It is also appreciated as a gift because of its stable taste. It is also conveniently packaged in paper cartons and can be stored at room temperature. It is a popular product recommended for everyone from one-person households to families and seniors.

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Fanta Grape

Product nameFanta Grape

Fanta Grape is a carbonated beverage that incorporates grape juice. The Fanta series is one of the most popular carbonated beverages in Japan. With its pop image, it is favored by many people, especially children, young people, and families. Among the Fanta series, the grape flavor in particular is a classic and well-loved favorite. Fanta Grape can be found in vending machines and is always available at convenience stores and supermarkets. It is made with pure water and contains no synthetic colors or flavors. It also contains plenty of vitamins. Many fans enjoy the robust grape flavor and the shwirling sensation, and they drink it in no time at all.

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