10 Best Japanese Pineapple Juice in 2024

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Tropicana 100% Pineapple

Product nameTropicana 100% Pineapple

Tropicana 100% Pineapple is a pineapple juice made from 100% pineapple juice. Various flavors are sold every year, but this product is one of the most popular. In addition to the quality of the carefully selected Philippine pineapples, the manufacturing process is also carefully selected to create a rich sweetness and juicy aroma that fills the mouth. The flavor of the fruit itself is valued and is easy to drink for everyone from children to adults. The drink’s small size makes it ideal as a breakfast replacement for busy mornings, or as a lunch accompaniment for those on the go.

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Dole Pineapple 100%

Product nameDole Pineapple 100%

Dole Pineapple 100% is a pineapple juice with 100% fruit juice. Among the wide variety of products in the series, this is one of the most popular standard products among children and adults of all ages. It is characterized by its freshness like freshly squeezed fruit, pursuing the fruit’s original sweetness and aroma. The Sweetio pineapple, the raw material, is Dole’s original variety suitable for making juice, with its yellowish and sweet taste and juicy pulp. Stored at room temperature and drinkable, it is recommended for on-the-go refreshment or as a snack for children.

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JA Okinawa’s Pineapple

Product nameJA Okinawa’s Pineapple

JA Okinawa’s Pineapple is a soft drink made from fructose glucose and pineapple juice. It is made from pineapple, a specialty of Okinawa Prefecture, one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. Although it is only sold in stores in Okinawa Prefecture, it is widely known by word of mouth among repeat customers and is purchased nationwide via mail order. It is characterized by its mouthfeel as if you were biting into the fruit itself, its juicy sweetness that fills your mouth, and its refreshing flavor. Because it tastes even better when chilled, it is the perfect drink to enjoy after returning home or outdoors on a hot summer day.

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100CAN Pineapple

Product name100CAN Pineapple

100CAN Pineapple is 100% pineapple juice made from pineapples grown in the tropical sun. The 100CAN Best Seller, an assortment of Pineapple Apple and various other flavored cans, is a popular and well-known gift for your loved ones. It has a full-bodied, delicious, sweet, and aromatic flavor that can be gulped down by small children and adults alike. Easy to hold in one hand and tasty at room temperature, it is an ideal gift for households raising small children or as a souvenir for visitors.

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Del Monte Pineapple Juice

Product nameDel Monte Pineapple Juice

Del Monte Pineapple Juice is 100% concentrated pineapple juice. This product, originally improved by Del Monte, a well-known fruit juice manufacturer, is a popular product for adults with a taste for the real thing. It has a refreshing taste, with a strong sweetness, low acidity, and a light, refreshing flavor. It is ideal for use in sorbets, cakes, and tropical cocktails such as pina coladas, Blue Hawaii, and mai tais.

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Kobe Kyoryuchi Pineapple 100%

Product nameKobe Kyoryuchi Pineapple 100%

Kobe Kyoryuchi Pineapple 100% is a pineapple juice made from 100% pineapple juice. The uncompromising production method used for the product makes it a popular product supported by people of all ages, as it can be drunk with peace of mind by those who are concerned about their health. It has a tropical, tropical taste, and the juicy sweetness and aromatic flavor of the ingredients are enough to satisfy even the most demanding drinker with just one sip. By focusing on the ingredients and cutting out extra costs, this low-priced, high-quality product is ideal as a souvenir for home parties and other gatherings of large numbers of people.

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Nomu Kajitsu Pineapple

Product nameNomu Kajitsu Pineapple

Nomu Kajitsu Pineapple is a 100% fruit juice soft drink made from Philippine pineapple juice. It is sold through a wide sales network from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and is widely loved by men and women of all ages in Japan. The product uses golden pineapple mixed juice, which has a strong sweetness and rich aroma, giving it a taste with the rich sweetness and aroma unique to pineapple. The large capacity makes it easy to store and sort trash, making it ideal for sharing at birthday parties where many children gather, Christmas parties, and other occasions.

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Luxury Ripe Ishigaki Pineapple Juice

Product nameLuxury Ripe Ishigaki Pineapple Juice

Luxury Ripe Ishigaki Pineapple Juice is a fruit juice drink made from 100% straight pineapple juice. Although it is one of the most expensive juices of its kind, it has been featured in many media such as magazines and TV, and is a very popular product with orders coming in from all over Japan. It is characterized by a rich yet refreshing taste, with sweet, fresh fruit juice that spreads on the palate and an exquisite aromatic flavor that wafts through the nose. Since it is additive-free and contains no sugar or food additives, it is an ideal gift for those who are concerned about beauty and health, for loved ones, or as a souvenir when invited to a party.

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Straight Golden Pineapple 100%

Product nameStraight Golden Pineapple 100%

Straight Golden Pineapple 100% is a 100% straight pineapple juice soft drink. Known for its high word-of-mouth ratings on mail order sites, it is one of the most popular products with many repeat purchases. The product is made from a limited variety of golden pineapple, which is known for its strong sweetness and rich flavor. Because it is not reduced in concentration, it has a taste that allows you to enjoy the rich and juicy flavor of the original pineapple. With the right amount per serving and a long shelf life, this product is ideal for stocking your home as a substitute for your children’s snacks because of its cost-effectiveness.

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Pineapple Juice 100% from K&K

Product namePineapple Juice 100% from K&K

Pineapple Juice 100% from K&K is a fruit juice drink made from 100% pineapple juice. It is easy to drink and contains vitamins B2, C, and citric acid, which help relieve fatigue, making it a popular product not only for children, but also for adults and the health-conscious elderly of all ages. The product is not reduced in concentration, but rather focuses on the flavor of the fruit as it is, with a well-balanced taste of firm sweetness and moderate acidity. It is easy to arrange the flavor in jelly, pina coladas, sangria, and other dishes, making it an ideal product for making sweets with your children.

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