10 Best Japanese Snacks Universal Studios in 2024

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Bertie Bott’s Hundred Flavor Beans

Product nameBertie Bott’s Hundred Flavor Beans

Bertie Bott’s Hundred Flavor Beans are jelly bean confections made with sugar, syrup, puree, fruit juice concentrate, salt, and other ingredients. It is not uncommon to see long lines and two-hour waits every day. It is one of the most popular products, often selling out early. There are a total of 20 different flavors to choose from, ranging from cherry and green apple to earthworm and earwax flavors. The salty flavors that can only be tasted in this product make it a fun way to solve a puzzle of flavors. This is a perfect product to enjoy eating while sharing with friends.

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The Mushroom Risotto Set

Product nameThe Mushroom Risotto Set

The Mushroom Risotto Set is an instant cup of rice made with rice, salt, mushroom seasoning, and cheese powder. It is a rare souvenir that serves as a meal in the Park, and is a popular item outside the Park as there are no similar products. It is a delicious dish that balances the aroma of the porcini that escapes your nose with the gentle richness of the cheese. Kinopio’s well-known mushroom fish cake looks great and invites surprise and delight when opened. It can be easily eaten by simply pouring hot water over it, and since it is a size that even a child can eat up, it is perfect for an evening snack when you are hungry after a long day of play at the park.

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Universal Grove

Product nameUniversal Grove

Universal Grove is a round cookie made of flour, margarine, chicken eggs, sugar, and salt. This product, featuring the park’s symbolic globe, is known as one of the park’s representative sweets and has been one of the most popular products sold for many years. It has a delicious balance of buttery flavor and richness with a slight sweetness that is not too sweet. It is not too big and can be eaten in one bite, yet it is thick and chewy. The individual wrappings make it easy to distribute and the gentle sweetness makes it an ideal souvenir for families with children.

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Snoopy Assorted Kaki no Tane

Product nameSnoopy Assorted Kaki no Tane

Snoopy Assorted Kaki no Tane is a 2 cm crescent-shaped snack made of rice, sugar, soy sauce, and bonito extract. While being a traditional Japanese snack, it is one of the most widely loved snacks among all generations, from children to adults. Two flavors are included in the package: a tangy, spicy soy sauce flavor, and a plum flavor that spreads sourness and sweetness as soon as it is chewed. The plum flavor is not spicy and has a gentle taste. The soy sauce flavor can be used as a snack with alcoholic beverages, while the plum flavor can be used as a snack for children, making it an ideal souvenir for the child-rearing generation.

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cutlets

Product nameJurassic Park Dinosaur Cutlets

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cutlets are rectangular snacks made of flour, ground fish meat, whole eggs, and thick sauce. Well known as a salty snack in a park where many sweet snacks are sold, it is one of the classic products that have been sold for a long time with different packages. It is characterized by the flavor of the juicy sauce, the crunchy texture, and the firm crunch. The sauce is not spicy, and because it is made of fish meat, it is an ideal snack for children as a nutritional supplement, a snack for alcoholic beverages, or a souvenir for those who do not like sweets.

Assorted manju

Product nameAssorted manju

Assorted manju is one of the circular Japanese confections made of red beans boiled down to a paste-like bean paste, sugar, syrup, flour, and other ingredients. Because four different flavors can be enjoyed in one box (milk, kuromitsu, green tea, and strawberry), it is one of the most popular products in the park among all generations. The creamy flavor of milk red bean paste, the firm sweetness of black honey, the delicious and deep flavor of green tea, and the rich fruit sweetness of strawberry red bean paste are smooth and moist, and the balance between them and the sticky dough is appealing. The smooth and moist texture is well balanced with the mochi dough, making it an ideal souvenir to take to the office or share with friends.

The Snoopy Cookie Pot

Product nameThe Snoopy Cookie Pot

The Snoopy Cookie Pot is an assortment of confectionery products containing six round cookies of three different kinds each, made of flour, sugar, chocolate, and tea. In addition to the popularity of the character, this is one of the most popular products sold in volume because of the choice of flavors. There are three flavors to choose from: chocolate chip accented with chocolate chips, Earl Grey tea with a mild sweetness and rich aroma of black tea, and a plain flavor with a gentle sweetness, which is perfectly balanced with the crispy texture. The crunchy texture is perfectly balanced with the richness of the tea. The easy-to-eat bites make them ideal for use in the car where you don’t want to leave a mess, or as a souvenir.

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Minion Caramel Roll Cookie

Product nameMinion Caramel Roll Cookie

Minion Caramel Roll Cookie is a product containing 16 long, thin roll-shaped cookies made of butter, sugar, liquid egg white, and flour. This is one of the most popular products produced by Yok Mok, a confectionery brand famous for its roll-shaped cookies, and is highly evaluated by buyers for its reliable quality and trustworthiness. The rich flavor of the butter used in abundance, the light and crispy texture, and the delicate melt-in-your-mouth texture are the characteristics of this product, and once you try it, you will want to try it again. The large number of pieces makes it an ideal souvenir to share with friends or to bring to a workplace with a large number of people.

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Jaws Pasta Snacks

Product nameJaws Pasta Snacks

Jaws Pasta Snacks are a simple snack made by deep-frying pasta and seasoning it with salt. Since it is based on the motif of Jaws, which has been the main attraction of the park since its opening, it has become a popular souvenir that symbolizes the park. The crunchy, chewy texture and the refreshing saltiness, which is not only salty but also tasty, make these snacks addictive. Since they are divided into small portions, they are recommended as a snack when you are hungry or waiting for a snack. The cute packaging makes it an ideal souvenir for yourself.

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