10 Best Japanese Meiji Snacks in 2024

Best Japanese Meiji Snacks

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The Best Japanese Snacks Boxes are…
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Fruit juice gummies

product nameFruit juice gummies

Fruit juice gummies are a confectionery product characterized by its unique elasticity, made of gelatin hardened with syrup and concentrated fruit juice. They are one of the long-selling products that have been loved for more than 30 years since their launch, and are one of the most well-known and popular gummy products in Japan. They are characterized by a rich flavor and pleasant chewiness that emphasizes the original deliciousness of the fruit, and their juicy taste fills the mouth. Containing collagen, no coloring agents, and with a zipper for eating small portions, it is an ideal snack for children and beauty-conscious young people to enjoy when they want to relax.

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product nameCHELSEA

CHELSEA is a candy inspired by the traditional English Scottish confectionery, which is made of candy, sugar, and butter. With a history of more than 50 years since its launch, it is one of the most widely and long-loved candies in Japan. Three flavors can be enjoyed: butterscotch with the rich, full flavor of fermented butter, yogurt scotch with a refreshing sour taste, and coffee scotch with a refreshing bitter taste. The smooth, smooth, and comforting taste makes it an ideal snack for those who want to feel rich or for a home party.

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Apollo Chocolate

product nameApollo Chocolate

Apollo Chocolate is a small, triangular-shaped chocolate candy made with cocoa butter and strawberry powder that can be picked up and eaten. It is a long-selling product that has been popular among many generations for 50 years since its launch. The bottom layer is made of milk, and the top layer is made of strawberries. Although small in size, the chocolate is rich in aroma and flavor, and the sweetness of the chocolate fills the mouth with a rich and robust strawberry flavor. The cute appearance makes them a perfect snack for children, and the wide variety of flavors, including limited edition flavors, make them ideal for adults to share with friends during coffee breaks.

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Milk chocolate

product nameMilk chocolate

Milk chocolate is pure chocolate made with sugar, cacao mass, whole milk powder, and cocoa butter that meet all of the strictest standards. with a history of just under 100 years, this product has been well known and loved for its unchanging taste. It is characterized by a rich, luxurious taste created by simply extracting the aroma of fine vanilla and the ingredients of mellow cacao and milk. Made using safe and secure manufacturing methods so that it can be given to children who are eating chocolate for the first time, it is ideal as a snack for parents and children to eat together, or as a sugar supplement between work, study, or housework.

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product nameCarl’s

Carl’s is a thumb-sized non-fried snack food made from corn. Uncle Karl, who also appears on the package, is widely known by children and adults alike, and is a popular snack with an unparalleled flavor and texture. 6 kinds of cheese are blended and kneaded into the dough, giving it a rich aroma, umami and full flavor of cheese that spreads the moment you open the seal. The light and fluffy texture goes perfectly with the crunchy texture. Because of its large capacity, it is an ideal snack for when many children gather at a friend’s house, as a snack at a BBQ, or for watching a movie.

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product namePoifull

Poifull is a gummy candy made by hardening candy, concentrated fruit juice, and other ingredients with gelatin to a size of about 1 cm. The colorful colors and variety of flavors make them fun to eat, making them a popular product that has been loved by children for many years. They are soft and not too hard, and come in four flavors: raspberry, lemon, green apple, and grape. Each flavor is slightly sweet, and each bite is a delight to the palate. They are the perfect snack for children’s events, as they never get boring and bring smiles to the faces of those who pick them up.

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product nameCola-Up

Cola-Up is a cola-flavored gummy candy made by hardening candy and sugar with gelatin. Known as the first gummi sold in Japan, it represents a long-selling product that continues to be loved by children and adults of all ages. They feature a rich cola flavor that can be savored thoroughly with each bite, and a texture that is extremely hard and chewy. It comes in a pouch so that it can be eaten in small portions, and the 100g quantity is large, so it is recommended for eating small portions when you want to concentrate. The firm, rich cola flavor, which is surprising when chewed, is ideal for cola lovers.

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product nameKinokonoyama/Takenokonosato

Kinokonoyama/Takenokonosato are bite-sized chocolate snacks of about 3 cm in size, made of crispy biscuits dipped in rich milk chocolate. Immediately after its release, the product became an explosive hit, breaking the sales record of the time, and was one of the most popular products with overwhelming support. The perfect balance of savory biscuits and mild milk chocolate with a hint of cacao gives it an irresistible taste that never gets old. It is a fun product to share with friends and family, such as exchanging Kinokonoyama and Takenokonosato to compare and enjoy.

Yan Yan Tsukebo

product nameYan Yan Tsukebo

Yan Yan Tsukebo is a snack consisting of flour sticks of crackers dipped in the included chocolate cream and colorful toppings. They are overwhelmingly popular among children because they allow them the freedom to create their own unique snacks, adjusting the amount to their liking. The crispy, savory, chewy, thick crackers and the smooth, tongue-tingling cream accented with grainy toppings make for a delicious product. Because they can be eaten while having fun, they are ideal as a snack during long trips or as a reward for children after a hard day of studying or learning.

Almond chocolate

product nameAlmond chocolate

Almond chocolate is a glossy, 2 cm (1 inch) sized confection made of almonds coated in layers of chocolate. It has been on the market for 60 years and has long been one of the most popular products loved by men and women of all ages. It is known to be delicious even for those who do not have a sweet tooth. This delicious product has the perfect balance between the fragrant and aromatic chewy almonds that pass through the nose and the gentle sweetness of rich milk chocolate. It is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing cup of coffee or a lively tea party.

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