10 Best Japanese Pistachio Snacks in 2024

japanese pistachio snacks

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Pistachio chocolate from Meiji

Product namePistachio chocolate from Meiji

Pistachio chocolate from Meiji are glossy, 2 cm in size, made of pistachio nuts coated with chocolate, and have been one of the most popular hits among fashion-conscious teens and 30-somethings since their launch in 2022. The soft chewiness and flavorful pistachio nuts invite a gorgeous aroma of milk chocolate kneaded with pistachio paste. It has an addictive taste with a hint of salt. The smartphone-sized product does not take up much space and is perfect for when you need a change of pace, such as during breaks from work, housework, or studying.

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Mellow Pistachio

Product nameMellow Pistachio

Mellow Pistachio is a chocolate candy made of white chocolate with pistachio paste, 4 mm thick and 32 mm square in size. It is one of the most popular products supported mainly by adult women who want to taste good things in small quantities. The perfect balance of rich pistachios and milky white chocolate allows you to enjoy a mellow flavor. The aroma of cocoa and the rich milkiness that spreads in the mouth are perfect with beverages, making it ideal for enjoying with coffee, tea, hot and heavy wine, or whiskey during relaxing time.

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White Dars Premium Pistachio flavor

Product nameWhite Dars Premium Pistachio flavor

White Dars Premium Pistachio flavor is a premium chocolate candy with a white chocolate center made of pistachio paste and surrounded by white chocolate. It is one of the most popular products supported by adults who love chocolate with a discriminating palate. The creamy, rich milkiness and crisp sweetness of the chocolate is overflowing with the rich flavor of pistachios. The particular taste of this chocolate that gives you a feeling of bliss with just one bite makes it the perfect reward for those who have worked hard at work, housework, and child-rearing, as it will give you a breath of fresh air and energy.

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Caramel Corn Pistachio Flavor

Product nameCaramel Corn Pistachio Flavor

Caramel Corn Pistachio Flavor is a snack food made from corn grits in puffed form with pistachio paste and sweetened condensed milk. It is one of the most familiar and popular products among children and adults of all ages. The soft and crispy texture of these snacks fills the mouth with the unique flavor of pistachios and the savory taste of nuts. The richness of the sweetened condensed milk combined with the gentle taste makes it easy for even small children to enjoy. Each bag is large and contains a large amount, making it an ideal snack to share at picnics and other family outings.

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Pistachio Chocolate from Royce

Product namePistachio Chocolate from Royce

Pistachio Chocolate from Royce is a chocolate candy with pistachios carefully coated one by one in milk chocolate. This popular product is produced by a chocolate confectionery manufacturer trusted by adults who seek authentic taste. The unique flavor and chewy texture of pistachios are best matched with the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, clean-tasting chocolate, resulting in a highly aromatic flavor. The taste is so good that once you try it, you will want to try it again. Each 130g bag is the perfect accompaniment to a stylish tea time with friends.

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Pistachio lindor

Product namePistachio lindor

Pistachio lindor is a white chocolate confection about 2 cm in diameter made of milk chocolate with pistachio paste kneaded into it. It is one of the most popular products made by the world’s favorite chocolate maker. When you open the seal, the aroma of freshly roasted pistachios spreads out, and the smooth milk chocolate has a taste with the natural richness and flavor of pistachios. Available in an ideal gift package, this is the perfect gift to express your gratitude to your loved ones.

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Caramelich Pistachio

Product nameCaramelich Pistachio

Caramelich Pistachio is a cookie sandwich consisting of a pistachio-flavored caramel cream sandwiched between thinly baked biscuits filled with pistachio paste. Pistachio is one of the most popular products in the series. The rich, moist texture of the sand cookie is finished with a rich, gorgeous pistachio flavor. One bite provides a sense of satisfaction, making it the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing teatime.

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Pistachio Crunch Chocolate

Product namePistachio Crunch Chocolate

Pistachio Crunch Chocolate is a crunch chocolate candy made from crushed pistachios and 33% cocoa white chocolate with pistachio paste. Despite being sold in a limited number of stores, this popular product has become a word-of-mouth sensation and is ordered from all over the country. It is characterized by its crunchy, chewy texture and the savory aroma of pistachios and crunch. The rich and mellow pistachio flavor is very satisfying, and one bite is all you need. The individually packaged pieces are easy to share, making them the perfect souvenir to take to a friend’s house.

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Smoked Pistachio

Product nameSmoked Pistachio

Smoked Pistachio in the Shell is a simple snack made by smoking pistachios in a whiskey barrel that has been active for more than 30 years and flavored only with salt. The series is available in a variety of ingredients and flavors as a candy exclusively for drinking at home, and is one of the most popular products known for its high word-of-mouth reputation. The deep, mature aroma that spreads the moment you open the package and the firm, chewy pistachios are addictively delicious. The zipper closure allows for easy storage, making it the perfect accompaniment for relaxing and drinking.

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Pistachio financier

Product namePistachio financier

Pistachio financier is a baked pastry made by mixing pistachios, flour, egg whites, browned butter, and sugar, and baking it in a mold. It is a familiar and popular confectionary among Western confectionaries, familiar to many Japanese people of all ages. It is characterized by its moist, rich financier and luxurious flavor enhanced by the aroma of mellow, savory pistachios. With 50% off sugar (4.8g sugar), it is an ideal item to bring to companies where people from all walks of life gather, as it can be enjoyed by those who are concerned about sugar content, dieters, and health.

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