10 Best Japanese Coffee Time Snacks in 2024

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Castella is one of the sponge cake-like confections made by baking a dough mixture of eggs, sugar, flour, and honey in an oven. They are popular as souvenirs and gifts, and are often seen in tourist spots. At festivals, it is sold at food stalls in the form of baked bells that draw huge crowds, making it a popular and familiar confectionary for Japanese people regardless of the season. It is characterized by its soft and moist texture and gentle sweetness, and the flavors of butter and honey gently spread in the mouth. The simple and elegant taste of this confectionary is appealing. Because they go well with tea, they are ideal for casual enjoyment at home during tea time or as a snack.

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Dorayaki is a type of Japanese confectionery consisting of a slightly puffed disk of sponge cake-like dough made of flour and sugar, sandwiched between two pieces of red bean paste. Known as the favorite of Doraemon, a nationally known cartoon character, it is a familiar confectionary widely loved by children and adults alike. The mochi-like texture of the dough and the anko (sweet red bean paste) simmered thoroughly in sugar create an exquisite balance of smooth texture and sweetness. Various flavors are available at tourist spots, such as strawberry, green tea, chocolate, chestnut, etc., depending on the season and region, making it an ideal tea-time snack on the way home after a visit to a tourist spot in Japan.

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Daifuku is one of Japan’s most popular Japanese sweets, consisting of a sweet red bean paste made from azuki beans wrapped in a rice cake. There are many variations, such as one in which beans or mugwort are added to the rice cake, or one in which strawberries or other fruits, custard cream, etc. are added. Although the image of wagashi is that it is favored by older people, it is very popular among children and is a typical wagashi confectionery. The texture of the mochi (sticky rice cake) is perfectly balanced with the moderate sweetness of the red bean paste, which is firm but not too strong. It is an auspicious wagashi, and since it offers a variety of flavors and textures depending on what is wrapped inside, it is a perfect dish to enjoy with seasonal ingredients such as cherry blossoms, yuzu, chestnuts, and other seasonal changes and events, making it a perfect accompaniment to relaxing time.


Cookies are a type of baked good made by mixing flour, sugar, butter, and other ingredients well and baking them into small pieces. They are widely loved by both young children and adults, and are served at daycare centers as a snack. They are characterized by their rich sweetness and buttery flavor. The cookies are firm enough to hold in the hand without losing their shape, and are available in a variety of textures, such as moist and crispy. They can be enjoyed easily during tea time or coffee breaks when you want to take a breather, and since they are popular among children as well, they are the perfect snack for a relaxing family time.


Doughnuts are a type of deep-fried pastry consisting of flour, water, sugar, butter, eggs, etc., added and deep fried in oil. They are readily available at specialty stores, coffee shops, supermarkets, and convenience stores, and are enjoyed in a variety of settings due to their versatility and convenience. They are characterized by a strong sweetness and a rich buttery aroma that wafts through the nose. The inside can be moist and fluffy with a cake-like texture or chewy. The doughnuts with colorful and gorgeous toppings are the perfect dessert for parties and events where people of all ages gather.


Waffles are one of the baked sweets made by mixing flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, and other ingredients and baking them between two griddles carved with a lattice pattern or the like. Its unique shape allows for a wide variety of toppings and side dishes, and the ease with which it can be purchased at cafes and convenience stores has made it one of the most popular snacks enjoyed on various occasions. When freshly baked, the surface is crispy and fragrant, while the inside is moist and chewy. The flavor of the buttery, slightly sweet dough and the toppings intertwined in the lattice give it a flavor that can be enjoyed. This is a perfect dish for breakfast or brunch, or for a relaxing café or dessert time with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

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Cakes are made of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. There are various types of cakes, such as sponge cake with cream and fruit on top, or rare cheese cake with cream cheese spread on top of crushed cookies and chilled and hardened. They are loved by people of all ages for special events such as birthdays, weddings, and Christmas. From moist to fluffy, rich and sweet to sour and sweet fruits, you can enjoy a variety of flavors and textures to suit your taste and situation. They are the perfect treat to share at celebrations or to savor with coffee or tea as a reward for a hard day’s work or study.


Cannelles are one of the most popular baked goods, baked with a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, vanilla beans, and rum. It is one of the most popular luxury gifts for special occasions and celebrations. It is baked crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The vanilla and rum flavors are in perfect harmony, and the caramelized outer part of the pastry has a particularly mellow taste. The size allows even those with a sweet tooth to enjoy it, making it the perfect dessert for adults who want to savor it in small portions. The refined beauty of its appearance and elegant taste make it a recommended sweet for special occasions and celebrations, as well as for the end of dinner.

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Scones are a type of baked pastry made by adding baking powder to plenty of flour and baking it together with milk. Often kneaded with butter or mixed with dried fruits such as raisins, scones are an attractive pastry with a wide range of variations. They are positioned similar to bread, and are popular as a pastry that even those who do not have a sweet tooth can enjoy. The contrast between the crispy outside and the moist, chewy inside is delicious, and the savory aroma and fruit and nut accents create a flavorful taste. Served with whipped cream, jam, yogurt, or fruit with children, it is the perfect breakfast to start a refreshing day.


Macarons are a type of baked pastry made from almonds, sugar, and egg whites, and have the distinctive shape of two small disks of dough stacked on top of each other, with the top and bottom slightly raised. They are popular among teens and 30s because of their cute and festive appearance, wide variety of flavors, and colorful colors, making them a popular confection for teens and 30s. The outside has a crispy texture like a combination of cookies and marshmallows, while the inside has a sticky, caramel-like texture. When you put it in your mouth, the crumbled dough melts to reveal a richer sweetness and flavor. The beautiful appearance and sophisticated flavor create an elegant moment. It is the perfect snack when you want to enjoy the luxury of your favorite place, space, and music.

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