10 Best Japanese Snacks at Don Quijote in 2024

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Kit Kat

Product nameKit Kat

Kit Kat is a chocolate confectionery made by layering long, thin rectangular wafers made of flour, coating them with milk chocolate, and shaping them into bars. A variety of flavors are available depending on the season and region, making Kit Kat a one-of-a-kind, long-selling product that is popular among people of all ages. The crispy, chewy, rich milk chocolate has a strong sweetness with a slight bitterness. The crispy texture of the wafers and the exquisitely balanced flavor are appealing. The name “Kit Kat” has a similar sound to the Japanese word for “win,” and is loved as a lucky charm for students preparing for exams and as a winning snack, making it an ideal snack before important work or a test.

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Product nameHaribo

Haribo is a gummy candy in the shape of a 2 cm bear, made of sugar, syrup, concentrated reduced fruit juice, and other ingredients hardened with gelatin. Available in an assortment of six flavors (pineapple, lemon, orange, raspberry, strawberry, and apple), Haribo is the world’s largest manufacturer of gummy candies with over 100 years of history, and is popular in Japan among children and adults of all ages. They are characterized by their firm, chewy elasticity, and have a natural sweetness and fruity flavor that is not too sweet. They do not contain any synthetic coloring and are safe to eat for those who are concerned about coloring, making them an ideal snack for children or as a refreshing treat between work or study.

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Pineapple candy

Product namePineapple candy

Pineapple candy is made from sugar, syrup, and pineapple juice, and has been loved by people of all ages for over 70 years. The product is characterized by a sweet, sour, and juicy taste as if one were eating real pineapple, and the mellow aroma of pineapple that overflows as time goes by is delicious. The individual packaging and large capacity make it an ideal snack for long trips or as a refreshment while waiting at theme parks.

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Product nameUmaibo

Umaibo are stick-shaped snacks made from corn puffs, the main ingredient of which is corn. They are readily available at convenience stores, supermarkets, and candy bars, and are also well-known as prizes at festivals. The snacks are so popular among children that it is no exaggeration to say that there is not a child who does not know about them due to their reasonable price and wide variety of flavors. The snacks are characterized by their light, crispy texture, and the realistic reproductions of flavors such as octopus dumpling and corn potage give the snacks a rich taste as if you were eating the real thing. With a wide variety of flavors that are not only sweet but also salty, they are the perfect snack for picnics, outdoor activities, or when you are hungry in between busy days.


Product nameKororo

Kororo is a gummy candy with 100% fruit juice made from fructose glucose liquid sugar, sugar, syrup, and concentrated fruit juice. The fullness and softness of its texture, which is full of fruit juice, has attracted much attention, and it is widely sold at convenience stores and supermarkets, where its unparalleled texture is highly evaluated. The juicy texture is fresh and taut, and the taste is rich, deep, and gorgeous, as if you were eating the fruit with its skin intact. It is an ideal snack for a change of pace, to fill up a small stomach, or when you are feeling a little hungry or need to refresh your palate.

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Amaguri Muityaimashita

Product nameAmaguri Muityaimashita

“Amaguri Muityaimashita” is a confectionery made from specially selected grade A organically grown chestnuts with a sugar content of 16 degrees or higher, roasted slowly by far-infrared roasting, peeled carefully one by one, and packed by the “O₂-cutting method” that reduces oxygen by blowing nitrogen into the chestnuts. This long-selling product has been loved for a quarter of a century since it caused a huge boom when it was first released. You can enjoy the fragrant and flaky texture, the natural sweetness of chestnuts that are not mixed with any unnecessary ingredients, and the freshly made deliciousness. With no coloring, no added sugar, and no preservatives, it is satisfying and filling, making it an ideal snack for children or as a sugar supplement after breakfast on busy mornings.

Potato chips

Product namePotato chips

Potato chips are snacks made by frying thinly sliced potatoes in hot oil and seasoning them with salt and spices. They are a popular product loved by children and adults of all ages because they come in a variety of flavors, from sweet to tangy and spicy. The crispy, light texture is the most distinctive feature of these snacks, and the rich, salty flavors complement the original taste of the potatoes, giving them a crispy, flavorful taste. They are perfect for social gatherings with friends, picnics, beer snacking, and other casual social occasions or as a relaxing snack.

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Supaiman Kaki-pea Ichiban

Product nameSupaiman Kaki-pea Ichiban

Supaiman Kaki-pea Ichiban is a snack consisting of a 2cm piece of oval shaped glutinous rice seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, etc., and a combination of peeled peanuts and a 2cm piece of rice cracker. Although the product is only sold at Don Quijote, a discount store in Japan, its popularity spread by word of mouth, and it is one of the most popular products purchased nationwide, mainly by people in their 20s to 40s. The crunchy texture and the unique sweetness, pleasant sourness, and saltiness of the dried ume can be tasted in a perfect salty-brown color. It is the perfect snack for a relaxing evening meal at the end of the day.

Black Thunder

Product nameBlack Thunder

Black Thunder is a rectangular-shaped candy consisting of cocoa cookies and plain biscuits coated with chocolate. With its unique name that does not seem like a candy, reasonable price of $0.23 per piece, and just the right volume, it has become popular among young people and is now widely loved by people of all ages. The cookie-based volume, the bitterness of the cocoa, and the sweetness of the chocolate are very well matched, and the texture is zesty, rich, and satisfying. The affordable individual packaging makes them the perfect treat to eat during a relaxing coffee break, on the go, or as an accompaniment on a trip.


Product nameAlfort

Alfort is a chocolate cookie consisting of a digestive cookie with whole wheat flour, baked to a savory flavor and combined with chocolate in the shape of a sailing ship. In the 20 years since its launch, a total of more than 40 flavors have been developed, and it is a hit product loved by people of all ages, with each new product becoming a hot topic of conversation, especially in the SMS market. The cookies have a crispy texture and a savory aroma and taste of wheat. The mild milk chocolate with a delicious rich milk flavor melts in your mouth, and you can taste the elegant sweetness that is in harmony with the cookie. This is a perfect product to easily carry in your bag when you go out, when you are hungry between studies or work, or when you want to casually share it with someone.

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