10 Best Japanese Strawberry Mochi in 2024

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Fresh Cream Strawberry Daifuku

Product nameFresh Cream Strawberry Daifuku

Fresh Cream Strawberry Daifuku is a mysterious sweet with the soft texture of Daifuku and the cool sensation of ice cream. The strawberries are “Tochiotome” produced in Tochigi Prefecture, which holds the record for the largest production volume for 50 consecutive years. The strawberries have a good balance of sweetness and sourness, giving them a rich flavor. The fresh cream from Hokkaido is fluffy and enhances the taste of the pure fresh cream. Also, the strawberry daifuku, wrapped in mochi made from 100% domestic rice flour, has a refined sweetness. Recommended for those who would like to experience a new sweet that blends Japanese and Western flavors, or as a gift for a special occasion.

Kitaguni’s Strawberry Daifuku

Product nameKitaguni’s Strawberry Daifuku

Kitaguni’s Strawberry Daifuku is made using a unique process and carefully selected ingredients. Strawberries, which have a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, are used in slices instead of whole strawberries, which makes their flavor stand out even more. In addition, two types of whipped cream are blended to create a soft and light texture that embraces the strawberry flavor. The Daifuku dough is also kneaded with fresh cream using a unique method, which also spreads the milky flavor through the dough. Even half defrosted, the Daifuku can be tasted like an ice cream, and the flavor and satisfaction will spread to your heart’s content. It is recommended as a gift, for special occasions, or as a treat for yourself.

Amao cream strawberry daifuku fuwaru

Product nameAmao cream strawberry daifuku fuwaru

This product is an exquisitely delicious sweet that harmonizes the tartness of strawberries, the sweetness of cream, and the softness of the dough. It took a whopping four years to create this product, and the cream can be enjoyed no matter where you eat it from. Amao strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture are used to create a beautiful red, glossy finish. The dough is made from a blend of glutinous and Uruchi flours, resulting in a soft and stretchy rice cake. The elegant design and delicious taste of this confectionary is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday present to show your appreciation.

Yoshiki’s Strawberry Daifuku

Product nameYoshiki’s Strawberry Daifuku

Yoshiki’s Strawberry Daifuku is a Japanese confectionery made of mochi (glutinous rice cake) wrapped in sweet red bean paste with strawberries kneaded into it. You can enjoy the sweet and sour aroma and refreshing taste of strawberries. The texture is glutinous and easy-to-eat Daifuku is characterized by its gentle texture. The contrast between the pale pink of the red bean paste and the white of the rice cake is beautiful, creating an elegant appearance. The surface of this Daifuku is light and smooth, making it easy to grab and eat with your hands. You can pick it up with everyone at home or at work. This Japanese-style sweet is ideal as a snack, for entertaining guests, or as a souvenir.

Gorotto Ichigo Daifuku

Product nameGorotto Ichigo Daifuku

Gorotto Ichigo Daifuku is a delicacy that allows you to enjoy flavorful strawberry daifuku, using luxurious Hakata Amaou, Fukuoka’s seasonal delicacy. L-size Hakata Amaou strawberries, lovingly grown by strawberry farmers in Fukuoka, are lavishly used. The strawberry daifuku, which can be enjoyed in two different flavors in one box, white an (sweet bean paste) and koshian (sweet bean paste), is colored in festive red and white. This Japanese confectionery is supervised by Kyoto Yoroken, which is famous for its Daifuku fruit sweets, and is known for its high quality. Each box contains 8 pieces: 4 pieces of white bean paste and 4 pieces of koshi-an. Recommended for those who like Japanese sweets, those who like strawberries, and those who want to enjoy the taste of the season.

Daifuku Fruit Daifuku Strawberry from Kajitsudo

Product nameDaifuku Fruit Daifuku Strawberry from Kajitsudo

This product is the most popular item in the “Fruits Daifuku KAJITSUDO” menu, a new challenge for the popular fruit daifuku specialty store “Kajitsu-do” established in Gunma Prefecture. One bite of the Daifuku KAJITSUDO is a perfect blend of large, fresh strawberries and the refined sweetness of the Daifuku dough. We are particular about the ingredients and carefully select the best strawberries throughout the year. The seasonal fruit is wrapped in a pure white rice cake that is melt-in-your-mouth soft and luxurious. Our Daifuku Fruits are loved by men and women of all ages.

Daifuku with cream (strawberry) from Tsumagari-Shyokuhin

Product nameDaifuku with cream (strawberry) from Tsumagari-Shyokuhin

This cream Daifuku is a “Western-style Daifuku” made with cream instead of red bean paste. The cream is wrapped in strawberry red bean paste, which is then wrapped in the sticky Daifuku dough. The creamy taste of the cream and the strawberry flavor create a perfect harmony. This is a luxurious treat with a Western yet Japanese flair. Recommended for those who like sweets with a blend of Japanese and Western flavors.

Strawberry Chocolate Daifuku from Seiki

Product nameStrawberry Chocolate Daifuku from Seiki

The strawberries used in this product are Fukuoka Prefecture-grown Amaou strawberries, and the traditional, meticulous manufacturing process gives it a chunky texture and elasticity. It is recommended as a snack between meals or as a souvenir. With a shelf life of 150 days, it can be enjoyed for a long time. The flavor of fresh amaou and the mild taste of white chocolate are in perfect harmony, and you can enjoy a mouthful of deliciousness with every bite.

Daifuku Strawberry from Mizuha

Product nameDaifuku Strawberry from Mizuha

The quality of this sweet is maintained by using fresh strawberries shipped directly from trusted contract farmers. The white bean paste is made from tebo-mame (white kidney beans) from Hokkaido, which are slowly cooked in the famous water of Nishiyama in Kyoto to achieve a refined sweetness. The light sweetness of the white bean paste is well balanced with the moderate sourness of strawberries to create a flavorful bite. The soft and fluffy texture of the rice cake, Fruits Daifuku (Strawberry), is a limited time only product, making it a perfect gift.

Melted Fresh Daifuku<strawberry> from Kochouan

Product nameMelted Fresh Daifuku<strawberry> from Kochouan

This product was originally sold as a limited-time-only item, but in response to strong demand from many purchasers, it is now a regular item. The Daifuku dough, which is steamed by hand to a glossy finish, has just the right amount of elasticity. The cream is filled with freeze-dried strawberries and raspberry jam, and is characterized by its fluffy texture. The sweet and sour crushed cream is superb and very popular, especially among women. The luxurious taste of this product, carefully crafted with a lot of time and effort, is perfect for tea time snacks and desserts.

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