10 Best Mochi Ice Cream in 2024

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Yawamochi ice cream (various kinds)

Product nameYawamochi ice cream (various kinds)

Yawamochi ice cream (various kinds) is a confectionery made mainly from sugar, syrup, dairy products, and vegetable oils and fats. There are a total of six flavors available: Daigaimochi, vanilla, Uji green tea, warabimochi, kuromitsu kinako, and burnt mitarashi. The Daigaimo ice cream has an addictive taste of rice cake, sweet potato ice cream, and Daigaimo honey, and the vanilla ice cream is a delicious combination of rice cake, vanilla ice cream, and grains of sweet bean paste. You can enjoy it with your family and relatives regardless of the season.

On Mochi (various kinds)

Product nameOn Mochi (various kinds)

On Mochi (various kinds) is an ice cream made mainly from glutinous rice, soybeans, kinako (soybean flour), and matcha (powdered green tea). It is available in four flavors: kinako mochi, matcha azuki mochi, choko mochi, and zunda mochi. The Kinako Mochi ice cream with soft mochi made from Saga’s glutinous rice in a savory kinako flavored ice cream and the Matcha ice cream with melt-in-your-mouth soft azuki bean paste, mochi, and Yame matcha green tea from Fukuoka Prefecture are very delicious. The savory kinako and matcha flavors are recommended for adults. It is the perfect product for when you are tired or taking a break.

Haagen-Dazs Hana-Mochi(various types)

Product nameHaagen-Dazs Hana-Mochi (various types)

Haagen-Dazs Hana-Mochi (various types) are available in two varieties, Ginsen Kinako Kuromitsu and Matcha Azuki, and are made mainly from kinako, kuromitsu, matcha green tea, and grains of azuki bean paste. The Gin-Sen Kinako Kuromitsu Ice Cream is made with a savory kinako ice cream made with deep-roasted charred kinako and a rich and thick kuromitsu sauce, which intertwines with the ice cream to create an exquisite taste. Matcha Azuki Ice Cream combines the aroma and flavor of matcha green tea with the rich taste of milk and the softly cooked sweet bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans. It is perfect as a fleeting luxury item for a treat.

Yukimi-dafuku (various types)

Product nameYukimi-dafuku (various types)

Yukimi-dafuku (various types) are ice cream made mainly from sugar, syrup, glutinous rice flour, and vegetable oil and fat. Yukimi-dakufuku, with its cold and rich vanilla ice cream wrapped in a soft and fluffy rice cake, Yukimi-dakufuku Chocolat, with its rich chocolate ice cream, and Yukimi-dakufuku Heart Strawberry, with its abundance of sweet strawberry flavor, are so delicious that you will become addicted to them. Try them with the whole family after taking a bath.

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Fresh Cream Strawberry Daifuku

Product nameFresh Cream Strawberry Daifuku

Fresh Cream Strawberry Daifuku is a confectionery made mainly from strawberries, mochi dough, cream, and emulsifiers. Tochiotomi strawberries from Tochigi Prefecture are used to create a rich, well-balanced sweetness and tartness, and the combination of fluffy pure fresh cream from Hokkaido and soft, glutinous mochi made from Japanese glutinous rice is exquisitely delicious. This product is so delicious that you will end up eating a lot of it, and its sweetness and richness can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It is sure to make a great souvenir or gift.

Kikyouya Premium Kikyou Shingenmochi Ice Cream

Product nameKikyouya Premium Kikyou Shingenmochi Ice Cream

Kikyouya Premium Kikyou Shingenmochi Ice Cream is a confectionery made mainly from milk, rice cake sweets, Kuromitsu sauce, and powdered syrup. The savory kinako (soybean flour) and mochi (glutinous rice cake) are very well matched, and the molasses sauce is very richly mixed with them. The savory flavor will appeal to the stomachs of adults. It is also a perfect gift.

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Ice Manju Zundamochi

Product nameIce Manju Zundamochi

Ice Manju Zundamochi is a confectionery made mainly from edamame bean paste, dairy products, edamame puree, and maltose. It is a Japanese-style ice cream bar consisting of Zunda bean paste and rice cake wrapped in Zunda ice cream. The Zunda ice cream has a gentle aroma combined with milk and a moist texture. The Zunda bean paste inside the ice cream has a deep flavor with the texture and rich taste of Zunda. It is a perfect dessert for the whole family to enjoy together.

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MOCHIMORE (various kinds)

Product nameMOCHIMORE (various kinds)

MOCHIMORE (various kinds) is a confectionery whose main ingredients are maltose, syrup, glutinous flour, and butter. There are many flavors to choose from, such as ruby chocolate and raspberry sauce, mango and mango sauce, and gorgonzola cheese and caramel apple. The sticky texture of the mochi and the various sauces intertwine with each other, making a perfect match and very tasty. They are sure to make a great souvenir or gift.

Kinako-mochi from Okimei

Product nameKinako-mochi from Okimei

Kinako-mochi is a confectionery made mainly from Uruchi rice, kinako (soybean flour), vegetable oil and fat, and glucose. The kinako-flavored chocolate coaching and the sauce intertwine to create an addictive taste. It has a nostalgic taste, and once you start eating it, you can’t stop. It is a long-seller that is popular among people of all ages, so everyone from adults to children can enjoy it. It is a perfect snack.

Kinako Mochi from Seria Roile

Product nameKinako Mochi from Seria Roile

Kinako Mochi from Seria Roile is a confectionery whose main ingredients are mochi sauce, chocolate coaching, sugar, and vegetable oil and fat. The ice cream bar is made with deep-roasted kinako (soybean flour), which gives it a strong kinako flavor, making it a great tasting and smelling ice cream bar. In addition, the crunchy texture is perfectly balanced, so you will never get tired of it. It may be the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea.

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