10 Best Japanese Green Tea Mochi in 2024

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Product nameKohukumochi

This Daifuku sweet was created to enjoy the fragrant aroma of Nara’s famous Yamato-cha green tea. The different concentrations of matcha daifuku are designed so that the aroma can be directly felt. Yamato-cha Daifuku is available in concentrations No. 1 through No. 5, as well as in brown hojicha. Among them, the No. 5 “Natsumori” is said to be the darkest green tea Daifuku in Japan. Take a bite and you will be surprised by the texture of the melt-in-your-mouth rice cake. It is characterized by a softness that seems to melt between your fingers, and a fresh, subtle aroma of tea that spreads in your mouth. Through the challenge of creating the strongest green tea Daifuku in Japan (and the world), Kuchifuku Mochi has become a delicious treat that is appreciated by tea lovers and gift seekers alike.

Green Tea Daifuku from Itoh Kyuemon

Product nameGreen Tea Daifuku from Itoh Kyuemon

“Uji Matcha Daifuku” is a product by Kyuemon Ito, a tea shop in Uji, Kyoto, that conveys the new value of tea while respecting the traditions inherited from the Edo period. This Daifuku is made with freshly ground Uji matcha green tea, carefully cooked to a “matcha bean paste” and blended with cream. The rich matcha flavor that spreads in the mouth is very attractive. The Western-style matcha daifuku is wrapped in our original soft and fluffy daifuku dough, making it a perfect match with a strong cup of sencha green tea. The finishing touch is a blend of cream to create a mellow mouthfeel. This product offers a fusion of traditional and new approaches to flavor.

Melted Fresh Daifuku from Kochouan

Product nameMelted Fresh Daifuku from Kochouan

This confectionary is a special gem, filled with the special attention that only a tea shop can offer. The key to the particularity is the lavish use of high-grade matcha green tea from Uji, Kyoto. This enhances the rich matcha flavor. The matcha cream is rich and full of flavor, and has a nice bitter taste. The thin dough and cream melt in your mouth the moment you put it in your mouth. The unique feature of the fresh Daifuku is the smooth and melt-in-your-mouth texture without the use of red bean paste. This Daifuku, which thoroughly pursues a melt-in-your-mouth texture, is a perfect souvenir for a tea party.

Kikufuku Green Tea Fresh Cream Daifuku

Product nameKikufuku Green Tea Fresh Cream Daifuku

This confectionary is one of Kikyufuku’s most popular signature products. The main feature of this product is the flavorful “green tea crème”. The refined sweetness, red bean paste, and fluffy whipped cream are gently and carefully wrapped in a soft, thin rice cake. This matcha daifuku arrives in frozen delivery with its freshly made taste intact. You will enjoy the perfect balance of the flavorful matcha whipped cream and the soft thin rice cake. We hope that people who like matcha sweets will try this.

Matcha Mo Vre

Product nameMatcha Mo Vre

Kougetsuen is a matcha specialty store that handles matcha from all over Japan, offering a wide variety of matcha from those used in tea ceremonies to those used in confectionery by professional tea masters. The matcha cream is firmly set with matcha bean paste, wrapped in gyuhi, and finished with a dusting of matcha powder. This Daifuku is truly a matcha-full meal, and the surface of the dough as well as the red bean paste and the three layers of milk inside are lavishly made with stone-ground Uji matcha tea. Kougetsuen’s “Matcha Mo Vre” is a fusion of Japanese and Western flavors, a special Daifuku filled with love for matcha. It is truly a confection for matcha lovers.

Morihan Green Tea Daifuku

Product nameMorihan Green Tea Daifuku

These matcha daifuku are made with luxurious Uji matcha, which is produced from tea leaves carefully selected by one of Japan’s best tea masters, both in name and in reality. A tea master is a person who selects, produces, and sells tea for a living. This Daifuku is made without any coloring or flavoring, and is richly kneaded with only high-grade Uji matcha. The deep green color and robust matcha flavor are wonderful. These matcha daifuku are perfect when you want to take a break with a cup of tea, or as a tea offering for guests.

Green Tea Cream Daifuku from Matsudaen

Product nameGreen Tea Cream Daifuku from Matsudaen

These matcha cream daifuku are made with luxurious Japanese matcha green tea, a specialty of the Japanese tea specialty store Matsudaen. Unlike regular Daifuku, the texture is soft and marshmallow-like. One bite and you will enjoy the delicious taste of the bean paste and cream melting together in your mouth, just like a Western-style confectionery. The surprisingly soft Daifuku dough can stretch up to 20 cm. Because you can enjoy the soft texture of Western-style confectionery and the flavor of matcha cream, this product is perfect for those who like a blend of Japanese and Western sweets and for matcha lovers.

Matcha Chocolate Daifuku from Seiki

Product nameMatcha Chocolate Daifuku from Seiki

Matcha Choco Daifuku is a special sweet that blends the soft and fluffy texture of mochi with the rich flavor of Uji green tea. The white chocolate adds a touch of sweetness, making this a Japanese souvenir that is sure to be appreciated by foreigners. With a content of 30 pieces, it is convenient for sharing with a large group of people. This confectionary is a perfect combination of Japanese tradition and Western elements, and is recommended for those who enjoy a new approach to traditional Japanese flavors. The rich flavor and unique combination will be appreciated by people of all ages.

Uji green powdered tea dakkukes made with Wasanbon

Product nameUji green powdered tea dakkukes made with Wasanbon

Senkien’s Uji Matcha Daifuku Wasanbon-tea cake is a gem from a long-established teahouse with a history of nearly 200 years. These daifuku are round and simple in appearance. One bite and the elegant taste of rich Uji green tea will fill your mouth. This sweet is made with the original flavor that only a teahouse can provide, allowing you to enjoy the traditional Japanese taste. The quality of Daifuku made by long-established artisans makes it an ideal gift or a special treat for a special occasion.

Fresh Cream Daifuku “Green Tea Ore” from Sweet Masuya

Product nameFresh Cream Daifuku “Green Tea Ore” from Sweet Masuya

Matcha Ore is a three-layered sweet that combines a perfect balance of special matcha whipped cream and matcha bean paste, wrapped in a soft Gyuhi rice cake. The Daifuku is characterized by the elegant and elastic texture of the mochi, and every bite reveals the deep aroma and mild flavor of matcha green tea. The matcha-ore is a cream daifuku that combines a Western texture with Japanese flavor, allowing you to enjoy its unique taste. It is also perfect for those who want to enjoy the rich flavor of matcha as a gift or for a special moment.

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