10 Best Japanese Chocolate Mochi in 2024

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Daifuku with chocolate cream from Imuraya

Product nameDaifuku with chocolate cream from Imuraya

Choco Cream Daifuku is a seasonal flavor of the frozen Japanese confectionery series based on the concept of freshly made deliciousness like that of a specialty store. Hokkaido glutinous rice is kneaded with cocoa powder to create a smooth rice cake dough. In addition to natural defrosting, you can also use a microwave oven for quick defrosting, making it easy to eat at any time. The detachable tray eliminates the need to prepare a plate. This is an excellent product that allows you to enjoy a luxurious taste at a reasonable price.

Daifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Osaka Kansendo

Product nameDaifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Osaka Kansendo

One of Gansendo’s signature products, Nama Choco Daifuku is a hybrid sweet that combines melt-in-your-mouth raw chocolate and Haniujyuemochi rice cake. The fusion of everyone’s favorite chocolate and Haniujyuemochi rice cake and the addition of white bean paste makes it a sweet that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. The greatest feature of Nama-Choco Daifuku, which is filled with the craftsman’s special care, is its superb melt-in-your-mouth texture and chewy feel. It is also topped with a high-quality gold dusting to give it a gorgeous appearance. It is the perfect gift for a loved one or souvenir for a special occasion.

Chocolate Daifuku from Tsuruya Zenemon

Product nameChocolate Daifuku from Tsuruya Zenemon

Tsuruya Zenemon is proud of its “Choco Daifuku,” a gem that is a product of the tradition and 560-year history of Wakayama’s leading long-established Japanese confectionery. The Daifuku is filled with chocolate bean paste, wrapped in a glutinous rice cake skin and finished with a generous amount of cocoa powder. The flavor of cocoa and the smooth texture of chocolate are in perfect harmony, making it a recommended sweet that can be enjoyed on any occasion. It is especially enjoyable as a relaxing moment, as a tea set, or as a hand-me-down.

Chocolate Fresh Cream Daifuku from Fukido

Product nameChocolate Fresh Cream Daifuku from Fukido

FUKIDO is a confectionery shop located in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture. It is a long-established business founded in 1916. This chocolate crème daifuku is a sweet with fluffy chocolate crème wrapped in a soft rice cake. The smooth texture and mellow chocolate flavor will delight your taste buds. It has been featured in the media as “a sweet you want to eat even if you have to wait. The soft and fluffy cream is not too rich and is easy to eat.

Daifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Shateraise

Product nameDaifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Shateraise

This Daifuku Nama-Chocolate Daifuku is made with a soft and chewy dough made from Japanese mochi flour and filled with raw chocolate. The dough is made of Japanese glutinous rice flour and is covered with a generous dusting of cocoa powder. The rich taste of milk is harmonized with the smooth taste and texture of the cocoa-scented raw chocolate. Choco Daifuku combines the Japanese taste with the luxurious flavor of chocolate, perfect for a relaxing moment.

Chocolate Daifuku from Tsuzumi Dango

Product nameChocolate Daifuku from Tsuzumi Dango

Tsuzumi Dango is a Japanese confectionery manufacturer born in Isahaya City, Nagasaki, and is known for its rich and addictive taste of Daifuku and dango made with ingredients carefully selected throughout the country and produced through a painstaking process. Among these, the “Choco Daifuku,” made with rich, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, is a particularly noteworthy product. It has a moist, Western-style mouth feel and a Japanese flair. It offers the rich flavor of mellow chocolate and a smooth mouth feel.

Melted raw chocolate daifuku

Product nameMelted raw chocolate daifuku

The raw chocolate, a blend of luxurious Swiss chocolate and genuine fresh cream, is wrapped in a soft rice cake, and the entire piece is dusted with cacao powder. The moment you put it in your mouth, you will feel the gentle and rich texture of the raw chocolate. This product is only available from early December to around April, and the texture changes depending on the temperature. At cooler temperatures (5-10°C), you can enjoy the texture of the melt-in-your-mouth raw chocolate with just the right amount of crunchiness. Depending on the season and temperature, you can enjoy it in different ways.

Daifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Sasafuku

Product nameDaifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Sasafuku

The Nama-Choko Daifuku is a soft, mochi (sticky rice cake) dough covered with soft raw chocolate and dusted with van Houten’s flavorful cocoa powder for a luxurious taste experience. The bittersweet cocoa powder adds a nice accent, and the bite-sized petit daifuku is perfect as a souvenir, gift, or 3 o’clock snack. The raw chocolate is wrapped in a soft, thin rice cake and coated with bittersweet cocoa powder. This sweet is recommended for chocolate lovers and those who want to try Japanese sweets.

Daifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Mizuha

Product nameDaifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Mizuha

Nama-Choko Daifuku is a perfect harmony of Belgian premium chocolate and mellow yellow bean paste. This luxurious sweet is wrapped in a creamy cocoa rice cake, and the slightly hard raw chocolate melts in your mouth, spreading a rich cocoa flavor. The fluffy rice cake made from domestically produced rice cake has cocoa flavor kneaded into it, and the cocoa flavor of the cocoa rice cake enhances the deliciousness of the raw chocolate. Perfect for eating with tea and relaxing.

Daifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Kaguraya

Product nameDaifuku Nama Chocolate Daifuku from Kaguraya

This cream daifuku with raw chocolate offers the exquisite taste of chocolate whipped cream and raw chocolate combined in a luxurious way. A favorite of the local community in Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture, since its establishment in 1904, this gem offers the rich taste of chocolate and is especially suitable for those who love raw chocolate. This confectionary is a great gift, and is especially loved by locals for its historic flavor, making it an ideal gift that evokes local love and familiarity.

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