10 Best Japanese Mochi Candy in 2024

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Mochi Chocolate Almond

Product nameMochi Chocolate Almond

Mochi Chocolate is a candy that offers a combination of surprising texture and rich chocolate despite its small appearance. It looks like a cute mini chocolate pie, but when you open it, what you find is a rice cake with unexpected elasticity and softness. Inside the rice cake is a savory almond chocolate filling. Despite its small size, it is more plump and rich in flavor than expected, and once you eat it, you will feel satisfied. The combination of ingredients and well-balanced flavor is sure to be loved by a wide range of people, from adults to children.

Mochi Sprinkled with Soy Flour

Product nameMochi Sprinkled with Soy Flour

Since its introduction in 1979, Chirole Chocolate has gained popularity through a wide variety of variations. Among them, “Chirole Choco Kinako Mochi” is a gem that reproduces the flavor of real kinako mochi by combining Japanese kinako (soybean flour) and mochi (glutinous rice cake) gummy bears. The flavor and texture are reminiscent of real kinako mochi, and just one bite is enough to remind you of winter in Japan. As a seasonal product, it is sold from fall to winter, making it the perfect gift or snack to cherish that seasonal feeling.

Mochi Truffle Ganache

Product nameMochi Truffle Ganache

This product is a luxurious truffle with a rich ganache wrapped in mochi mochi mochi (sticky rice cake) and beautifully finished with cocoa powder. When you take a bite, the first thing you feel is the texture of the mochi mochi. The outside, dusted with cocoa powder, spreads a bittersweet aroma and flavor, giving it an elegant bitter taste. Once you take a bite, the rich chocolate flavor from the ganache fills your mouth with a luxurious and satisfying sensation. It offers a luxurious and exquisite taste and is especially recommended for chocolate lovers.

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Mitarashi flavored sweet soybeans

Product nameMitarashi flavored sweet soybeans

These delicious rice cake snacks feature a flavorful mitarashi-style sweet and spicy sauce.Instead of the traditional round shape of dumplings, they are shaped like a board.This makes them easier to eat and gives them an accentuated texture.The dumplings have a sticky texture when bitten into as they are.When chilled in the freezer, the texture becomes more chewy and you can enjoy a new taste. The sweet and spicy taste of mitarashi soy sauce is characteristic of the mochi. This product is recommended for those seeking a new texture. Please try it and taste its unique charm.

Mochimochi-kun (various types)

Product nameMochimochi-kun (various types)

Mochimochi-kun is a cute, square-shaped candy in a transparent container, popular in the candy industry, that is eaten by stabbing it with a toothpick. You can enjoy a variety of original flavors such as cherry rice cake, green apple rice cake, cola rice cake, grape rice cake, champagne cider rice cake, yogurt rice cake, small plum rice cake, melon soda rice cake, energy drink rice cake, mango rice cake, and white peach rice cake. The cola flavor, one of the most popular and representative products, has the presence of a black gem, and offers a refreshing sensation with a burst of flavor. The Koume flavor has the charm of a red jewel, with a sour but addictive adult flavor. One of the fun things to do is to change which flavor you choose, depending on your mood or the occasion.

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Milky Mochi

Product nameMilky Mochi

Milk Mochi, born in Nanae Town, Hokkaido, is a rice cake made with fresh milk unique to Hokkaido and characterized by its rich milk flavor and sticky texture. The richness and flavor of the milk spreads in your mouth. The characteristic of the rice cake is the strip of mochi (glutinous rice cake), and the chewy texture can be enjoyed every time you bite into it. Milk and whole milk flour are lavishly used to create a creamy texture. The strips of mochi are wrapped in oblong wrappers for easy portability. It is perfect for those who like the rich and creamy flavor of milk.

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Pon Juice Mochi

Product namePon Juice Mochi

This is a collaboration product of “Pon Juice”, a long-selling beverage of Ehime Beverage Co. Inside is a soft, thick “jelly with Pon juice. It is then wrapped in soft marshmallow and soft rice cake with Pon juice, making a three-layered structure. The glutinous texture of the outer layer envelops the eater in a soft atmosphere. Inside, the slight citrusy aroma of mikan jelly spreads through the air. It is the perfect snack to throw into your mouth during a break from studying or work.

Kanure Mochi

Product nameKanure Mochi

Kanure Mochi is a rice cake sweet that has evolved from the traditional Hokkaido “Kibidango” with a new taste. Based on the manufacturing process of “Kibidango,” Hokkaido’s famous confectionery that has been enjoyed for a long time, the flavor of the popular sweet “Kanure” has been incorporated to create a completely new sweet treat. The more you chew, the more the concentrated flavor of the cannelé spreads, giving it an addictive depth of flavor. It is coated with oblongs so that it can be picked up by hand and eaten as is.

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Mitarashi Komochi

Product nameMitarashi Komochi

Mitarashi ko-mochi is a pinched Mitarashi dumpling born from thoughtfulness and is a popular Osaka souvenir. This product was created with the idea of “making it easier for everyone to enjoy Mitarashi dumplings. The mochi is characterized by its sticky outside and thick inside, and when you take a bite of the mochi, the Mitarashi sauce melts out of the mochi. The sauce is contained in the rice cake, so it is easy to enjoy without getting your hands dirty. Mitarashi ko-mochi” is easy to make and delicious, making it a perfect souvenir from Osaka or a gift to take home.

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