30 Best Japanese Omiyage Snacks in 2024

japanese omiyage snacks

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Tokyo Banana

Product nameTokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana, as its name suggests, is a famous souvenir of Tokyo. The banana-flavored sponge cake is soft, fluffy, and pleasant to the palate. It is so pleasant that it is almost as if you are tasting banana as it is. Inside the sponge cake is a rich banana custard made by carefully lining real bananas. You can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture. Available at tourist attractions and airports in Tokyo, it is an easy and delicious souvenir for tourists and travelers. These sweets have been loved by people of all ages, from children to adults, for many years.

Kogata Yokan

Product nameKogata Yokan

Founded in Kyoto in the late Muromachi Period (1333-1573), Toraya is a long-established Japanese confectionery company. Small Yokan is Toraya’s traditional Japanese confectionery, which has been produced since 1930. Using a time-consuming and labor-intensive production method, skilled craftsmen slowly finish the product by hand. This ensures the quality of each and every one. The carefully kneaded kogata yokan is characterized by its moist texture and elegant sweetness. The sweetness spreads in your mouth and you can enjoy the luxurious taste. You can buy kogata yokan as a souvenir of Kyoto and enjoy it with a cup of hot tea to savor its delicious taste in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ginza Fruit Sandwich

Product nameGinza Fruit Sandwich

Smooth, mouthwatering fruit cream and aromatic fruit pulp are sandwiched between savory cookies. The combination of these two ingredients provides a luxurious taste. Three flavors are available: strawberry, yuzu, and muscat, allowing you to find your favorite taste. The sweet and sour taste of strawberry goes perfectly with the cream. The refreshing sweetness of the yuzu peel is perfectly balanced with the rich cream. You can enjoy the mellow and pleasant taste. Muscat raisins dipped in wine and cream are in excellent balance. It is an elegant, one-rank-above taste. Ginza Fruit Sandwich offers a taste of refined taste and flavor.

Dojima Roll

Product nameDojima Roll

Dojima Roll is a luxurious roll cake born in the heart of historic Osaka. The Dojima Roll is truly a gem that bears the history of this city. This unique roll cake is made with a cream that has the aroma of freshly squeezed raw milk, wrapped in a single roll of egg-flavored dough. The cream has a light and deep flavor that even those who do not like whipped cream can enjoy, and we are so particular about the cream that it is called “tasting the cream. Dojima Roll is a perfect gift or souvenir.

Uncle Rikuro’s freshly baked cheesecake

Product nameUncle Rikuro’s freshly baked cheesecake

Freshly baked cheesecake, the pride of “Uncle Rikuro’s Shop,” is a classic souvenir you must try when visiting Osaka. The cheesecake is made with cream cheese directly imported from a factory in Denmark, a country with strict quality control standards. In addition, the eggs and milk are also thoroughly controlled for quality, and safe and fresh ingredients are chosen. Eggs are carefully selected to enhance the texture of the cheesecake. The secret to making it fluffy and delicious is to lavishly use fresh milk as well. In addition, raisins bathed in the sun’s bounty are soaked in homemade syrup to add depth to the flavor. We hope you will enjoy the delicious taste of our carefully selected cheesecakes when you visit Osaka.

Miruku Manjuu Moon Make-up

Product nameMiruku Manjuu Moon Make-up

Aoki Shofuan’s miruku manju “Gekkake” is a classic Osaka souvenir, characterized by its smooth texture and rich butter and milk flavor. This bun has won the Monde Selection top gold medal for 10 consecutive years. Tsukikake” has an exquisite melt-in-your-mouth texture and sweetness, making it a perfect match not only for Japanese tea, but also for coffee and tea. The characters “Tsukiro-kun” and “Mirumo-chan” add a touch of cuteness to the confectionery. By adding a twist to the way you eat this snack, you can enjoy a different taste. Warm them in the microwave for 15 seconds for a moist texture, and warm them in a toaster oven for one minute for a crispy texture. These characteristics make them popular among people of all ages.

Shiroi Koibito

Product nameShiroi Koibito

Shiroi Koibito is a beloved souvenir from Hokkaido, Japan, where crispy Langdosha cookies are filled with a special blend of Shiroi Koibito original chocolate. This delicious souvenir has been a favorite for over 45 years. The charm of “Shiroi Koibito” is that it has kept its unchanged deliciousness. It is a long-selling souvenir that represents Hokkaido and is loved by many people. It is a must-have product for white chocolate lovers. We hope you will taste it when you visit Hokkaido.

Jaga Pokkuru

Product nameJaga Pokkuru

Jaga Pokkuru is a potato-based snack manufactured by Calbee. These snacks are made by frying raw potatoes on a stick to maximize their flavor. The reason for their popularity is their light flavor and crispy texture, which allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the potato. It is so delicious that you can’t help but reach for it. The cute illustration on the package is another attraction. Jaga Pokkuru is made with potatoes grown in Hokkaido. It is sold only in Hokkaido, so when you visit Hokkaido, pick one up at a souvenir store or the airport and enjoy the taste of Hokkaido.

Marsei butter sandwich

Product nameMarsei butter sandwich

One of the most popular Hokkaido souvenirs is Rokkatei’s Marusei Butter Sandwich. This delicious souvenir is a moist, rich butter cream combined with rum raisins and wrapped in a crispy cookie. Once you try it, you will never forget that delicious taste. Rokkatei is a famous confectionery based in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. Only the finest eggs and butter are used to make their butter sandwiches, and they are boxed by hand, indicating the delicacy of their products. It is the perfect gift for friends and family with a sweet tooth, or as a treat for yourself.

Peanut monaka

Product namePeanut monaka

Peanut monaka is a cute little monaka shaped like a peanut, a specialty of Chiba. It first appeared as “peanut monaka” and contained two pieces of sweet bean paste and two peanuts inside. Now, the flavorful sweetened peanuts are kneaded into the bean paste, and the adorable peanut-shaped maka is filled with the bean paste. The products are packaged in a peanut-shaped box, which makes them a great gift. The cute peanut character “Pi-chan” is also incorporated into the package, in the hope that the product will be loved by more people. This product is recommended for those who like Japanese sweets as well as for those who like slightly different sweets.

rice cracker seasoned with soy sauce

Product namerice cracker seasoned with soy sauce

Nure Sembei is manufactured by Ishigami Co. Ishigami was founded in 1950 in “Choshi, the town of soy sauce” and is a company that creates new tastes for the future while inheriting the 70-year tradition of rice cracker making. Currently, the company manufactures more than 50 varieties of rice crackers and arare (rice crackers). These nure-sembei are made using a special process that allows the soy sauce to soak into the rice while it is still hot and freshly baked. The texture is moist to the touch and chewy to the touch, and the soy sauce flavor spreads in the mouth. The umami of the rice and the flavor of the soy sauce are in perfect harmony, and the taste of the ingredients can be fully enjoyed in this delicious gem. Its unique softness is addictive and widely loved by everyone from small children to adults.

Marugoto Biwa Jelly

Product nameMarugoto Biwa Jelly

Marugoto Biwa Jelly is a souvenir from Boso, Chiba, proudly produced by Kameya Honten, established in 1906. This loquat jelly is a cool and luxurious gem, and the beauty of the loquat fruit stands out. The loquat fruit is rich in water and its sweet and soft pulp has an attractive texture. In addition, the skin and seeds are removed from the flesh of the loquat, making it easy to eat and a luxurious gem that contains a generous amount of whole fruit flesh. The refreshing taste is enhanced when eaten after chilling it well, and its deliciousness is enhanced. It is a famous souvenir of Chiba, so be sure to try it when you visit the city.

Yuko Nikki and Uji green tea combination

Product nameYuko Nikki and Uji green tea combination

Yuko” is a special fresh yatsuhashi from Izutsu Yatsuhashi Honpo, which offers yatsuhashi, the most popular souvenir of Kyoto. Founded in Bunka 2, this long-established shop is dedicated to quality. This “Yuko” is a raw yatsuhashi with red bean paste, and comes in an assortment of Nikki and Uji green tea. The Nikki, in particular, is characterized by its dark brown color due to the use of powdered Nikki. The Uji matcha flavor has a beautiful bright green color, and both are rich in flavor. The chunky, moderately chewy dough and the refreshing sweetness of the mashed sweet bean paste are perfect for gifts and souvenirs. During the change of seasons, you can enjoy a variety of flavors such as sakura-an, strawberry, and baked sweet potato flavors.


Product nameKyo-baamu

“Kyo-baamu” is a moist and fluffy Uji green tea and soy milk baumkuchen that is gaining attention as a new souvenir from Kyoto. While yatsuhashi is considered a staple of Kyoto, this “Kyo-baamu” is becoming a new favorite. Three layers of dough made with Uji matcha green tea and soy milk give the baumkuchen a strong matcha flavor. The matcha sugar coating that surrounds the outside is fragrant and delicious. The name of the person in charge of making the cake is on the label, which gives a sense of security and familiarity. Kyo-baamu, a delicious combination of Japanese and Western sweets, is a perfect gift or souvenir.


Product nameChanokashi

Chanokashi is a typical sweet of Mar Blanche, a popular patisserie with a store in Kitayama, Kyoto. The store is one of the most renowned confectionery stores in Kyoto. Chanoca is a particularly delicious gem of bitter green tea-flavored langdosha sandwiched between white chocolate. These cookies have a crispy texture and are chosen as mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, and souvenirs because of their never-ending deliciousness. Each chanokwa is individually wrapped to prevent moisture and keep freshness. This Kyoto-inspired confectionary is especially recommended for those who love Japanese sweets and matcha (powdered green tea) lovers.

Yukari Golden Can

Product nameYukari Golden Can

Yukari Golden Can is a popular Nagoya souvenir. Fresh shrimp meat is carefully grilled, and approximately 70% of natural shrimp is used in each piece. These natural shrimps are grown in the rich sea and carefully selected. With only 21 calories per piece, these snacks are low in fat and slow-baked to give a light yet delicious shrimp flavor. The snacks are packaged in a gorgeous golden-colored can, which is typical of Nagoya, making it a perfect souvenir with a big impact.

Nagoya Furansu’s “Ogura Toast Flavor”

Product nameNagoya Furansu’s “Ogura Toast Flavor”

Nagoya Furansu’s “Ogura Toast Flavor” is an excellent reproduction of a popular Nagoya coffee shop menu item. Ogura cream, aromatic margarine, and French salt, which enhances the sweetness, are in perfect harmony. A perfect fusion of Nagoya flavors and French techniques, this product is unique, yet still respectful of the flavors of the ingredients. The dough, which is made to give a savory taste, is a perfect match with the cream inside, giving it a deeper flavor. When you visit Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, please enjoy Nagoya Furansu’s Ogura Toast flavor.


Product nameKIYOME MOCHI

KIYOME MOCHI is a popular confectionery in Nagoya. It is a delicious Japanese confectionery consisting of carefully cooked Koshi An (sweet red bean paste) wrapped in a soft and smooth Hanijyu Mochi (rice cake). Its distinctive branding is a sign of tradition and floats elegantly on the pure white rice cake. The soft Haniujyu rice cake is wrapped in a soft, soft bean paste, which gives it a smooth texture and elegant sweetness in the mouth. The main store is located near the east gate of Atsuta Jingu Shrine in Nagoya, and there is also a store inside the shrine, making it easy to purchase. Kiome mochi is delicately soft yet resilient and carefully crafted down to the smallest detail. Please enjoy the traditional taste of Nagoya.

Hato sable

Product nameHato sable

Hato sable a Meiji-born confectionery synonymous with Kamakura souvenirs. The first owner of Toshimaya began making prototypes around 1897, and they have been around for more than 100 years. These sablée are characterized by their plump and thick texture, yet light and crispy. Its buttery flavor and moistness gently envelop the palate, and its non-habitual taste is loved by people of all ages. Despite its simplicity, it goes well with a variety of beverages, including coffee, black tea, and green tea. Although it is a classic of the classic, it is a souvenir that can be enjoyed again and again without getting tired of it.


Product nameKurumikko

Kurumikko is a luxurious confection consisting of homemade caramel stuffed with walnuts and sandwiched between buttery dough. They are a staple of Kamakura Beniya and are known as a very popular item. This confection has a rich caramel flavor accented by the crunchiness of walnuts, giving it a definite sweetness, but not too much. The perfect combination of caramel and walnuts is complemented by the firm dough, creating an overall balance. Each piece is packaged in a transparent film, making it easy to hand out as a souvenir.

Yokohama Brick Fondant Chocolat

Product nameYokohama Brick Fondant Chocolat

One of the most popular souvenirs from Yokohama is the “Yokohama Brick” from Kirifueirou. Kirifubefuro was a long-established French restaurant established in 1981, but it became popular for its take-out confections, which were started in response to customer requests. Today, it has expanded into a confectionery store, and the “Yokohama Brick” is one of its best sellers. These confections are shaped like bricks. The freshly baked chocolate cake is soaked in hot walnut sauce, making it a perfect souvenir. The rich, sticky taste, almost like raw chocolate, is irresistible to chocolate lovers.

Hakata Dorimon

Product nameHakata Dorimon

“Hakata Dorimon” is Meigetsudo’s most popular sweet. It has won the Monde Selection Gold Award for 23 consecutive years and has become a famous confectionary representing Fukuoka and Hakata. The small, chocolaty manju is wonderfully buttery, and the smooth red bean paste is irresistible. It is wrapped in a moist, thin skin. Incorporating ideas from Western confectionery into the traditional Japanese confectionery of Hakata, this gem is a playful and unique product of Hakata. Since these sweets are only available in the suburbs of Fukuoka, they are very popular as souvenirs and Japanese sweets to order.

Tirolian Hat

Product nameTirolian Hat

Tirolian Hat has been popular with many people since its launch in 1962. The seller, Chidori-manju Sohonpo, describes it as “Western-style rolled rice cracker, a famous highland confectionery. Crispy baked rolled cookies are filled with Chidoriya’s original cream. Four flavors are available: vanilla, coffee, strawberry, and chocolate. These cookie rolls are baked in the traditional way of the Tyrol region, and are filled with a generous amount of cream rolled up and trapped in the cookie. The crispy cookie dough matches the fluffy cream and has an elegant, not cloyingly sweet taste. Individually wrapped in bite-size pieces, they are a perfect match with tea or coffee.

Menbei with spicy mentaiko flavor

Product nameMenbei with spicy mentaiko flavor

“Menbei” by Yamaguchi Oilman Fukutaro Co., Ltd. is a cracker known as a new specialty of Hakata and makes a great souvenir. Founded in 1908, the company grew out of the production of cooking oil in Fukuoka and has now grown into a comprehensive food manufacturer. Menbei is characterized by its crispy texture and tangy mentaiko (cod roe) flavor. The reasonably priced and generous portions are loved by people of all ages. The crispy, light texture and the spiciness of mentaiko gradually spread in the mouth, making it hard to stop eating. We strongly recommend this snack to those who love spicy snacks.


Product nameChinsuko

Chinsuko is a typical souvenir of Okinawa, and Aragaki Chinsuko is the original Okinawan-style cookie. The Aragaki family established Okinawa’s first confectionery specialty store in 1908. Originally a high-class confectionery for aristocrats, the Niigaki family was the first to offer chinsuko to the common people. The long, thin shape makes them easy to eat, and they are characterized by their deep flavor and natural sweetness. The ingredients are a simple combination of flour, sugar, lard, and an expander. When eaten, the cookies are crispy and have a unique lard flavor, unlike regular cookies. Its unique flavor is addictive and is a great souvenir that can be stored for a long time. We hope you will taste them when you visit Okinawa.

Beniimo Tart

Product nameBeniimo Tart

Beniimo Tart features a bright purple pie that is sure to become addictive once you try it, and has won the Monde Selection gold medal for six consecutive years. The tart is made from 100% Okinawan red potatoes, without using any preservatives or coloring agents. The firm texture allows you to enjoy the flavor of red potatoes spreading in your mouth, and the moderate sweetness makes it easy to eat. It tastes even better when warmed, and the tart is palm-sized and lovely to look at. The individually wrapped tarts are convenient for handing out as souvenirs.

Pineapple Cake Premium

Product namePineapple Cake Premium

Pineapple Cake Premium is an Okinawan souvenir with a gorgeous golden box. This cake is a talented confectionary that has won the Monde Selection Gold Award for eight consecutive years since 2011. When the fluffy cake enters the mouth, the flavor of pineapple spreads instantly. The sponge of the cake is moist and contains small, shredded dried pineapple, giving it a pineapple texture. The cake has an elegant sweetness that makes it an ideal souvenir or a treat for yourself.


Product nameXavier

“Xavier” is a representative confectionary of Oita Prefecture and has been loved for more than 50 years; it is a Nanban confectionary created in 1551 in honor of Francis Xavier. The outer packaging is also elaborate, with a world map patterned wrapping paper reminiscent of the arrival of the Nanban, and the inside box is black velvet. The box inside is black velvet, giving the confectionery a retro-modern atmosphere that catches the eye. The “Xavier” has a buttery Western-style crust and comes in two flavors: pure Japanese white bean paste and white bean paste with raisins carved into it. The best balance between the gorgeous Western-style sweetness of the butter and the refined, understated Japanese sweetness of the white bean paste is a taste that spreads nostalgia and nostalgia. It is highly recommended as a travel souvenir.

Nanazo Toriten Senbei

Product nameNanazo Toriten Senbei

“Nanazo Toriten Senbei” is a rice cracker with Oita’s soul food “Toriten” arranged as a rice cracker. These soft, garlic-flavored snacks have the texture of thinly baked rice crackers. Ingredients include chicken meat, chicken eggs, chicken oil, and chicken extract, giving the snack a toriten-like flavor. The smell of toriten, like fried chicken, is mixed with a robust garlic soy sauce. The texture is crisp and light, and the sweet and spicy flavor is softly spread on the palate. Please pick it up and take a look when you visit Oita.


Product namePrindora

“Prindora” is a creative confectionary made by Kikuya, a confectionary maker located in Yufuin, a famous hot spring resort in Oita Prefecture. It is a delicious blend of Japanese and Western sweets with a whole pudding sandwiched between two pieces of dorayaki instead of anko (sweet bean paste). It is a very popular souvenir of Yufuin, and has sold an astounding 20 million units. The special feature of the prindora is the smooth custard cream that connects the dorayaki dough and pudding, and the bittersweet caramel sauce that enhances the overall mild flavor. This is the ultimate collaboration of dorayaki and pudding, loved by children and adults alike.

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