7 Best Japanese Christmas Snacks in 2024

japanese christmas snacks

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Kit Kat Holiday Santa

Product nameKit Kat Holiday Santa

Kit Kat Christmas limited edition “Kit Kat Holiday Santa” features unique Santa-shaped chocolates. You can enjoy the festive Christmas atmosphere conveyed by the package. The shape of the chocolate is different from the traditional Kit Kat, and is shaped like a cute Santa Claus. There are two types of Kit Kat: the “Share Pack,” a large bag type, and the “Santa Can,” a can type. The share packs are large in volume and ideal for sharing at parties with family and friends or during breaks at work. The Santa tin has an illustration on the tin that adds to the excitement of Christmas. Make your Christmas special with these sweet treats.

Disney Chocolate & White Biscuit Christmas

Product nameDisney Chocolate & White Biscuit Christmas

If you want to taste Christmas with Disney, this product is perfect for you. On the package, Mickey and Minnie add a festive touch to the Christmas atmosphere, adding to the excitement. Each bite of the savory baked wheat germ cookie will bring a smile to your face. Each cookie is individually wrapped in a chocolate cream and white cream topping, making this a heartwarming product. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a heartwarming Christmas with Disney characters.

Jaga Chocolate

Product nameJaga Chocolate

Jaga Chocolate is a chocolate snack that offers the perfect combination of potato snacks and milk chocolate. Sweet and salty all rolled into one, their unique flavor is truly a harmony. There are three flavors: Chocolate, White, and Strawberry Milk, and they are divided into six bags, making them perfect for sharing with friends and family. The taste is addictive once you start eating it, and thanks to the small bags with just the right amount, you will never eat too much. The party packs can be enjoyed by everyone and are perfect for Christmas.

Tree shaped candy box

Product nameTree shaped candy box

Christmas tree-shaped candy boxes are a child’s dream. The festive atmosphere will liven up your Christmas party. The tree has a cute “Sumikko Gurashi” illustration on it and is filled with fun snacks. The variety of snacks, such as strawberry Ramune, egg bolo, corn potage snacks, and honey corn, are very popular among children. While enjoying the Christmas atmosphere, the tasty treats are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

chocolate daifuku

Product namechocolate daifuku

A cute treat perfect for Christmas, these “Choco Daifuku” are easily priced at 10 yen each and come in packages of 32. The package is only available for Christmas. The characters on the package are cute, and just looking at them brings a sense of fun during the holiday season. The marshmallow with chocolate cream is the perfect combination of soft and just the right amount of sweetness. They can be enjoyed as is or frozen, and toasting them on a piece of bread will give them a new flavor. Individually wrapped, they are easy to take on the go or on long trips, and are perfect for Christmas events and parties.

Pokemon Christmas Boots

Product namePokemon Christmas Boots

Pokemon Christmas boots, this is sure to tickle the hearts of children. The very popular Pokemon characters have been turned into Christmas boots, and they are full of cuteness and luxury. Inside are Lotte snacks, so you can rest assured that you are eating high quality candy. The illustrations on the boots are cute and add to the Christmas mood. This Christmas, enjoy a heartwarming moment with these special sweets that can only be enjoyed during this season.

Lindt Teddy Snow Game Advent Calendar

Product nameLindt Teddy Snow Game Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is a special calendar to enjoy the excitement of Christmas every day: from December 1 to Christmas Day, you can open the windows on the calendar. The playful design depicts Teddy and his friends having fun playing in the snow. A calendar filled with milk chocolates is a must-have for any sweet tooth. The large calendar has a great presence and is perfect for both personal use and as a gift. Enjoy the fun with an advent calendar that will make your Christmas even more special.

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