10 Best Japanese Cheese Snacks in 2024

japanese cheese snacks

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Rich cheddar cheese flavor from Aerial

Product nameRich cheddar cheese flavor from Aerial

This product has a light, crunchy texture that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and as the name suggests, it has a very strong cheese flavor. As you can see from the photo, the snacks are made up of four layers, so when you take a bite, you can enjoy the light crunchiness and the rich taste of cheese that shatters and spreads in your mouth. Each snack is large and satisfying, making it a perfect snack with drinks. You can simply open the package and it requires no effort whatsoever, so you can pick them up a little at a time while having a drink at home with friends.


Product nameCheeza

“Cheeza” cheese snacks are a great choice for family outings. It can be carried anywhere, anytime, enjoyed outside, and is perfect as a snack. The rich cheese flavor is loved by everyone, young and old, regardless of age. The mellow aroma, mild taste, and gentle acidity can be felt, and because it is thin and light, it can be enjoyed without guilt. It is a snack that is rich in flavor and satisfying to eat, so you can’t help but reach for it. This is a must-try product for those who want to enjoy delicious cheese on the go.

Jagarico cheese flavor

Product nameJagarico cheese flavor

Calbee’s “Jagarico” snack has been around since its first appearance in 1994 and has been enjoyed in a variety of flavors and sizes. The main ingredient is potato. Jagarico Cheese” has a slight cheese flavor and a firm salty-salty taste when you bite into one. Compared to regular Jagarico, it is slightly softer in texture. While enjoying the unique hardness of Jagarico, the cheese flavor accentuates the taste and makes for a delicious snack time. This product is especially recommended for cheese lovers.


Product nameUmaibo

Yaokin’s “Umaibo” is a stick-type snack food that has been loved since 1979. The appeal of Umaibo is that it comes in a variety of flavors, but the cheese flavor is particularly popular and ranks high on the list of favorite Umaibo flavors. One bite of the Umaibo provides a light and crispy texture, and the rich cheese flavor spreads out. The inexpensive price makes them popular among children and young people, but there are also adults who enjoy them as a snack with drinks, as they are a nostalgic taste that they have had since childhood.

Cheese Almonds

Product nameCheese Almonds

“Cheese Almonds” is a classic snack that has long been popular for its unique combination. It has a long history since its launch and has captivated many people. The rich cheese aroma that spreads from the moment you open the bag is irresistible. When you put it in your mouth, you can enjoy the aroma of soy sauce crackers and the crispy texture of almonds, as well as the richness and mildness of cheese. Since they are individually wrapped, they are easy to share and you can eat as many as you want, so you won’t eat too many at once. They are popular as a snack as they go well with beer and other alcoholic beverages.

SoyCarat Cheese Flavor

Product nameSoyCarat Cheese Flavor

SoyCarat Cheese Flavor is widely loved by both children and adults for its gentle cheese flavor with a hint of aroma. This snack is made from a luxurious amount of whole soybeans, and, to the surprise of many, one bag provides the nutritional equivalent of about 50 soybeans. Rich in protein and soy isoflavones, they are popular as a healthy snack. Cheese has a mild flavor that you will never get tired of, and can easily be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. It is great for keeping your hands clean as it does not contain any powdered seasonings. They are portable and conveniently sized for eating, so you can easily eat them outside if you keep them in your bag.


Product nameCheetos

“Cheetos” is a snack food that has been loved by people of all ages since it first arrived from the United States in 1975. Their addictive taste and dark cheese flavor have captivated many people. It has a crunchy texture in the mouth, not too hard and not too soft, and has a small, exquisite texture. It is easy to eat as soon as the package is opened, making it a convenient accompaniment to sudden visits and drinking parties. Once you try them, you will become addicted to their junky taste, and they are still a popular snack food.

Levain Prime Cheese Sandwiches

Product nameLevain Prime Cheese Sandwiches

Levain Prime Cheese Sandwiches are bite-sized and easy to eat, with a dark, savory cheese sandwich on a non-sweet, salty cracker. The cheese used is cream of cheddar cheese, which is mild and rich. Although small in size, they provide a feeling of fullness and are perfect for a light snack when you are busy or just snacking. It has a simple, never boring taste and goes well with fruit, jam, and beer. They can be enjoyed in a variety of situations, from snacks for adults to small children.

Cheese bits, rich cheddar cheese flavor

Product nameCheese bits, rich cheddar cheese flavor

This product is a long-selling confectionery that has been on the market for more than 40 years now. In addition to the rich flavor of cheddar cheese, sweet corn is kneaded into the dough to create a light and fluffy texture with a mild aftertaste. The texture of the cheese is very smooth, and it is popular for its lightness in spite of its richness; it is a limited-time-only confection sold only from March to August, so it is a must-try during cherry blossom viewing and summer outdoor activities. The package features a melted cheese don in the center to express the richness of the confectionery, giving it a strong impact.

Curls (cheese flavor)

Product nameCurls (cheese flavor)

The snacks are known for the phrase “on that note, the snack is a curl” and the character of Uncle Karl with a mustache. Once sold nationwide, but since 2017 only in western Japan, they are made with six kinds of cheese kneaded into the dough using a non-fried method. Ingredients include domestically produced corn grits, cheese seasoning, and a variety of powders. They are crispy and light with a rich cheese flavor. The recommended way to enjoy this product is as a snack, light food, or as a quick and easy snack with alcoholic beverages.

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