10 Best Japanese Snacks for Kids in 2024

japanese snacks for kids

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Product nameUmaibo

Umaibo is a popular snack in Japan, especially among children. It is a long, thin stick-shaped snack, and as the name suggests, it has an umaibo flavor. The texture is crispy and easy to eat. Since they come in a variety of flavors, you can choose the one that best suits your taste. Umaibo is a favorite snack for children because it is inexpensive and can be easily enjoyed as a snack during breaks in playtime. The colorful packaging is also eye-catching. The variety of flavors makes it fun to try new tastes.

Anpanman Peropero Chocolate

Product nameAnpanman Peropero Chocolate

Anpanman Peropero Chocolate is very popular among children. The shape of the adorable Anpanman character doubles the fun of eating it. It comes in three flavors: milk chocolate, strawberry chocolate, and white chocolate, all of which are delicious. This chocolate has a unique two-layer structure that allows you to enjoy different flavors at once, so you will never get bored of eating it. The design also comes with a stick, and this stick can be used for playing with clay or as a stamp after eating. The five characters – Anpanman, Baikinman, Dokin-chan, Melonpanna-chan, and Akachanman – will bring smiles to children’s faces.

Pokemon Snacks

Product namePokemon Snacks

Pokemon Snacks are corn puff snacks in the shape of a cute Pikachu. The snacks are fun to look at, have a chocolate flavor that is perfect for children, and also contain calcium. Each box of these snacks includes a Pokemon sticker. While enjoying the snacks, children can collect the stickers. The package is designed with a cute Pikachu, which creates a sense of excitement from the moment you see it. The snacks have a crunchy texture and are full of fun and taste.

Sevon Star

Product nameSevon Star

Sevon Star is a toy candy with a cute pendant that has been sold by Kabaya Foods since 1979. These fun treats are covered in chocolate and have an additional sparkly plastic accessory inside. The best part is that you never know what kind of design the accessory will contain. The thrill of opening the box is part of the fun and tickles a girl’s heart. Many collectors, not only children but also adults, are fascinated by the cute designs.

Hone Hone Saurus

Product nameHone Hone Saurus

Hone Hone Saurus is a snack with a toy that is very popular among children who love dinosaurs. Its appeal is, first of all, its eye-catching packaging. The powerful, colorful design depicting dinosaurs attracts children’s interest. The price is also affordable, making it easy for children to save their own pocket money to purchase them. The packages are numbered so that children can choose their favorite dinosaur. The dinosaur toys are designed to be combined, and children are excited to assemble them. The gum snacks are included, so children can also enjoy the fun of eating them.

Neru Neru Nerune

Product nameNeru Neru Nerune

Neru Neru Nerune has been a popular children’s snack since 1986, and is known as a safe and enjoyable product that can be eaten by children as young as 3 years old. The unique feature of this candy is that it changes color when it is filled with water and kneaded, and it has a mysterious mechanism that makes it fluffy and inflatable. There are two flavors, grape and soda, and children are excited by the chemical changes. The candy contains no preservatives or synthetic colors. These snacks have been a favorite for more than 30 years, and are a fun way to tickle children’s curiosity.

Petit Petit Urani (chocolate balls)

Product namePetit Petit Urani (chocolate balls)

Petit Petit Urani are small round pieces of chocolate that are tightly coated on the outside. Because of the coating, there is no need to worry about the chocolate melting, and it can be enjoyed easily. When the chocolate is removed from the outer coating, there are zeros and x’s written on the back, allowing you to enjoy various types of fortune telling, such as luck in studying or love. By taking out one piece of chocolate at a time and pushing it out, you can tell your fortune for the day. This unique candy is perfect for children who are interested in fortune telling, and allows them to enjoy fortune telling while eating the candy.

TABEKO-DOBUTSU (butter flavor)

Product nameTABEKO-DOBUTSU (butter flavor)

Tabekko Dobutsu are bite-sized cookies with cute animal silhouettes and a crispy texture. Repeat customers of this classic cookie say, “The slight buttery sweetness is always delicious. The biscuits are thinly baked and crispy, with a buttery flavor that spreads softly and a slight salty taste. The cookies are printed with the names of animals in English. This is a great conversation starter between parents, children, and friends.

Sakusaku Panda

Product nameSakusaku Panda

Sakusaku Panda is a cute biscuit produced by Kabaya Foods. As the name suggests, this snack is based on the motif of a panda’s face, and there are a total of 70 different chocolate panda faces to enjoy. The chocolate cookie, whose concept is “Happiness found, healing Panda,” is a luxurious combination of crispy biscuits and milk chocolate. The “crunchy bread” will make you feel happy. Family packs are also available, which can be shared with family and friends to enjoy together. In addition, limited-time-only flavors are also available, so exploring new s-times is part of the fun.


Product namePoképuni

Poképuni is a product with a cute illustrated package filled with small, cute gummy bears in the shape of Pokémon faces. These snacks come in four different flavors: lemon, cola, soda, and grape. The four Pokemon types are Pikachu, Eevee, Poccama, and Gengar. Each has its own unique expression and is adorable to look at. Since they are characters from famous cartoons, they are especially popular among children who like Pokemon.

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