The 5 Best Japanese Dagashi Snack Boxes in 2024 !

Japanese Dagashi Snack Boxes

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Top 5 Best Japanese Dagashi Snack Subscription Boxes Ranked

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat details
  • A box filled with a variety of sweets from the latest Japanese fads to candy.
  • From $37.5/month.
  • Contents change monthly according to the theme.
  • Instant ramen noodles and drinks are also included.

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Price List

Price per monthtotal cost
12 months$32.5/mo$390
6 months$33.5/mo$201
3 months$35.5/mo$106.5
1 month$37.5/mo$37.5

What services does Tokyo Treat offer?

An assortment of various snacks from candy to the latest trendy Japanese snacks.
Not only snacks, but also ramen noodles, drinks, and sweet breads are included.
Allergen and ingredient information is clearly listed.
Shipping costs are not included.

The contents of Tokyo Treat are carefully selected according to seasonal themes such as Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, and the total contents are approximately 1.3 kilograms.

The contents range from large-sized Japanese snacks that can be shared to small-sized dagashi, a traditional Japanese snack to satisfy small appetites.

Dagashi has long been popular for filling the stomachs of Japanese children. Although the snacks are small in size, Tokyo Treat clearly lists the allergens and ingredients for all snacks and beverages, so you can rest assured that even if it’s your first time eating one, you’re in good hands.

From the latest fads to the old-fashioned candy that children have loved for centuries, Tokyo Treat is the place to go if you are looking for a taste of Japanese sweets from a variety of perspectives.

Operating CompanyICHIGO Corporation
AddressTokyo, Japan

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In the following article, japanese-snacks-lab reviews the newest box each month without nonce.

Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box details
  • Box of snacks including a total of 10 types of Japanese dagashi.
  • From $29.90/month.
  • Worldwide shipping available.
  • Reasonable rates.

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Price List

Price per monthtotal cost
12 months$24.90/mo$298
6 months$27.90/mo$167.40
1 month$29.90/mo$29.90

What services does Japan Candy Box offer?

Box of 10 assorted Japanese candy and snacks.
Free shipping.
Low rates.
Fewer sweets in the package than other services.

The Japan Candy Box is an assortment of 10 different kinds of snacks, mostly Japanese snacks. The price starts at $24.90, which is less expensive than other boxes, so it is easy to try.

The interesting thing about the Japan Candy Box is that there are certain categories of snacks in the box. For example, there is always one candy packet with an anime character package, one packet of Pocky and one packet of other globally popular Japanese candies, etc. The contents change each time, but there is always one category that contains these types of candies.

One of these categories is Japanese dagashi. There is always at least one representative of Japanese dagashi, such as Umaibo, Tyrol Chocolate, Ramune, etc., and it is a fun way to discover new Japanese snacks that you do not usually have the opportunity to eat.

We recommend this reasonably priced box, which allows you to enjoy classic snacks while also getting a taste of the dagashi culture that is immensely popular among Japanese children.

Operating CompanyICHIGO Corporation
AddressTokyo, Japan

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SAKURA BOX details
  • Affordable Japanese candy assortment box
  • From $19.97
  • Free shipping
  • Buy one buy one get one free

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Price List

volume contentprice
Dagashi Box of 20 items$19.97
Dagashi 30-piece bag$21.97
Dagashi Box of 30 items/Halal and vegetarian available$22.97
Dagashi Box of 40 items$29.97
Dagashi Box of 50 items$37.97
Snack Share Pack$29.97

What services does SAKURA BOX offer?

One-time purchase and a choice of types.
Halal and vegetarian options available.
A wide variety of candy with a focus on candy bars.
Popular box that has been popular in the U.S. for over 10 years.
Each piece is a small candy.

SAKURA BOX is a box filled with Japanese snacks and dagashi.

This box is mainly filled with Japanese candy, so each piece is small enough to enjoy all the way through without getting tired of it. The number of items in the box is very large, ranging from 20 to 50, making it a very exciting box to choose which one to eat.

The interesting thing about this SAKURA BOX is that if you like the sweets you try, you can buy a large bag of the same snacks at the same site! Since the candy is intended to fill children’s small bellies, each piece is small. However, you can even purchase a pack of 30 bags of the same candy, which is a service that really scratches an itch.

How about trying a variety of small-sized Japanese snacks first to find your favorite?

Operating CompanySAKURA BOX

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Dagasgiya Box

Dagasgiya Box details
  • Contains mostly candy, Kit Kat cider, figurines, etc.
  • Over 20 items per box.
  • 42.99 for a one-time buy-in, 5% off with subscription, 7% off with 3+ month subscription

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Price List

pricetotal cost
one-time purchase$42$42

What services does Dagasgiya Box offer?

Assorted box service of popular Japanese candy.
More than 20 pieces of candy in the box.
Free shipping.
Each candy is small.

Dagashiya BOX is a box filled with more than 20 popular Japanese dagashi sweets. It also includes snacks in sizes that can be shared with those around you, such as Kit Kat, and includes beverages such as cider. The box also includes popular figures such as Pokemon, which is great for anime lovers and makes you want to sign up for a monthly subscription to collect them.

Since dagashi in Japan means small snacks for children to fill their small bellies, many of the items inside are small. However, there is a wide variety from salty dagashi to sweet snacks.

You can choose between a monthly contract and a one-time purchase, so please feel free to try the high quality Japanese dagashi that you would not expect to find in a children’s snack!

Operating CompanyDayashiyaBOX

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Japan Nakama

Japan Nakama details
  • Box of 20 pieces of candy
  • All of the candy is in bite-size pieces.
  • One time buy only

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Price List

pricetotal cost
one-time purchase$19.99$19.99

What services does Japan Nakama offer?

Box service of assorted candy popular among Japanese people.
20 pieces of candy in a box.
Inexpensive rates.
Shipping to USA, UK and EU countries only.

JapanNakama’s Dagashi Box is truly a box designed to introduce Japanese “dagashi” culture. Rather than Japanese trendy snacks or chocolates, the box contains 20 individually-sized items that can be purchased at Japanese dagashi shops.

Since Japanese dagashi are made for children, the packages are cute and the sizes are easy to pick up and eat.

This box is one-time purchase only, and the price is reasonable compared to other boxes.

The shipping countries are limited, but for those who live in countries where they are available, this box is like a limited edition product. You will want to buy it and show off your Japanese dagashi to everyone on social networking sites!

Operating CompanyJapan Nakama
AddressUnited Kingdom

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