The 3 Best Anime Japanese Snack Boxes in 2024 !

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Top 3 Best Anime Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes Ranked

Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box details
  • A fun box of popular Japanese snacks delivered every month!
  • Inside the box are snacks of popular anime characters and cute characters!
  • The box contains 10 kinds of snacks!
  • Wide range of characters, enjoy what you will receive!

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Price List

Price per monthtotal cost
12 months$24.90/mo$298
6 months$27.90/mo$167.40
1 month$29.90/mo$29.90

What services does Japan Candy Box offer?

10 Popular Japanese Sweets
Free shipping!
A wide range of character snacks from Sanrio to anime characters are included.
Characters may be well-known in Japan but unknown outside of Japan

Japan Candy Box is an assortment of 10 different types of candies. The box contains mainly Japanese snacks, candies, and chocolates.

The box also includes a selection of Japanese candies in anime character packages. These include popular TV anime characters such as Doraemon and Crayon Shinchan, Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, and the immensely popular Anpanman in Japan.
The packages are just as good as the contents, which are all high quality Japanese snacks.

The price is reasonable, and it is a great value when it contains sweets of popular characters that are cute just to look at. The wide range of characters included in the package means that you can find new characters you never knew existed while tasting delicious Japanese snacks and candies.

Operating CompanyICHIGO Corporation
AddressTokyo, Japan

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Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat details
  • Assorted boxes of the latest Japanese snacks and drinks.
  • Packaged sweets of popular TV anime characters are also included.
  • Focusing on Pokémon, Demon Slayer, and other anime characters that are popular around the world.
  • Contents are more than 1.3 kilograms, making it a great value!

Price List

Price per monthtotal cost
12 months$32.5/mo$390
6 months$33.5/mo$201
3 months$35.5/mo$106.5
1 month$37.5/mo$37.5

What services does Tokyo Treat offer?

Japanese snacks with popular anime characters are included.
Japanese sweets with popular cartoon characters are included in the package.
The package is not only a confectionary, but also contains high-quality Japanese sweets.
Not every month contains candy with animated characters.

Tokyo Treat is a fun assortment box that contains not only the latest Japanese snacks, but also ramen noodles, pastries, and beverages, totaling over 1.3 kilos of snacks. Not only that, but the boxes sometimes contain Japanese snacks and drinks packaged with popular anime characters, such as Oni no Kiri no Kai, Pokemon, and the famous Evangelion! These anime character snacks do not always arrive every month, but are often included when a new anime series starts airing in Japan.

When you find your favorite character’s Japanese snacks among the many snacks and drinks in your monthly package, it is like a treasure hunt.

It is a very pleasant box where you can enjoy the latest trendy Japanese snacks every month, and sometimes you can even find Japanese snacks with the latest anime characters. If you are a fan of Japanese culture, including anime, this is a must-try for you.

Operating CompanyICHIGO Corporation
AddressTokyo, Japan

In the following article, japanese-snacks-lab reviews the newest box each month without nonce.

Kawaii BOX

Kawaii BOX details
  • Snacks and character goods delivered
  • Shipping to 120 countries around the world
  • Many cute Japanese cultures such as Sanrio, Rilakkuma, etc.

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Price List

Monthly FeeTotal Cost
12 months$29.90$358.8
6 months$32.90$197.4
1 month$34.90$34.90

What services does Kawaii BOX offer?

Snacks and character goods delivered
Shipping to 120 countries around the world
Many cute Japanese cultures such as Sanrio, Rilakkuma, etc.
Fewer than 6-8 items inside.

Kawaii BOX is a box filled with the very essence of Japanese cute culture.

Although the contents are small (6-8 items), each item is well-made, such as stuffed animals, stationery, etc. In addition, there are Japanese sweets and other items that are nice to receive.

Also, practical items are always included, such as towels, lunch boxes, water bottles, and other daily-use items!

The character products in the Kawaii BOX are not anime characters, but Totoro, Disney characters, Sanrio characters, etc., all of which are popular among young women as “cute.

While enjoying Japanese snacks, carrying around practical items of your favorite characters, such as a lunch box for daily use, will definitely make you excited to go to school or work every day!

Recommended for those who love cute Japanese characters.

Operating CompanyKAWAII GROUP

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