The 3 Best Hello Kitty Snacks Boxes in 2024 !

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Top 3 Best Hello Kitty Snack Subscription Boxes Ranked

Hello Kitty +Bokksu

Hello Kitty +Bokksu details
  • More than 16 Hello Kitty and Sanrio character-themed contents!
  • From $59.99/month.
  • Official collaboration goods and snacks.
  • Monthly theme and contents change every month!

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Price List

Price per monthtotal cost
12 months$49.99/mo$599.88
1 month$59.99/mo$59.99

What services does Hello Kitty +Bokksu offer?

Hello Kitty and Sanrio collaboration Japanese snacks delivered every month.
Many Sanrio character accessories are also included in the package.
Character snacks and goods change according to the theme of each month, such as the four seasons in Japan.
Fees are a little high.

Hello Kitty + Bokksu is a box containing over 16 Japanese snacks and goods packaged with the world’s most popular Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters.

The snacks inside are mainly easy-to-eat items such as Japanese snacks, gummies, and candies. The service is unique in that it also includes many small items featuring Sanrio characters. It is nice to have not only sweets, but also other items that you can carry around with you or use in your daily life.

And it is not just a Hello Kitty theme. The amazing thing about this box is that the theme changes depending on the month, such as the prefectures of Japan or the four seasons, and Hello Kitty collaborates with traditional Japanese culture. This is a very valuable box that allows you to learn about Japan’s four seasons and culture through Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters.

Operating CompanyBokksu Corporation
AddressNew York, U.S.A.
(Second base is Tokyo, Japan.)

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Its sugar Hello Kitty Box

Its sugar Hello Kitty Box details
  • Assorted Sanrio character snacks including Hello Kitty.
  • One-time purchase.

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Price List

one-time purchase$49.99

What services does Its sugar Hello Kitty Box offer?

Lots of Japanese snacks in Sanrio character packages, including Hello Kitty!
Many popular Japanese snacks are included in the package.
One time buy only.
Contains juices like cider
Not a subscription.

Its sugar Hello Kitty Box is a one-time purchase box that comes in a Sanrio character box. It is not a subscription and can be purchased easily.

Inside the box are mainly Japanese snacks packaged with Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters. In addition to Sanrio character snacks, the box also includes other popular Japanese snacks. These are all easy-to-eat snacks, candies, gummies, etc. This is a one-time buy-one-get-one-free service. The contents of the package will be a surprise when you receive it.

Operating Companyits sugar

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Japan Candy Store

Japan Candy Store details
  • Not by subscription, but you can choose to buy them one at a time.
  • From $1.90 per item.
  • Many Hello Kitty collaboration products.
  • You can buy them whenever you want.

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What services does Japan Candy Store offer?

Hello Kitty packaged Japanese snacks can be purchased from one.
Some Sanrio characters are available, but most Hello Kitty products are available.
Transportation costs are a bit high.

Hello Kitty Candy and Snack is a service where you can purchase Hello Kitty packaged Japanese snacks from a single package. The packages are not just snacks, but also come in bag-shaped containers, tins, and plastic containers that can be used after the snacks are finished.

Shipping is free for orders over $50, so it’s great to share with friends and family. Mystery boxes are also exciting and fun, but if you can choose what you want to eat, you can’t go wrong.

There are also Japanese snacks in Sanrio character packages, but mainly Hello Kitty packaged Japanese snacks, which are exciting for Hello Kitty lovers.

Operating CompanyICHIGO Corporation
AddressTokyo, Japan

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