10 Best Hello Kitty Japanese Snacks in 2024

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The appeal of Hello Kitty Sweets

Hello Kitty is a character created by Sanrio in Japan in 1974, characterized by her adorable appearance and pink-based design.Hello Kitty is loved around the world, especially in Japan, where it is used on a wide variety of products including stationery, accessories, and clothing. Hello Kitty confections, character-shaped biscuits, candies, and cakes are popular among children and adults of all ages. Hello Kitty confectionery is collected by fans from all over the world, not only for its cute appearance, but also for its packaging, which is highly valued as a collector’s item. Many of these products are also limited-time or region-specific, making them popular souvenirs for travelers. Hello Kitty continues to be loved around the world as a character representing Japanese Kawaii culture.

Pleasure caramel

Product namePleasure caramel

This Sanrio candy box includes caramels, can badges, and stickers. Sanrio characters have many fans from small children to adults, and everyone knows them. There are 6 caramels in the box. There are 12 types of can badges, and the stickers have profiles of each character, which will surely make you love them more and more. The best part of this candy is that you can get excited about which character you will win. Even the outer box is cute, so you can give it as a gift without wrapping it. Sanrio lovers will definitely appreciate them.

Hello Kitty Mini Gaufres

Product nameHello Kitty Mini Gaufres

This product is a collaboration between Kobe Fugetsudo and Hello Kitty, a popular character in Japan. Mini Gaufres are a pastry consisting of a cream sandwich between two thinly baked dough sheets. The cream comes in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors. The texture of the dough is crispy and light, complementing the sweetness of the smooth cream. The palm-size and easy-to-eat snacks can be eaten at snack time with children. These snacks come in a tin, and the Sanrio illustrations on the tin are Kitty, My Melody, and Pom Pom Pudding. These are popular characters, and many people use them as accessory containers even after eating the snacks, making them a must-have for Sanrio lovers. They are also sure to be appreciated as gifts.

Sanrio Icing Cookie

Product nameSanrio Icing Cookie

Icing cookies of Sanrio characters. Six types: Kikirara, Hello Kitty, Pom Pom Pudding, Cinnamoroll, and My Melody. They are carefully made and very cute. The cookies, which are small and easy for even children to eat, can be put on a birthday cake or on a Christmas cake to make it a special day unlike any other. They are not only fun to eat, but also give you the pleasure of topping them. They are great for parties with family and friends.

Butter Cookie Tin

Product nameButter Cookie Tin

The light, crispy butter cookies feature Hello Kitty, a favorite of small children and older adults alike. In addition to the butter cookies, the assortment includes cookies topped with caramel cream and chocolate cream. The tin also features a large illustration of Hello Kitty, making these sweets very popular with Sanrio lovers. The cookies are sweet and hearty, perfect for enjoying with friends. Thinking about what to put in the tin is a fun experience. You can enjoy this butter cookie tin even after eating.

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The yellow sponge cake of happiness

Product nameThe yellow sponge cake of happiness

This is a collaboration of Nagasaki Castella, which won the Monde Selection Gold Prize, and Hello Kitty. The outer box is white and red with a ribbon and a cute illustration of Kitty. The set also includes a Kitty tote bag, which is very popular among Kitty lovers. The sponge cake has a nostalgic taste, and the gentle texture is relaxing. This sponge cake is cut into 10 slices, so you can eat it right after opening the package. It is a perfect souvenir when you are invited over to a guest’s house.

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Nori chips 2 cans set

Product nameNori chips 2 cans set

This product is a new, healthful snack consisting of two pieces of crispy, aromatic nori seaweed sandwiched between ingredients (plum and sesame). They are cut into strips, so they are easy to eat. They have a crispy texture and the ingredients taste delicious. They are delicious as a snack for children and go perfectly with alcohol. The cute kitty on the can is wearing a happi coat, which is clothing used at Japanese festivals. The cans can be used even after eating, making them ideal for celebrations and gifts.

Sakuma Drops & Mini Handbag

Product nameSakuma Drops & Mini Handbag

This is a product full of charm, a collaboration between “Sakuma Drops,” sparkling drops that look like jewels, and Sanrio characters. It contains 7 pieces of “Sakuma Drops,” a popular candy that everyone knows, and there are many flavors to choose from, so you will never get bored of them. The collaboration bag with Sanrio characters has a wide range of uses, and can be used as a lunch bag or a small container. This product is especially recommended for Sanrio fans and makes a perfect gift.

Sakuma Drops & Mascot Holder

Product nameSakuma Drops & Mascot Holder

This product is a collaboration between “Sakuma Drops” and Sanrio characters, whose drops look like sparkling jewels. The mascot is dressed in an eye-catching colorful drops pattern. The retro and cute packaging charms are swinging and stylish. The Sakuma Drops come in five individually wrapped packages, and there are many flavors to enjoy one by one. There are four types of mascots: My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pochakko, and Kuromi, making them fun to collect. This product is popular among children and adults of all ages.

Ramune & Mini Parasol

Product nameRamune & Mini Parasol

The mini parasol, designed with adorable Sanrio characters, has a compact size of approximately 20 cm. This item is perfect for stuffed animals and miniature lovers. They look so cute when photographed with stuffed animals. There are three types of this mini parasol in total, with Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll designs available. They come with a Ramune candy and you can enjoy the cute parasols and tasty snacks. This candy is a wonderful item for both adults and children.

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Ornament Cookie Mini Cake Girl

Product nameOrnament Cookie Mini Cake Girl

This set includes one ornament cookie, one sugar candy cutie Hello Kitty, and five cakes all in one package. This is truly a special gift for Hello Kitty fans. The ornament cookie can be personalized with the baby’s birthday and name, making it perfect for baby’s unveiling. They are the perfect gift to give to loved ones who have celebrated with you. The cute design and delicious flavor will add to the celebration.

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