10 Best Japanese Festival Snacks in 2024

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The appeal of Japanese Festival Snacks

Japanese festivals are traditional events that celebrate nature, history, and local deities in each of the four seasons. The charm of these festivals lies in the gorgeous dashi floats, the heroic parade of portable shrines, traditional dances and music, and the unique customs that vary from region to region. These festivals, beloved throughout Japan, have become major events that strengthen the bonds of local communities, attract many people throughout the year, and are enjoyed by tourists as well. One of the most famous festival snacks is yakisoba, takoyaki, cotton candy, and other stall foods, and one way to enjoy these foods is to walk around eating them. In addition, festivals sometimes sell sweets packaged only for the festival or local sweets unique to the area, making it one of the most enjoyable parts of the festival to look for rare sweets available only at the festival.


Wataame is a traditional sweet enjoyed at Japanese festivals and is especially popular among children. It is made from delicate fibrous sugar that is melted in a special machine, heated at high temperatures, and then cooled. The wagashi is wrapped around a splittable spoon to form a round shape like a balloon, fluffy like a cloud floating in the sky, and melts softly in the mouth, giving it a mysterious texture. It tastes sweet and simple, just like sugar itself. Wataame is a charming and delicious snack. Please try it at festivals.

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Ramune is a carbonated beverage that comes in a uniquely shaped bottle. This interestingly shaped bottle is made of glass and looks very cool. The bottle contains a marble, which rolls around inside the bottle with each soda drink. The taste is simple, clear, sweet, and refreshing with a sizzling carbonation. It has long been a popular drink, often seen at Japanese festivals. It is especially popular among children because of the beautiful marbles inside. It is often drunk at summer festival sites.

Apple candy

Apple candy is made by heating sugar and water and adding food coloring. This fruit candy is beautifully coated with apple fruit and fitted with a stick to hold it in the hand. Covered in candy, the candy glistens like red glass and is visually pleasing. Apple candy is often seen at festival stalls in Japan. Since the whole apple is used, it is heavy and chunky. Apple candies are very tasty because of the simple sweetness of the candy and the sweetness of the apple spreading in the mouth.

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Strawberry candy

Strawberry candy is a candy consisting of strawberries encased in a transparent candy made by boiling down sugar and water. The candy is beautifully coated with the red color of strawberries and sparkles, giving it a delicious appearance. When you take a bite, the thin candy cracks and you can taste the strawberry pulp. The sweetness of the candy and the sweet and sour taste of the strawberries are perfectly balanced. Strawberries on a skewer are easy to eat, and are one of the festival traditions that can be enjoyed easily. The beautiful jewel-like appearance is popular among children.

Shaved ice

Shaved ice is a traditional Japanese summer treat. The process of making this icy dessert is very simple: crack ice and pour colorful syrups over it. It is as refreshing as tasting snow on a hot summer day. There are many types of syrups: strawberry, lemon, melon, and blue Hawaii are the standard, but there are also plenty of other choices such as grape, orange, and cherry. The texture of the squishy ice combined with the sweetness brings the perfect coolness on a hot day. Try it at a summer food stall.

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Choco bananas

Choco bananas are a delicious snack loved at Japanese festivals. It is a trademark of festivals. Whole bananas are lavishly coated with chocolate and then sprinkled with color spray to make the chocolate banana even more festive. It is popular among children and adults of all ages. One bite and the natural sweetness of the banana melds and combines with the smooth coating of chocolate in the mouth, making for a dessert that is a perfect match.


Taiyaki is a sweet and wholesome snack that evokes the atmosphere of a Japanese festival. As its name suggests, it is shaped like a fish; two pieces of fish are combined and filled with anko (red bean paste). The crunchy texture of the outside, the soft and fluffy filling, and the sweetness of the anko (sweet bean paste) wrapped inside make it an unforgettable taste once you have tasted it. Taiyakis are best when freshly baked, so we encourage you to taste them at the stall. Eating it with family and friends will make you feel the atmosphere of the festival even more.

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Baby Castella

Baby Castella is a traditional dessert made at food stalls during festivals and events. The ingredients are simple: flour, eggs, sugar, and milk. They are shaped like small round pancakes, but not only in round shapes, but also in character shapes. They are soft and fluffy and have a sweet and savory taste. The size fits in the palm of your hand, making them easy to carry and eat. Baby sponge cakes are perfect for sharing with friends because there are so many in one bag.

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