10 Best Japanese Rice Cracker Snacks in 2024

japanese rice cracker snacks

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The Appeal of Japanese Senbei (Rice Crackers)

Senbei (rice crackers) are a traditional Japanese snack made primarily from rice. Its appeal lies in its simple yet diverse taste and texture, with many variations available, including salty, soy sauce, and sweet flavors. In Japan, they are popular as tea cakes and snacks for when one is hungry. They are also popular as souvenirs and gifts. Senbei have different textures depending on the manufacturing method, such as baked or fried, and are seasoned accordingly. In addition, each region has its own unique senbei, which is one of the pleasures of visiting the region. There are also many seasonal flavors that remind us of the four seasons in Japan, so you can find new flavors throughout the year.

Happy Turn

Product nameHappy Turn

Happy Turn is a snack food made by sprinkling a powder called “Happy Powder” on oval-shaped rice crackers. This “Happy Powder” has many ardent fans and is a very popular snack. It is a long-selling product and is known by all ages, from adults to children. The combination of the light, crispy texture of the crackers, which are not hard-baked, and the sweet and sour taste that melts in your mouth is excellent and addictive. The individually wrapped crackers can be enjoyed as a snack with parents and children, or easily shared with friends and colleagues. It is also recommended to enjoy it with alcohol as a snack.


Product nameKabukiage

These rice crackers are made from ingredients such as Uruchi rice, vegetable oil, sugar, processed starch, and soy sauce. The surface of the rice cracker is bumpy and the texture is crunchy. The package is decorated with three colors of mellow yellow, persimmon, and black to resemble a curtain used on a Kabuki stage, and once seen, it has an unforgettable impact. The combination of the freshly fried aroma and the flavor of the secret sweet soy sauce makes it an addictive treat. Individually packaged, they are perfect for sharing with family and friends. How about an accompaniment to your tea time? You can enjoy the crunchy texture with a cup of tea.

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Kaki-no-tane from Kameda

Product nameKaki-no-tane from Kameda

Kaki-no-tane is a delicious rice cracker that combines peanuts and arare (a type of cracker shaped like a persimmon seed). The arare has a crispy texture and a light crunch. The peanuts, on the other hand, are savory and rich. The bite-size kaki no tane and peanuts are perfect as a snack with alcohol. Not only as snacks, they can be easily picked up while studying, watching TV, or doing housework. Because of its ease of use, it has been recognized by JAXA as a “Space Japanese Food”. Enjoy the delicious taste of “Kaki-no-tane”, which has been loved for many years, more than half a century since its launch.


Product nameBakauke

Since its launch in 1989, Bakauke has remained a well-loved snack. The product has been offered in more than 280 different flavors to date. The word “baka” in “baka-uke” means “amazing” in the dialect of Niigata Prefecture. As the name implies, Bakauke is highly praised by many people and has sold over 19 billion pieces since its launch. This candy is well flavored and has a rich flavor. Once you take a bite, you will want to chew it over and over again.Bakauke are lightweight and easy to carry, and individually wrapped for easy portioning, making them the perfect accompaniment to outdoor activities.

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pota pota yaki

Product namepota pota yaki

This product is a snack made from rice and has been loved by many people since it was first sold in 1986. Potapota-yaki is characterized by being seasoned generously with rich sugar soy sauce in a sweet and spicy taste. This gentle seasoning is popular among all generations, from children to adults, and provides a nostalgic taste as if it were made by grandma. The texture is crispy and light, and even small children can eat it. On the back of each package is a story called “Potapota Oyako Asobi” (play with parents and children). While reading the story, parents and children can enjoy their snack time together. There are more than 20 variations of “Potapota Oyako Asobi”, so you will never get bored of it.

Onigiri senbei

Product nameOnigiri senbei

Onigiri senbei has long been a favorite snack mainly in the Kansai region, and the cute onigiri boy character on the package is eye-catching. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a triangular rice ball. The sweet soy-sauce flavor combined with the savory grilled nori (seaweed) will charm you with its delicious taste. The rice cracker’s unique, soft and crispy texture makes it a popular snack for both children and adults. Just right for sharing with friends, onigiri rice crackers are great to eat while sitting on the grass and enjoying chatting under the blue sky.

Usuyaki|Usuyaki Salad

Product nameUsuyaki|Usuyaki Salad

These rice crackers are characterized by their crispy texture, savory flavor, and light saltiness, and once you try them, you will become addicted to their delicious taste. The seafood extract seasoning gives them an addictive salty taste. The rice crackers are separated into three packs, so you can enjoy the fresh taste without worrying about moisture. The rice crackers are bite-sized for easy eating, and once you start eating them, you will not be able to stop. Since they are salty, they taste even better when eaten with a drink. Recommended as a snack for alcoholic beverages.

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Kameda’s Curry Sen

Product nameKameda’s Curry Sen

Kameda’s Curry Sen is a rice cracker with a retro Showa-era atmosphere, and the aroma of curry spreads as soon as the package is opened. The texture of this crispy rice cracker is very spicy, and you can enjoy the authentic flavor of Indian spices. The most distinctive feature of the curry cracker is its spiciness. It is tangy and spicy, with a distinctly mature taste. From the moment you take a bite, the spicy and stimulating flavor spreads, and you may find yourself overeating. Since the curry sen tends to go limp, it is recommended to share it with a large group of people. It feels like a little party when you eat it with wine or beer.

Yuki no Yado

Product nameYuki no Yado

Yuki no Yado is a long-selling snack that has been loved since 1977. It is a one-of-a-kind rice cracker with one side of a salt-flavored salad cracker covered with snow-white sugar. It is a romantic product reminiscent of winter. While many rice crackers are seasoned with soy sauce or salt, the sweetness of the sugar syrup is intertwined with the saltiness, creating a unique flavor. The texture is crispy, and the sugar melts quickly in your mouth. The official character “Whatamiru” written on the individual bags is popular for being cute. The sweet and salty taste of snow lodge together is perfect for sharing with friends. They can be shared during study sessions or snack time.


Product nameTeshioya

Teshioya rice crackers are characterized by the unique flavor of dashi broth, and each rice cracker is carefully puffed up by hand, reminding one of a master craftsman putting his heart and soul into his work. The aroma of the rice and the flavor of the soup stock on the surface are irresistible and addictive. The rice crackers are puffed up and have a crunchy texture. Recommended for those who prefer a firmer texture. Since it firmly moves your jaw, it is ideal as a snack or a light meal when you are hungry.

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