10 Best Country Ma’am Cookies in 2024

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Country Ma’am (Vanilla & Cocoa)

Product NameCountry Ma’am (Vanilla & Cocoa)

Country Ma’am has been on the market since 1984, and is a long-selling product representing Fujiya. The cookie dough itself is made sweet, and these chocolate chip cookies are made with plenty of chocolate chips with a special bitter taste. You can enjoy two different textures in one cookie: crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Each bag contains 10 vanilla-flavored and 9 cocoa-flavored cookies, making it perfect for sharing with friends and family.

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Country Mum Crispy (Vanilla & Chocolat)

Product NameCountry Mum Crispy (Vanilla & Chocolat)

These products are crispy country mums with a crunchy texture. There are two flavors, vanilla with a mild taste and chocolatey with a rich cocoa taste, and each flavor contains 9 pieces. The surface has a crispy crack characteristic of the crispy texture. The vanilla flavor features larger chocolate chips. The cocoa flavor has cocoa and chocolate melting in your mouth as you take a bite. The taste is the same as Country Ma’am, but for those who want to enjoy a crispy and light texture.

Country Ma’am (Luxury Vanilla)

Product NameCountry Ma’am (Luxury Vanilla)

These cookies have a gorgeous vanilla flavor that is unique to Country Ma’am, and are full of the delicious vanilla taste. The chocolate chips inside are large and luxurious, made with vanilla from Madagascar and 20% cacao from Ecuador. Conventional Country Ma’ams are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, but these luxury vanilla ones are even more moist. Recommended to enjoy with coffee or tea for a luxurious and relaxing time.

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Country Ma’am (luxurious chocolate)

Product NameCountry Ma’am (luxurious chocolate)

Compared to the conventional Country Ma’am, it has a more robust chocolate flavor, as it is called “luxury chocolate,” and is a must for chocolate lovers. When heated in the microwave, the chocolate melts and softens, giving it a delicious, freshly baked texture. The sweet aroma of cocoa that spreads in your mouth is so rich that it lingers forever. These country mums are made from luxurious, carefully selected ingredients such as Japanese wheat, Ecuadorian cacao, and Ghanaian cacao. Specializing in chocolate flavor, this luxurious chocolate is a sweet treat you will want to taste.

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Country Ma’am chocolate covered

Product NameCountry Ma’am chocolate covered

This product is a “bite-sized rich chocolate flavored Country Ma’am” which, as the name “Choco-Ma’am” implies, is satisfying even if only one piece is used. It is about one size smaller than a conventional Country Ma’am. The inside is moist and has a chocolate coating on the outside. The package says “double the chocolate,” which is true, and the chocolate flavor has been increased. Since they are individually wrapped, you can eat as much as you want whenever you want. They are perfect for a change of pace when you are tired from studying or work, or for filling up on a small snack.

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Country Mummeisters (NY Cheesecake)

Product NameCountry Mummeisters (NY Cheesecake)

This product is a “moist textured” rich sweet Country Ma’am with the rich taste and mellow aroma of cheese packed into a single cookie. Instead of round shaped Country Ma’am, this Meisters series is rectangular. The cookie’s sweetness is well-balanced, and you can’t help but reach for it and eat it. Cream cheese and sour cream are used, giving it a strong cheesiness. They can also be eaten as small cakes, making your tea time a little more stylish.

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Country Ma’am Meisters (Chocolate Brownie)

Product NameCountry Ma’am Meisters (Chocolate Brownie)

This product is a rich sweet country ma’am with a “moist texture” that packs the rich taste of chocolate into a single cookie. It looks like a brownie, but the moistness is the Country Ma’am itself. The cocoa dough cookie is filled with chocolate chips, and the surface is covered with chocolate in a line. The appearance is very stylish and luxurious. The sweetness and bitterness are well-balanced and the taste is rich and delicious. Recommended for chocolate lovers and for relaxing at home.

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Country Ma’am Meisters (Butter Financier)

Product NameCountry Ma’am Meisters (Butter Financier)

This product is a country ma’am inspired by the financier, with its moist, rich flavor and savory aroma. The Meister’s series is square in shape and comes in bite-size pieces that are great when you have a sweet tooth. The taste is rich and full-bodied, but not too sweet. It has a soft buttery aroma in the mouth. The texture is like a moist butter cookie, but the cookie is fluffy. It is less oily than most financiers and is crispy and easy to eat.

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Country Ma’am butter chocolate tajitazawa

Product NameCountry Ma’am butter chocolate tajitazawa

This product is a cookie that combines the richness and aroma of butter with milk chocolate in a “buttery” Country Ma’am confection. The cookie dough is made of small squares and has the texture of a soft sponge mixed with a cookie. The bottom of the cookie is coated with chocolate, which goes perfectly with the salty flavor of the butter. The aroma of butter spreads from the moment you open the package, making this a must-try treat for butter lovers. It is recommended to eat it with your favorite beverage.

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Country Ma’am (Japanese chestnut chocolate)

Product NameCountry Ma’am (Japanese chestnut chocolate)

This product is a Country Ma’am sold for a limited time only. It is made from Japanese chestnuts grown in Kumamoto Prefecture. Japanese chestnuts are characterized by their large size, high moisture content, flavor, and melt-in-your-mouth sweetness. You can enjoy the harmony of these Japanese chestnuts and chocolate in this confectionery. The moist cookie dough and the crunchy chocolate chips are delicious. The flavor of chestnuts spreads in your mouth and you can feel the autumn. They are individually wrapped and designed with a color scheme that is typical of Japanese chestnuts. Why not enjoy a leisurely tea time on a long autumn evening?

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