Review of Sakuraco 2024! A Japanese actually tried the box and tells you what he thinks of it without fault!

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Sakuraco is one of the most popular Japanese snack boxes in the industry.

However, there are many people who are considering subscribing but are skeptical about whether it is really a great box.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you what Japanese people have actually tried Sakuraco, without any undue hesitation.

Japanese Snacks Samurai

In addition, we will also present our impressions of the latest April box, “A Night of Sakura,” after actually opening it.

Please use this article to help you decide if you really should subscribe to Sakuraco.

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What is Sakuraco?

Sakuraco is a Japanese snack box filled with many delicious Japanese sweets(Wagashi).

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets with a soft, gentle sweetness and elegant flavor.

The box is available in a one-time-only monthly plan and a subscription plan for 3-, 6-, or 12-month continuous subscriptions.

Sakuraco is operated by ICHIGO Corporation, a Japanese company, so there is no need to worry that the box contains fake products that are not from Japan.

With over 360,000 followers on Instagram, the service has become one of the most popular Japanese snack boxes.

Who would you recommend Sakuraco to?

Sakuraco is recommended for people who want to enjoy Japanese wagashi and who love traditional Japanese culture.

There are several other snack boxes filled with Japanese sweets, but most services are filled with popular modern snacks.

This Sakuraco, on the other hand, specializes in Japanese wagashi, making it perfect for those who love traditional Japanese culture and atmosphere.

If you have never been to Japan, this box is a great way to enjoy Japan in your home country.

If you have already been to Japan, you may enjoy the pleasure of having tastes you have had in Japan in your home country.

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Sakuraco Details

Sakuraco Details
  • Price
  • Delivery Area/Speed of Delivery
  • Brand Details
  • Labeling of allergens, vegan, etc.


Sakuraco offers a one-time monthly plan and subscription plans for 3-, 6-, and 12-month continuous subscriptions.

The fees for each plan are as follows ↓.

Price per monthtotal cost
12 months$32.5/mo$390
6 months$33.5/mo$201
3 months$35.5/mo$106.5
1 month$37.5/mo$37.5

The price is around $35, and the longer the subscription period, the more you get for your money.

Delivery Area/Speed of Delivery

Sakuraco’s shipping coverage is worldwide, so no matter where you live in the world, you can subscribe to Sakuraco.

You can subscribe to Sakuraco no matter where in the world you live.

Sakuraco mails to some countries by DHL Express Courier Service, and will reach you within 2 to 4 weeks after you place your order.

You will be responsible for shipping charges, but this is acceptable considering the hassle of actually purchasing the wagashi yourself in Japan.

If there are any delivery problems, you can rest assured that customer support will be there to help you.

Brand Details

Sakuraco’s boxes are themed around Japanese culture and seasonal events.

The themes vary each month, so with a subscription you can enjoy new delights each month.

In the past, the following box themes were available.

Valentine’s Indulgence

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Not only the contents of the box, but also the design of the box packaging is different every month.

The designs are all so beautifully Japanese that you will want to display them in your home even after you have finished eating the sweets.

Labeling of allergens, vegan, etc.

Where you can check allergens on sakuraco's official website

On the Sakuraco website, you will find a list of the Japanese sweets in that month’s box, along with information on allergens and whether they are vegetarian or not.

The pamphlet that comes with the actual box also contains this information, so you can safely avoid the box even if it contains Japanese sweets that you are not allowed to eat.

Check the official site!

Actual box image of Sakuraco

Here is a look at the actual box at Sakuraco.

Please check what the box actually looks like to help you decide whether or not to subscribe.

Actual box image of Sakuraco
  • Box Design
  • Pamphlet
  • Snacks in a Box

Box Design

The packaging for Sakuraco boxes is basically consistent with traditional, upscale Japanese design, although each month has a different theme.

The width of the box is just about the same size as a mac book air.

The height is about three-quarters the size of a typical ballpoint pen.

In addition, the sticker that stops the opening of the box is designed so that it does not leave a mark even if it is peeled off.

Therefore, you can keep the box in your collection at home without making it dirty.

It would be a waste to throw away such a wonderful box!


The box contains a pamphlet with details about the month’s theme and the wagashi.

The pamphlet explains how the month’s theme is familiar in Japan and what its history is.

The pamphlet is filled with illustrations and photographs, making it a fun way to learn about Japan.

In addition, there are detailed descriptions and allergen information for each of the Japanese sweets in the box.

This pamphlet can be considered a guidebook for the box.

Snacks in a Box

The Japanese sweets in Sakuraco boxes vary each month, but there is a certain regularity to the Japanese sweets that are included.


Daifuku is a Japanese confectionery made with mochi filled with red bean paste. Depending on the season, Daifuku is sometimes changed to strawberry mochi, green tea mochi, or chocolate mochi, offering a different taste each time. In modern times, there are also products such as ice cream mochi, which have long been popular among the Japanese. These sweets are recommended for those who want to enjoy the traditional taste of Japan.

Senbei (rice crackers)

Senbei (rice crackers) is a typical Japanese sweet made from rice. They are characterized by their crispy texture and a variety of flavors, including salty, sweet, and soy sauce. With its light texture, it is the perfect snack for tea time. Baked using traditional methods, these rice crackers are a reminder of Japanese taste and culture.

Tea packs

Japanese tea is loved around the world for its unique cool and refreshing taste and rich aroma. With tea in tea packets, you can easily enjoy authentic Japanese tea anywhere. There are various types of tea, including green tea, matcha, and hojicha, each with its own unique flavor and health benefits. This is a cup of tea that allows you to experience the traditions of Japan and the blessings of nature.

Today, matcha-flavored sweets are also popular and loved by people all over the world.


Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese sweet with red bean paste sandwiched in between. The outside of the pancake is fluffy and sweet, and the inside is filled with smooth anko bean paste. The sweetness of the dorayaki combined with the refined flavor of the anko makes every bite a happy experience. Enjoy it with a cup of Japanese tea for an even better taste experience.

It is also now a popular coffee-time snack.


Arare are small, light, traditional Japanese sweets with a crispy texture. They are made mainly from rice and are flavored in a variety of ways. The variety of flavors, such as salty, soy sauce, and sweet, makes it easy to match them to any occasion, and many of the designs evoke the four seasons in Japan. They are ideal as tea cakes or light snacks.


Wagashi pies are crispy pie crust sweets based on traditional Japanese flavors. They are characterized by distinctively Japanese flavors such as anko (red bean paste), green tea, and sweet potato, and offer a unique taste that sets them apart from Western-style pies. They offer a new taste experience created by the fusion of Japanese and Western flavors.


japanese jellies are often made using ingredients unique to Japan, such as fruits and green tea, and are characterized by their clear appearance and refreshing taste. They are the perfect cool snack for the hot season and have a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture. They are beautiful to look at, and the taste and aroma remind us of the four seasons and nature in Japan.

Chocolate sweets

sakuraco also contains chocolate sweets. Wagashi made with chocolate are appealing because of the harmony of the rich chocolate flavor and Japanese ingredients. When combined with anko (red bean paste), green tea, or kinako (soybean flour), the flavors of traditional Japanese sweets and the sweetness of modern chocolate combine to offer a completely new taste experience. They are popular as gifts for Valentine’s Day and special occasions.

Japanese traditional tableware

Traditional Japanese tableware is known for its delicate beauty and practicality. Each piece of handmade pottery and porcelain is made with the skill and care of craftsmen, and many of the designs express the beauty of nature. For example, the patterns of flowers and leaves that remind us of the changing seasons add rich color to our daily dining table. Another appeal of Japanese tableware is that, despite its thin and light construction, it is surprisingly durable and long-lasting. Using Japanese tableware makes mealtime more special and deepens your understanding of food culture.

This traditional craft is original to sakuraco.

Sakuraco’s latest April box contents

Here is Sakuraco’s latest box for April.

To get this box, you must sign up by April 15.

If you haven’t applied yet, please check the official website now!

Check the official site!

April Box Theme

The theme for April is “A Night of Sakura“.

Japanese nighttime cherry blossom viewing festivals are a beautiful tradition that symbolizes the arrival of spring. Cherry blossom petals in full bloom color the night sky as visitors enjoy a picnic called hanami (cherry blossom viewing) under the cherry trees. Lanterns and lights create a magical atmosphere, and food stalls are lined up for visitors to enjoy local food and drinks. There are often music and dance performances, giving visitors a deep sense of the beauty of Japanese culture and nature. This is the time of year when many tourists, both domestic and international, come to celebrate the coming of spring together.

Sakuraco’s April box is filled with many cherry blossom-inspired Japanese sweets.

April Box Design

The entire surface of the box is decorated with beautiful cherry blossoms.

The base color scheme is dark purple, beautifully expressing the image of bright cherry blossoms and mysterious nighttime cherry blossoms.

The gold-colored decoration sparkles and creates a luxurious atmosphere.

The entire box is decorated with wonderful designs that make the most of the charm of Japan’s beautiful nighttime cherry blossoms, allowing you to enjoy the charm of Japan just by looking at them.

April Pamphlet

The April brochure explains how the culture of nighttime cherry blossom viewing, or hanami, has been popular throughout Japanese history and how popular it is today.

The Sakuraco brochure is very informative and I, as a Japanese person, find it very easy to read.

Get the box and learn more for yourself.

April Snacks List

The April box contained a total of 13 different products.

There are 11 types of Japanese sweets, 1 tea packet, and 1 Japanese tableware.

The overall theme was pink sweets, as the theme was cherry blossoms at night.

In Japan, there is a culture of “hanami” (cherry blossom viewing), where people eat and play while admiring the cherry blossoms, and this box contains many sweets perfect for hanami.

There were also products that are only available in Japan and some unusual sweets that I, as a Japanese, have never tasted before, so I am looking forward to eating them.

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Is Sakuraco worth it?

Good points of Sakuraco

Without being patronizing, I think Sakuraco is a very nice Japanese snack box.

Each month, Sakuraco fills a box with a variety of traditional Japanese snacks.

The theme of Sakuraco’s boxes is sometimes related to seasonal events in Japan, and sometimes we carefully select famous items from areas all over Japan.

Therefore, just by subscribing to this box, you can experience the history and culture of all of Japan.

Japanese history and culture are so wonderful, and there are many opportunities to learn about them through anime and manga.

By subscribing to this box, you will definitely be able to enjoy the charms of Japan anywhere in the world.

Areas for improvement in Sakuraco

On the other hand, since Sakuraco ships from Japan, it may take several weeks for the first box to arrive if the country is far from Japan.

This can be very stressful for those who want to enjoy the charms of Japan as soon as possible.

Check the official site!

Minimum tips and important things to know before ordering Sakuraco

There is an additional charge for shipping via DHL.

There is an additional charge for shipping via DHL.

For example, if you start a 6-month subscription, you will be charged for 6 boxes and 6 lots of shipping.

This is unavoidable since all Sakuraco boxes are shipped from Japan.

If you consider what it would cost me if I had to go to Japan every month to procure my own wagashi, it would be totally inexpensive.

In the case of free standard mail, the next box may be shipped before the first box arrives

With free standard mail, the delivery speed is somewhat slower.

Therefore, depending on when you order, you may find that the second box is shipped before the first box arrives.

Normally, boxes should arrive two to four weeks after ordering, but if your box does not arrive, please contact Sakuraco’s customer support.

Subscription auto-renews unless cancelled

Once you sign up for a subscription, your subscription is automatically renewed.

This means that if you want to cancel your subscription, your box will be delivered again the following month if you do not take action yourself.

To cancel your subscription to Sakuraco, you can do so from the official website by following the instructions below.

  1. Access My Page on the official website.
  2. Open the “My Subscriptions” menu.
  3. Select the subscription you wish to cancel.
  4. Select “Cancel Subscription” displayed at the bottom of the screen.

It is also wise to compare Sakuraco and other boxes

Sakuraco compared to other popular boxes

Besides Sakuraco, there are many other Japanese snack boxes such as Tokyo Treat and Bokkusu.

The japanese snacks lab has done a comparative study of Tokyo Treat and other snack boxes.

Even within the same Japanese snack box, different boxes have different themes, so we recommend that you compare and contrast with Sakuraco to find the box that you prefer.

Considering snack boxes other than sakuraco is also a good option!

There are many other great Japanese snack boxes besides Sakuraco.

In japanese-snacks-lab, we have selected and introduced the best boxes according to people’s tastes, such as vegan boxes and cute boxes.

We hope you will find it useful in finding the perfect box for your taste.


Sakuraco Review Summary

This has been a thorough review of Sakuraco.

Sakuraco is a wonderful snack box packed with traditional Japanese charm.

You too will be charmed by this box.

If you are interested in Sakuraco, check out the official website and order Sakuraco now.

Check the official site!

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