10 Best Peco Chan Candy in 2024

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Milky (various types)

Product NameMilky (various types)

Milky is a candy that is fragrance-free and color-free, and has been popular since 1951. Each candy is wrapped in a wrapping paper with a character drawing on it, which is colorful and cute. The colors of the wrappers are different, but all the candies taste the same. You can eat as many as you want and store them. They are also great for sharing. Available at supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Pop Candy

Product NamePop Candy

This candy contains the tooth-friendly ingredient “green tea polyphenol. Therefore, even children can eat them safely. The stick attached to the candy is made of paper, so it is safe. The candies inside are assorted, with orange, strawberry, and grape flavors as the base, but limited-time-only flavors will be available, so it will be fun to see what kind of flavors will be available. The candies are individually wrapped so they are safe for storage. The candies are individually wrapped for easy storage and can be eaten whenever you like. They are perfect for children’s snacks and can be shared among friends and siblings.

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Milky Chocolate

Product NameMilky Chocolate

Fujiya Milky is well-known as “Milky is Mom’s Taste”. This Milky Chocolate is a chocolate that has all the tenderness and deliciousness of the Milky. There are 12 Milky chocolates inside. Each piece of chocolate is engraved with a picture of Peko-chan and Poko-chan, the characters of the brand. The inside is filled with pure white milky cream, which has a soft and mysterious texture. Sweet and smooth, this chocolate is popular among children. It is sold at supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Chocolate Pencil

Product NameChocolate Pencil

This product is a candy “chocolate pencil” that captivates the hearts of children. As the name suggests, they are shaped like purple, pink, orange, and green colored pencils. Once you see this shape, you will never forget it. The pencil-shaped chocolates are wrapped in shiny aluminum foil wrappers, and along with their bright appearance, the delicious flavor that spreads in the mouth is sure to captivate children. The amount of each piece is modest, so you can enjoy as much as you want to eat. We recommend sharing them with friends and siblings to share the fun.

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Peco Poco Chocolate

Product NamePeco Poco Chocolate

These chocolates have the faces of Peco and Poco, two of Fujiya’s popular characters. These chocolates come in three delicious flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry chocolate. The chocolate comes with a stick, making it easy to eat and eliminating the risk of getting your hands dirty. These chocolates are a hit with people of all ages, from children to adults. These chocolates with bars are easy to take on the go, such as when taking a short break from work or study, or on picnics, excursions, or family outings.

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Peco Poco Bisquecho Box

Product NamePeco Poco Bisquecho Box

Introducing bite-sized cookies featuring Peko-chan dressed in 20 different animal costumes and printed with the English letters of the animals. The milk-flavored cookies are paired with easy-to-eat, smooth-mouthed milk chocolate. Along with the fun of searching for the cute illustrations, the biscuits are also useful for learning English and will surely spread fun conversations between parents, children, and friends. Packed with cute Peko-chan figures and delicious flavors, this product is the perfect gift or snack.

Parasol Chocolate

Product NameParasol Chocolate

This product is a parasol-shaped chocolate with a stick. You can enjoy two delicious flavors, milk chocolate and strawberry chocolate. Not only does it have a cute parasol shape, but it also has a handle that makes it easy for even small children to eat. The handle allows you to enjoy it without getting your hands dirty. It is also convenient when you go out. You can carry it with you even in situations where you cannot wash your hands, so you can enjoy the delicious chocolate anytime, anywhere.

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Peco x Sanrio Strawberry Party Chocolate

Product NamePeco x Sanrio Strawberry Party Chocolate

The gorgeous and cute packaging features Peko-chan and other popular Sanrio characters. The package contains two layers of chocolate in the shape of the characters, one in milk chocolate and the other in strawberry chocolate. You can enjoy two delicious flavors in one piece. Moreover, each box contains a whopping 15 pieces, so you can enjoy the fun of finding your favorite character. This is a luxurious treat for chocolate lovers.

Peko-chan Dokodemo Biscuit

Product NamePeko-chan Dokodemo Biscuit

This product is “Peko-chan’s Emergency Biscuit with Relief”, a biscuit snack in a can. These cookies are made of 100% domestic wheat dough, kneaded with milk, and baked slowly and carefully. The surface of the biscuit has a cute illustration of Peko-chan, making it a visually pleasing biscuit. The shelf life of this cookie is guaranteed for five years. They are ideal as a household staple snack that can be enjoyed with peace of mind by everyone from small children to the elderly. Safe and tasty cookies that can be relied on in case of emergency.

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Peko-chan Milk Chocolate

Product NamePeko-chan Milk Chocolate

This product is a limited edition Shichi-Go-San candy. The cute package with Peko-chan, a popular character of Fujiya, dressed as a Shichi-Go-San is eye-catching. Inside the package is a stick of chocolate that is reminiscent of Chitose Ame, giving it a special feel.

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