10 Best YBC Japanese Snacks in 2024

Best YBC Japanese Snacks

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The Best Japanese Snacks Boxes are…
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Levain Prime

Levain Prime crackers are savory, crispy, and light. The crackers are round in shape, lightly salted on one side, and have jagged edges. The rustic flavor of these crackers is delicious eaten as is, but they can also be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as dipped in your favorite sauce or topped with cheese, smoked salmon, or other favorite ingredients. Recommended for occasions when you get together with family and friends.


Noir is a chocolate cookie with a bitter flavor and a sweet cream filling with an elegant vanilla flavor. The bitter cocoa flavor of the cookie and the gentle sweetness of the cream are a perfect match. They can be eaten as is, or by dipping the cookies in milk, or by separating the cookie into two pieces. 2 packs of 8 bags are included in the package, making them a great snack for a change of pace between work or study, or as a treat for home parties.

Lemon Puck

Lemon Puck is a snack consisting of a lemon cream sandwiched between crackers with a crunchy texture. The combination of the moderately salty cracker and the sweet and sour lemon cream is an irresistible taste. The two packs of 8 packs are recommended not only as a refreshing snack between work or study, but also as a snack for a home party.


Levain Prime crackers are savory, crispy, and light. The crackers are round in shape, lightly salted on one side, and have jagged edges. The entry is a pastry made with these crackers and filled with a special vanilla cream. The savory flavor and crispy texture of the cracker and the elegant and fragrant vanilla cream are a perfect combination.

Langue de chat

Langue de chat is a light, crispy cookie that has been highly popular among people of all ages for its crispy texture and gentle sweetness since its introduction in 1971. Meaning “cat’s tongue” in French, this pastry has a slightly rough surface, as its name suggests. The softly sweet aroma of vanilla and the elegant flavor of light sweetness make it refreshing and never boring. These cookies with their rustic, gentle flavor are the perfect accompaniment to tea time.


Piccola is a cookie shaped like a tube. The inside of the rolled cookie has a light texture and is coated with flavorful cream. There are three standard flavors: “Picola Chocolate,” a butter cookie coated with chocolate cream; “Picola Strawberry,” a butter cookie coated with strawberry cream; and “Black Picola Milk Flavor,” a bitter cocoa cookie coated with milk cream. There are three types. The light texture and gentle sweetness are recommended when you want to refresh yourself between work or study.


Chipster is a national potato chip that has been highly popular among a wide range of generations for more than 40 years since its launch in 1976 as the first molded potato in Japan. They are characterized by their beautifully curled oval shape. There are three standard flavors: a light salt flavor that brings out the delicious taste of potatoes, a rich consommé flavor packed with the flavor of meat and vegetables, and a nori-shio flavor with the aroma of richly flavored nori (seaweed). These potato chips are popular among all generations and are perfect for a time of sharing with family and friends.


Aerial is a corn-based snack with a light, crispy texture. The unique four-layer structure of the product’s unique manufacturing process provides an unprecedented, multi-layered, crispy, light texture. There are three standard flavors: “Shio Flavor,” in which German rock salt enhances the flavor of corn; “Thick Cheddar Cheese Flavor,” in which the flavor of cheese can be fully appreciated by twice applying cheddar cheese; and “Grilled Corn Flavor,” which has a savory soy sauce aroma from being grilled over an open flame at a high temperature.

Waffle Wich Maple Cream

Waffle Wich Maple Cream is a pastry with maple cream sandwiched between waffle-shaped piscuits. The cookie is made with fermented seeds for a rich flavor. The cream is made with maple sugar produced in Quebec, Canada. The cream is accented with pomegranate, which gives it a crunchy texture. The gentle sweetness of these cookies makes them the perfect teatime accompaniment.

Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies, as their name suggests, are flavorful cookies made with lots of butter. They are characterized by their buttery flavor and mild melt-in-your-mouth texture. The simple and gentle sweetness of these cookies has made them very popular among people of all ages since their introduction in 1971. In addition to being loved by people of all ages, the large 30-cookie package makes them a perfect snack for any occasion, such as when you need a break from studying or work, when you are enjoying time with family or friends, or as an accompaniment to tea time.

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