10 Best Japanese Biscuit Snacks in 2024

japanese biscuit snacks

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Mazime Millet cookies

Product nameMazime Millet cookies

Mazime Millet cookies are characterized by their crunchy and firm texture. The most distinctive feature of these cookies is that they are fried in oil. The blend of oil used to fry the beans gives them a unique savory taste. They are also slightly salty, giving them a sweet and savory taste. The taste is richer than that of ordinary cookies, and the crunchy texture is stronger and more satisfying. Since its launch in 1955, it has been highly popular among people of all ages as soul food, especially in Kochi Prefecture where it originated.

Crunchy Biscuit

Product nameCrunchy Biscuit

Crunchy Biscuit is a biscuit, chocolate filled confection with a crunchy texture. The crispy and light texture of the cookie contains whole wheat flour, which gives it a savory aroma and taste. The chocolate sandwiched between the cookies is filled with light textured puffs with tiny air bubbles. The zesty texture of the biscuit and chocolate makes this a great choice when you are in between studying or working and need a change of pace.


Product nameNoir

Noir is a chocolate cookie with a bitter flavor and a sweet cream filling with an elegant vanilla flavor. The bitter cocoa flavor of the cookie and the gentle sweetness of the cream are a perfect match. They can be eaten as is, or by dipping the cookies in milk, or by separating the cookie into two pieces. 2 packs of 8 bags are included in the package, making them a great snack for a change of pace between work or study, or as a treat for home parties.


Product nameMarie

Marie is a cookie with a simple, gentle sweetness that has been highly popular among people of all ages since its launch in 1923. The name “Marie” comes from Queen Marie Antoinette of France, and the design around the cookie represents her family crest.These cookies are crispy, thinly baked, and savory, with a gently spreading milk flavor. They are delicious eaten as is, but we also recommend dipping them in milk or arranging them s’mores style with chocolate and marshmallows in between.

Anpanman Hitokuchi Biscuits

Product nameAnpanman Hitokuchi Biscuits

Anpanman Hitokuchi Biscuits are bite-sized cookies. The cookies are in the shape of the Anpanman character, an animated cartoon that is especially popular among young children. You can taste the gentle sweetness of domestically produced pumpkin and carrots.It is made with domestic wheat and, in consideration of allergies, contains no eggs. Moreover, it is a nutritional food containing calcium and vitamin D. The cute shape, high nutritional value, and gentle sweetness of these cookies are highly popular as snacks for young children.

Tabekko Animal Butter Flavor

Product nameTabekko Animal Butter Flavor

Tabekko Animal Butter Flavor is a bite-sized thin biscuit in the shape of an animal, and has been popular among people of all ages since its launch in 1978 for its simple, gentle sweetness. The biscuits are made with Hokkaido butter, Canadian honey, and maple. Eggs are not used. The biscuits contain calcium, DHA, and dietary fiber, and are nutritious.The animal-shaped cookies have the English names of the animals printed on them, so you can learn English while having fun.


Product nameBisco

Bisco are 4cm x 2cm rectangular cookies sandwiched with milk cream. The cookie has a light, crispy texture. The milk cream has a gentle sweetness with a slightly sour taste. In addition to lactic acid bacteria that reach the intestines alive, it contains plenty of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.In addition to its simple, gentle sweetness, this highly nutritious snack has been a long-selling product since its launch in 1933, and is especially popular as a snack for growing children.


Product nameChoice

Choice is a long-selling butter cookie product that has been highly popular among a wide range of generations since its launch in 1937. The letters T and M on the cookies are the initials of the manufacturer’s founder, Taichi Morinaga. These rustic cookies have a fluffy, savory buttery flavor and a crispy, chewy texture. Because the product is loved by all generations, it is a snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, such as when you need a break from studying or working, when you are with family or friends, or as an accompaniment to tea time.


Product nameAlfort

Alfort is a bite-sized chocolate confection consisting of a chocolate sailboat on top of a bite-sized biscuit. The cookie is made with whole wheat flour and is baked to a savory flavor. The standard flavor is “milk chocolate” with a milky, gentle sweetness. The convenience of being able to eat it in one bite without getting your hands dirty makes it a snack that you can easily carry in your bag when you go out, when you are hungry between studies or work, or when you want to casually share it with someone, it is a snack that can accompany you at any time.

Coconut Sable

Product nameCoconut Sable

Coconut Sable is a cookie with a light, crispy texture and the gentle sweetness of coconut, and has been highly popular among people of all ages since its introduction in 1965. Since natural coconut oil is kneaded into the dough, you can taste the richness and flavor of coconut. The coconut flakes kneaded in with the oil are divided into two different sizes so that the coconut flakes can be felt more easily. In addition, the entire cookie is coated with rough sugar grains.

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