10 Best Weirdest Japanese Snacks in 2024

weird japanese snacks

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MOKOMOKO MOKOLET is a toy that emits delicious bubbles from a toilet-shaped container. The surprisingly popular product has a surprising setting in which bubbles with a squishy texture overflow from the toilet-shaped toy, which is unthinkable under normal circumstances, and the user drinks the bubbles. The Fluffy Powder comes in two flavors, cider and cola. When you open the box, you will find a toilet-shaped plastic model, which you assemble yourself. When you pour the powder and water into the tank, bubbles overflow from inside the toilet bowl, which you eat with a straw. It is a very surrealistic snack. It is sure to spark conversation during playtime with children or when you make it with friends.

Chara-Pakki Dismantling Book

Product nameChara-Pakki Dismantling Book

Chara-Pakki Dismantling Book is a chocolate candy toy. While “dismantling” the chocolate by cracking it open, you can learn the names of the “parts” of the creatures you are interested in. It is a “two birds with one stone! There are a total of eight chocolate designs, including pigs, cows, chickens, and mammoths. The base is milk-flavored chocolate with puffs, and you can enjoy caramel-flavored chocolate or strawberry-flavored chocolate. In addition, the heart in the middle is made of dark strawberry-flavored chocolate. The parts of each creature are printed on the chocolate, and the snacks are eaten by breaking them open with the hands, which is sure to spark conversation during snack time with children and friends.

Kuru Kuru Takoyaki

Product nameKuru Kuru Takoyaki

Kuru Kuru Takoyaki is a Shokugan that imitates Japanese Takoyaki. Take out the bag containing the dough, octopus, sauce, and mayonnaise powder, and cut out the special plastic container with scissors. Combine the flour and water to make takoyaki according to the instructions on the back of the package. Warm and heat the dough in a microwave. When the takoyaki is ready, place it in the container and pour the sauce over it. The result is a realistic perfection that will surprise everyone. This toy candy is sure to spark conversation during playtime with children or while playing with friends.

Every Burger

Product nameEvery Burger

Every Burger is a burger-shaped pastry made of milk chocolate sandwiched between crispy biscuits. While Uncle Anpan and Uncle Kikori were making pastries in their workshop, suddenly a huge thunderbolt struck the stone kiln, and when they rushed to look inside the kiln, they found a crispy biscuit!
He looked inside the kiln and saw a crispy biscuit! When he tried to pick it up, the cookie started to move…. This is an interesting biscuit snack. This product is perfect for playtime with children and friends. It is sure to get the conversation going. Please give it a try.

Fettuccine gummies

Product nameFettuccine gummies

Fettuccine gummies are gummy candies with a unique texture. They are shaped like fettuccine, a thin, flat pasta. Available in Italian Grape, Shine Muscat, and Cola flavors, the gummies are covered with a generous amount of each flavor’s powder. The gummies have a nice al dente texture, and the pasta-like shape makes them a popular gummy snack with a more realistic taste. Once you try this product, you will surely become addicted to it. Please give it a try.

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Big Katsu

Product nameBig Katsu

Big Katsu is a candy that imitates tonkatsu, an old favorite in Japan. Affordable for even children with pocket money, it is a classic candy that all Japanese know and love. These fried pork cutlets are made with a unique method using a sheet based on minced fish meat and a batter mixed with sauce. The breading is crispy and the batter is soft, giving it a freshly fried texture. The original sauce is aromatic and addictive. The taste at this price makes you want to get as many as you can. This product is perfect for children’s snack time or as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

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Kabayaki Santaro

Product nameKabayaki Santaro

Kabayaki Santaro is a candy that imitates kabayaki eel. It is made by baking a sheet of minced fish meat and topping it with a sauce flavored with sauce. It is a long-selling product that has been loved throughout Japan for many years, and everyone has had a taste of it at least once. The sweet and salty taste of the tare and the more you chew, the more you are captivated by the umami that comes out as you chew. The surprisingly low price makes you want to buy as many as you can and hand them out to your friends. They are perfect for snack time with children or as an accompaniment to drinks. If you have never tried them, please give them a try. You will surely be captivated.

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Choco Eggs

Product nameChoco Eggs

Choco Eggs are chocolate candies with toys. Currently, there are collaborations with various characters and a wide variety of toys. The chocolate is made up of two layers, milk chocolate (outside) and white chocolate (inside), and can be split into two longitudinal pieces. The chocolate can be enjoyed either by gnawing on it or by breaking it open with the hands. The inside of the chocolate is filled with the characters from the package, and on rare occasions a secret rare product is released, which has made it very popular. It is a big hit product that has sold 330 million pieces in the 19 years since its launch. If you find one with your favorite character, please pick it up.

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Tanoshii Sushi-ya-san

Product nameTanoshii Sushi-ya-san

Tanoshii Sushi-ya-san is an educational snack that imitates the popular Japanese sushi. Inside the bag is a powder that serves as the base of the ingredients and a special utensil. The candy lets children enjoy the process of making their own salmon roe, eggs, tuna, and rice by combining the powder and water, and then shaping them into the shape of sushi. Everyone will be amazed at the quality of the sushi, which looks just like the real thing. In particular, the process of making salmon roe is so time-consuming that once you experience it, you will become addicted to it. You will surely have a lively conversation when you make it together with your children or at family gatherings.

Nico Nico Slot

Product nameNico Nico Slot

Nico Nico Slot is an educational snack containing a ramune. When you pull the lever, the slot rotates, and when you get a hit, a Ramune comes out. There are a total of six different designs. There are “Tenkiyoho,” “Sushiyasan,” and “Shiritori” themes, each in a variety of two colors. Once you play with them, you will want to play with them over and over again, making them perfect for playtime with children. This is a popular product that is sure to spark conversation during family gatherings.

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