17 Best Japanese Strawberry Snacks in 2024

japanese strawberry snacks

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Pocky Strawberry

Product namePocky Strawberry

Pocky is a bar-shaped pretzel coated with chocolate. They are highly popular not only in Japan but also overseas. Pocky Strawberry is a strawberry cream with a lot of pulp, which is poured over twice. The pulp is freeze-dried, so you can enjoy the fresh aroma and tartness of the strawberries. The pretzels are whole wheat cocoa flavored and go great with the strawberries. 2 bags of pretzels are included, so why not treat yourself to one and share one?

Alfort Dark Strawberry

Product nameAlfort Dark Strawberry

Alfort Dark Strawberry is a bite-sized biscuit topped with chocolate. The chocolate is kneaded with sweet and sour strawberry powder. The moment you put it in your mouth, the sour and sweet taste of strawberries spreads in your mouth. The biscuit is cocoa flavored with whole wheat flour. It goes without saying that chocolate and cookies go well together. Since there are 12 pieces in the package, it is recommended to share them.

Choco Balls Strawberry

Product nameChoco Balls Strawberry

Choco Balls Strawberry are bite-sized round chocolate candies. Priced at about five dimes, they are very popular as children’s snacks. There is also a secret to the packaging box, which features a character with a distinctive long beak. When you flip the chocolate candy out of the box, you may find a special picture. If you collect one gold picture or five silver pictures, you will receive a special gift.

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Strawberry DARS

Product nameStrawberry DARS

Strawberry DARS are strawberry-flavored chocolates. Each box contains 12 bite-sized trapezoidal chocolates. The inside of the chocolate is sweet and sour strawberry-flavored chocolate. The outside is rich milk chocolate with fresh cream. The sweet and sour taste of the strawberries and the milky chocolate are a perfect match. The gentle sweetness of the chocolate is recommended for break time between work or study. It goes very well with strong coffee or tea. 12 pieces in a package, so it is recommended to share it.

Strawberry White DARS

Product nameStrawberry White DARS

Strawberry White DARS are strawberry-flavored chocolates. Each box contains 12 bite-sized trapezoidal chocolates. The middle layer is a sweet and sour strawberry flavored chocolate with strawberry seeds. The strawberry chocolate is covered with creamy, milky white chocolate. The white chocolate enhances the tartness of the strawberries. The fresh sweetness and sourness of strawberry-flavored chocolate is recommended for break time between work or study. The 12-piece package is perfect for sharing.

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Hi-Chew Strawberry

Product nameHi-Chew Strawberry

Hi-Chew Strawberry is the most popular chewing soft candy in Japan. Its main ingredients are sugar and gelatin. The most distinctive feature of Hi-Chew is its unique chewiness. The secret behind the chewiness is the two layers of candy. The outer layer has a slightly harder texture so that the chewer can strongly feel the fruit flavor at the moment of chewing. The inner layer is designed so that the more you chew, the juicier the taste spreads in your mouth. The juicy taste of strawberries is perfect for when you need a change of pace.

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Carré de chocolat(strawberry)

Product nameCarré de chocolat(strawberry)

Carré de chocolat is a strawberry-flavored chocolate. These confections are bite-sized squares, 4 mm thick, with slightly sloping sides. This shape is designed to maximize the aroma, mouth feel, and taste of the chocolate.
The aromatic and bittersweet dark chocolate on the outside and the sweet and sour strawberries on the inside are a perfect match. Take a bite and you will feel the wonderful aroma escape from your nose. We recommend eating it with your favorite coffee or tea as a reward for yourself.

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Pukka Strawberry

Product namePukka Strawberry

Pukka Strawberry is a bite-sized chocolate snack wrapped in a pretzel, and has been a long-selling product since 1997. It is especially popular among children. The pretzel has a crispy, slightly hard texture. The salty, savory pretzel is a perfect match for the sweet strawberry chocolate. It is recommended to eat them with milk as a snack for children. The hard texture and the sweetness of the strawberries are also good for a break between work or study.

Meiji Strawberry Chocolate

Product nameMeiji Strawberry Chocolate

Meiji Strawberry Chocolate, launched in 1967, is a very long-selling product that is still very popular among people of all ages. The outside is creamy milk chocolate with a strong milk flavor. The inside is strawberry chocolate characterized by the grainy texture and sweet-sour taste of strawberries. Because of its strong sweet taste, this chocolate is recommended for break time between work or study when you need a change of pace. The 26 pieces in each box are perfect for sharing with others.

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Garbo Kuzukeri Strawberry Pouch

Product nameGarbo Kuzukeri Strawberry Pouch

Garbo Kuzukeri Strawberry Pouch is a chocolate candy with a characteristic crunchy texture. With a zipper for storage and a coating that does not stick to the hands, it is a very convenient snack that can be eaten whenever and wherever one wants to eat it. Because it is packaged to fit in a small bag, it is especially popular among young women. The cookie-like dough soaked with chocolate has a crispy texture. Sweet and sour strawberry chocolate kneaded with freeze-dried strawberries envelopes the dough.

Meiji Rich Strawberry Biscuits

Product nameMeiji Rich Strawberry Biscuits

Meiji Rich Strawberry Biscuits are chocolate confections with strawberry chocolate sandwiched between cocoa cookies. The strawberry chocolate is made from 70% strawberry fruit, so the moment you open the bag, you will be greeted with a sweet, sour, and refreshing aroma. The cookies are daringly bitter to match the hard strawberry chocolate with its strong sweet and sour taste. We recommend eating them with your favorite coffee or tea as a treat to yourself.

Fruit Juice Gummy Strawberry

Product nameFruit Juice Gummy Strawberry

Fruit Juice Gummy Strawberry is a gummy candy made from fruit juice. They are very popular as a snack for small children because they do not contain any coloring and have a cute shape and color that brings out the true color of the ingredients. Because they are made with plenty of fruit juice, the fresh, sweet aroma of strawberries spreads when the bag is opened. The more you chew, the more the juicy taste of strawberries spreads in your mouth. With a zipper for storage, you will surely feel refreshed when you take a bite during a break from work or study.

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Lotte Ghana Mariage

Product nameLotte Ghana Mariage

Lotte Ghana Mariage is a chocolate with sweet and sour strawberry sauce coated with milk chocolate. The outer milk chocolate has a rich, milky flavor with a pleasant mouth feel. The inner strawberry sauce reproduces the aroma and flavor of sweet, ripe strawberries. The marriage of milk chocolate and strawberry sauce makes a single piece of this chocolate quite satisfying. Therefore, we recommend eating it with your favorite coffee or tea as a reward to yourself.

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Product namePai-no-mi

Pai-no-mi are bite-sized pie crusts filled with chocolate. The most distinctive feature of pie nuts is the crispy texture of the 64 layers of pie. The pie crust also has a sweet and sour flavor reminiscent of strawberry millefeuille. The chocolate inside is custard flavored. You will feel as if you are eating a strawberry mille-feuille. We recommend eating it with your favorite coffee or tea as a reward to yourself.

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Cranky (Strawberry flavor)

Product nameCranky (Strawberry flavor)

Cranky (Strawberry flavor) is a chocolate with crunchy puffs. The fruity strawberry-inspired chocolate is chock-full of the finest malt puffs, giving it a crunchy texture, and it is highly popular, especially among the younger generation, due to its excellent eating value in a single piece and its easy-to-buy price of about 7 dimes. The manufacturer recommends freezing these snacks in the freezer. Freezing seems to make the texture even crisper and lighter, so be sure to give it a try.

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Sasa(Mellow Strawberry)

Product nameSasa(Mellow Strawberry)

Sasa(Mellow Strawberry) is a chocolate with a unique texture. This confectionary is made up of approximately 1,350 1.5mm thin lines of chocolate layered on top of each other. The result is a crispy, delicate texture. The taste of sweet and sour strawberry chocolate mixed with white chocolate and bitter chocolate is perfect with strong coffee or tea. Recommended for relaxing at home or taking a break from work or study.

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Sakuma Strawberry Milk

Product nameSakuma Strawberry Milk

Sakuma Strawberry Milk is a strawberry milk-flavored candy, and has been a long-selling product since 1970. Its gentle sweetness and unique texture are highly popular among people of all ages. The most distinctive feature of this candy is its unique texture. The outside is a sweet and sour strawberry-flavored candy. The inside is a crispy candy like mille-feuille. The sweetness of strawberry milk and the crunchy texture are just right as a pick-me-up when you are tired.

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