10 Best Japanese Cherry Blossom Snacks in 2024

japanese cherry blossom snacks

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Kaki-no-tane Ume-Shiso

Product nameKaki-no-tane Ume-Shiso

Kaki no tane is a half-moon shaped, bite-sized, soy sauce-based dry rice cracker made mainly from rice. They are so named because of their resemblance to persimmon seeds. While regular kaki no tane is a soy sauce cracker with the spiciness of chili peppers, Kameda’s Kaki-no-tane Umeshiso also has the flavor of plums. For flavor, dried plum pulp made from Nanko plums from Kishu, the most famous plum-growing region in Japan, is used. The tart and delicious flavor of the plums and soy sauce crackers are a perfect match with the savory peanuts. The strong flavor makes them a perfect accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

Suppamucho Sating Ume

Product nameSuppamucho Sating Ume

Suppamucho Refreshing Plum Chips are made from 100% Japanese potatoes and are characterized by their refreshing taste. The moment you open the bag, you will smell the refreshing aroma of plums. Taking a bite, you can taste the slightly soft sourness and sizzling sweetness of the plums. This makes the aftertaste like after eating real pickled plums. The moderate amount of salt also allows you to taste the delicious flavor of the potatoes. The crispy texture of thinly sliced potatoes and the sweet and sour taste of ume are very popular both as a snack and as an accompaniment to alcohol.

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Ninja Meshi Ume Katsuo

Product nameNinja Meshi Ume Katsuo

Ninja Meshi Ume Katsuo is a gummy with a distinctive chewy texture. Carefully selected ingredients are used in this gummy. First, the main flavor, ume, is made from Nanko-ume plums from Wakayama Prefecture, the most famous ume production area in Japan. The strong flavor of the dashi broth is derived from bonito. The sweet and sour taste of the plums is accented by the umami of the broth. They are quite chewy, so you can eat them like chewing gum when you want to improve your concentration or when you feel like a change of pace.

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Animal hard candy cherry tree

Product nameAnimal hard candy cherry tree

Animal hard candy cherry tree is a cherry blossom flavored candy. This candy has a subtle cherry blossom sweetness and aroma. The cherry blossom-flavored candy evokes the feeling of spring and is popular among people of all ages. Carefully selected domestic cherry leaves are used to express the elegant sakura flavor. The lovely pale pink color is not derived from coloring agents, but from shiso leaves. The candy, made from carefully selected ingredients, is shaped into cute animals, making it a very popular snack for children.

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Sakura Mochi

Product nameSakura Mochi

Sakura Mochi is a Japanese confectionery made by wrapping rice cake sweets in cherry blossom leaves. It looks and tastes different depending on the region. In the east, such as Tokyo, it looks like a crepe. The dough is made mainly of wheat flour, baked flat, and then filled with red bean paste. In western regions such as Kyoto, it looks like a bun. The dough made from glutinous rice flour, which is dried and roughly ground, is used to wrap the sweet bean paste. Common to both East and West is that the sweets are wrapped in salted cherry leaves. Because it goes well with strong Japanese tea, this wagashi is eaten not only during the cherry blossom season, but all year round by a wide range of generations.

Piccola Sakura Maccha Flavor

Product namePiccola Sakura Maccha Flavor

Piccola Sakura Maccha Flavor is a cookie shaped like a cylinder. The rolled cookie has a soft cherry blossom aroma. Inside the cookie is a rich Uji green tea cream. To enhance the flavor of the cream, the rolled cookie has a subtle saltiness. The gentle flavor of cherry blossoms and the bittersweet taste of matcha tea give the cookie an elegant taste of spring. It goes well with green tea as well as black tea, so it is recommended to eat it with a warm drink when you want to take a breather.

Cream Cologne (Adult Sakura)

Product nameCream Cologne (Adult Sakura)

Cream Cologne (Adult Sakura) is a bite-sized confection made with fresh cream and wrapped in a crispy waffle. The cream is made from domestically grown cherry blossoms. The cream is made with domestically grown cherry blossoms, which gives it a gorgeous cherry blossom aroma and flavor. The outer waffle is made with Nishio matcha green tea, which is characterized by its deep green color, elegant aroma, mild flavor and richness. The soft and gentle cherry-flavored cream and bittersweet matcha waffle are a perfect match with warm tea. It is recommended to enjoy it with a warm drink when you want to take a breather.

Pocky Sakura Maccha

Product namePocky Sakura Maccha

Pocky is a bar-shaped pretzel coated with chocolate. They are very popular not only in Japan but also in other countries. Pocky Sakura Matcha is a slightly aromatic cherry blossom-flavored pretzel coated with bittersweet, rich matcha chocolate. Each package contains eight sachets. They are perfect for sharing with family and friends at parties, or as a snack with warm tea when you are hungry.

Capricomi Mini Large Bag (Sakura Party)

Product nameCapricomi Mini Large Bag (Sakura Party)

Caprico is a chocolate confection with a crunchy texture. The air-in chocolate is placed on a cone-shaped cone cup used for ice cream. Caprico Mini Large Bag (Sakura Party) is a miniature version of Caprico, usually the same size as real ice cream, but about 1/3 the size. It contains a total of 10 pieces of two flavors: Sakura, with its elegant sweetness, and Strawberry, with its sweet and sour taste. They also contain calcium and magnesium, which support children’s growth, making them the perfect snack for children who are in the midst of eating.

Health Throat Lozenges Cherry Blossom

Product nameHealth Throat Lozenges Cherry Blossom

The Kenko-no-Tame series is a series of herbal throat lozenges. Since its launch in 1981, it has been a long-selling product loved by people of all ages. Kenko-no-Throat Candy Sakura is a seasonal flavor based on the theme of cherry blossoms, perfect for the season of entrance exams and new life. The sweetness of the cherries is accented by the slight aroma of cherry blossoms. The juice of Sato Nishiki, the king of cherries, is used. This product is recommended for those who are preparing for exams, preparing for a new life, and those who are working hard for the spring season.

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