10 Best Japanese Soybean Snacks in 2024

japanese soybean snacks

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The Appeal of Japanese Soybeans

Soybeans are a plant food with high nutritional value, including protein and isoflavones, and are considered good for health and beauty. This diversity and abundance of nutrients are its great appeal, and in Japan it has long been used as an ingredient in many traditional foods, such as tofu, miso, and soy sauce. Sweets made from soybeans are also popular these days, especially sweets made from soybean flour and jelly and ice cream made from soy milk, which are favored by health-conscious people. The protein in soybeans is lower in fat than animal protein and contains no cholesterol, which is expected to reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Furthermore, soy isoflavones have an effect similar to that of female hormones and are said to help alleviate menopausal symptoms.

Maru-soy bean cracker (good taste soy sauce flavored)

Product nameMaru-soy bean cracker
(good taste Shoyu flavored)

Maru-soy bean cracker (good taste soy sauce flavored) is a “rice cracker” rice snack containing black soybeans. You can enjoy the flavor, texture, and taste of black soybeans as much as you like in this authentic hard-baked rice cracker with black soybeans. The black soybeans are crispy and aromatic as you bite into the rice cracker, and the umami of the soy sauce is irresistible. Individually wrapped in a package of 10 crackers, they are perfect for family gatherings, as a snack when you are hungry, or as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages. Even those who are not familiar with rice crackers will find them easy to eat and will surely be captivated by this recommended product.

BISCO Material Blessing Milk & soybean flour

Product nameBISCO Material Blessing Milk & soybean flour

BISCO Ingredients Blessing Miruku & Kinako is a cream sandwich cookie with a simple taste made from soybeans. BISCO” is Japan’s representative biscuit with a reputation for deliciousness that has lasted for 80 years. It is characterized by the presence of lactic acid bacteria and is full of plant-derived dietary fiber, making it popular among a wide range of people, from children to adults. This unique flavor is a cookie baked with a combination of soybean powder and savory biscuit, and sandwiched with a refreshingly sweet milk and soybean flour cream. The small size makes it easy for even children to put in their mouths, and is perfect for a quick sugar fix.

Soy carat (cheese flavor)

Product nameSoy carat (cheese flavor)

Soy carat (cheese flavor) is a cheese-flavored snack made from soybeans. It is characterized by the fact that it contains no flour, and is rapidly gaining popularity as an easy way to consume soybeans. One bag of the product contains about 50 soybeans, and because it is non-fried, it is low in calories and has a low GI. The sound they make when shaken will make time with your children more enjoyable. The crispy texture will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The small package makes it easy to carry around and allows you to eat soy products even when you are on the move, so it is recommended for busy people.

Beano (Umashio and Black Pepper flavors)

Product nameBeano (Umashio and Black Pepper flavors)

Beano (Umashio and Black Pepper flavors) is a bean snack made from peas. It is rare to find a product using peas, and this product allows you to fully enjoy the original taste of peas. The non-fried taste and the fact that it contains dietary fiber and protein make it a popular snack. The texture is firm and chewy, and the pea flavor and saltiness are exquisite. They are available in the standard Umashio and black pepper flavors, both of which are immensely popular at snack time and with drinks. They are a unique snack and worth trying if you see them.


Product nameMIINO

MIINO (various kinds) are bean snacks made from fava beans. The beans are hand-picked, removed from their shells, deep-fried in oil, and seasoned with a simple seasoning. The simplicity of the ingredients, the light and crispy texture, and the delicious taste of the beans that is good for the body will become a habit. Even those who feel guilty about eating sweet snacks can enjoy these snacks with peace of mind. Although they may look small, they are full of flavor, and when you put one in your mouth, the taste of fava beans will fill your mouth and your heart with satisfaction. Although they are recommended as a snack, we especially recommend pairing them with sake.

grilled edamame

Product nameMIINO

grilled edamame is a bean snack made from edamame. Made from the best Yamagata Prefecture dacha beans, it tastes just like baked edamame. Edamame is one of the most popular snacks in Japan, and is popular among a wide range of people from children to adults. The non-fried process makes it low in calories. The crispy texture, along with the aroma and flavor of the beans’ original ingredients, can be fully enjoyed. It is a snack that is sure to be a hit with children, family gatherings, and as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

field peas(Salty taste)

Product namefield peas(Salty taste)

Sayaendo (salt flavor) is a bean snack made from whole peas. Its chunky shape and natural color are impressive, just like saya-endo, and its unique crunchy texture is popular. Once in the mouth, you can enjoy the original flavor and sweetness of pods, which are in season from spring to summer. Non-fried and full of dietary fiber, this product is gentle on the body and loved by everyone from children to the elderly. They are perfect as a snack, but they are also suitable for any occasion, so be sure to share them with your friends during snack time.

common edamame

Product namecommon edamame

Dori no Edamame is a bean snack made from Edamame. Made from 100% Edamame’s special brown beans, you can feel the presence of the Edamame itself when you bite into it. The series is an ingredient-based snack for adults who know the difference. These are chip-type snacks in a thin sheet form, allowing you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients. The crispy, light texture and well-balanced bean flavor make it a perfect snack. The strong umami taste allows you to enjoy it slowly, and it is sure to captivate you as an adult.

Cratz (green soybeans)

Product nameCratz (green soybeans)

Cratz (green soybeans) is a bean snack that uses edamame powder as an ingredient. It is a snack with a rich edamame flavor, and is one of the most popular snacks in Japan as a series. The cylindrical shape is about the size of a fingertip. Crunchy on the outside, crunchy on the inside, and mixed with almonds, it offers a variety of tastes and textures. The characteristic crispy texture is pleasant, and the more you bite into the slow-cooked dough, the more you can taste the bean flavor. From children to the elderly, once opened with a drink in hand, these snacks are sure to be addictive.


Product nameSOYJOY

SOYJOY is a new type of nutritional food baked with a dough made from whole soybeans, without wheat flour, and with fruits and nuts. It is a delicious and smart way to consume soy nutrition such as vegetable protein, soy isoflavone, and dietary fiber. The firm, chewy texture is also suitable for dieting, as even a small amount is satisfying. Many flavors are available, and they are kneaded with plenty of fruits, nuts, and other ingredients, each with its own unique flavor. These are items that you can eat quickly when you are hungry and always keep in your bag.

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