10 Best Healthy Japanese Snacks in 2024

healthy japanese snacks

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Product nameZERO

ZERO is a healthy chocolate candy. Lotte “ZERO” is a long-selling brand celebrating its 25th anniversary. Its greatest feature is that it combines the characteristics of “zero sugar and sugar-free” with “good taste. Cacao beans from Ghana and Venezuela are used. This chocolate is made with Lotte’s proprietary technology that allows the full flavor of rich chocolate to be enjoyed despite the fact that it contains no sugar, lactose, or other sugars. The satisfying cube-shaped quality comes in a standard 21-piece package, allowing you to enjoy delicious zero-sugar chocolate anytime. The coating finish prevents hands from getting dirty, making it convenient to carry with you anytime, anywhere.

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Product nameSUNAO

SUNAO (fermented butter flavor, chocolate chip & fermented butter flavor) is a sugar cookie. They are supported as cookies that allow you to be honest about your desire to eat, and they are packed full of happy elements such as 50% off sugar (less than 10g of sugar even if you eat the whole bag) and plenty of dietary fiber, using soymilk and wheat germ. The crispy texture and aroma of fermented butter are addictive. It can be eaten without guilt when you want something sweet, and is recommended for people on a diet, or when taking a break from work, or for any other occasion in your daily life.

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[Lakanto] Calorie-free candy

Product name[Lakanto] Calorie-free candy

[Lakanto] Zero Calorie Candy is a candy with zero calories. Lakanto is a natural sweetener with zero calories made from two natural ingredients: a highly purified extract of the cucurbitaceous plant “lakangka” and erythritol, a natural sweetener made by fermenting glucose derived from corn. This candy is made with lakanto, which gives it a refreshing sweetness without the use of sugar. It is a natural sweetener with no calories, and is used to make a refreshingly sweet candy! It is perfect for those who want to cut back on calories, but still have a sweet tooth! There is a wide variety of flavors available, so be sure to pick one up when you see one.

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Pacifier Kelp Plum

Product namePacifier Kelp Plum

Pacifier Kelp Plum is a snack made from dried and seasoned kelp. By using Hokkaido kelp and freeze-drying Kishu plums, the true taste of the plums can be enjoyed, and the pacifier kelp has been loved in Japan since ancient times. Rich in dietary fiber and calcium, it is healthy and popular among a wide range of people, from children to the elderly. It is perfect for when you are hungry and its hard texture is satisfying. Recommended for dieters and health-conscious people.

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Cream brown rice bran 80kcal

Product nameCream brown rice bran 80kcal
(bitter chocolate flavor, vanilla milk flavor, matcha flavor)

Cream Brown Rice Bran 80kcal (Bitter Chocolate, Vanilla Milk, and Green Tea flavors) is a cream sandwich type cookie. The “wheat bran” and “brown rice” are made into delicious and easy-to-eat cookies, perfect for when you are hungry. Healthy ingredient: oatmeal is used to make the cookies moist and easy to eat, so you can eat them at any time of day. Contains 10 vitamins, dietary fiber, calcium, and iron. With only 80kcal per serving, you can eat them without feeling guilty, and each flavor is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

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Product nameSOYJOY

SOYJOY is a nutritional food made from soybeans. This new type of baked dough made from whole soybeans, without wheat flour, and with fruits and nuts has become popular. It is a tasty and smart way to consume soy nutrition such as vegetable protein, soy isoflavone, and dietary fiber. The firm, chewy texture is also suitable for dieting, as even a small amount is satisfying. Many flavors are available, and they are kneaded with plenty of fruits, nuts, and other ingredients, each with its own unique flavor. They are a great item to have in your bag for a quick snack when you are hungry.

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Dark 0kcal jelly (various kinds)

Product nameDark 0kcal jelly (various kinds)

Dark 0kcal Jelly (various kinds) is a healthy jelly with less than 5kcal of calories per 100g. 0kcal jelly is widely favored by both children and the elderly because it allows them to enjoy a sweet dessert despite its 0kcal content. The fresh yet flavorful fruit-flavored jelly with just the right amount of sweetness and the crunchy nata de coco burst in your mouth, and the satisfyingly large serving size is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The large size makes it a perfect snack for those who are concerned about their figure or for those who are health conscious.

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Chocolate effect

Product nameChocolate effect

Chocolate Effect is an authentic bitter chocolate with high cacao polyphenol content. It is a popular product that is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and is supported by a wide range of people based on the concept of a “chocolate habit” of eating chocolate every day. Since just one piece of chocolate is an efficient source of nutrients for health and beauty, it is recommended to eat it every day for the sake of your body. The bitter flavor is suitable for adults, not too sweet, and perfect for when you need a break from work. It is a product that you should have in your bag.

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Soy Carat(cheese flavor)

Product nameSoy Carat(cheese flavor)

Soy Carat(cheese flavor) is a cheese-flavored snack made from soybeans. It is characterized by the fact that it contains no flour, and is rapidly gaining popularity as an easy way to consume soybeans. One bag of the product contains about 50 soybeans, and because it is non-fried, it is low in calories and has a low GI content. The sound they make when shaken will make time with your children more enjoyable. The crispy texture will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The small package makes it easy to carry around and allows you to eat soy products even when you are on the move, so it is recommended for busy people.

wakame stem

Product namewakame stem

Stem wakame is a snack made from wakame seaweed. Crunchy stem wakame is made easy to eat with a mild sour taste. It has long been a favorite in Japan, and its easy-to-eat size makes it popular among a wide range of people, from children to the elderly. It is made from wakame seaweed, which is rich in dietary fiber and healthy, which is another reason for its popularity. Since they are individually packaged, they are just right for sharing or snack time, and they go well with Japanese sake, shochu, and other Japanese alcoholic beverages. It is a snack that should be kept on hand for family gatherings.

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