10 Best Japanese Snacks with Blue Packaging in 2024

japanese snacks with blue packaging

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The Best Japanese Snacks Boxes are…
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Okara-Dakara Chocolate Chip

Product nameOkara-Dakara Chocolate Chip

Okara-Dakara Chocolate Chip is a confectionery made from flour, shortening, dried okara, and chocolate chips. The key point is that it is a balanced nutritional food rich in dietary fiber because it is made by kneading a dough full of okara (31% raw equivalent), adding chocolate chips, and baking it moist. The moist texture makes them easy to eat, and the sweetness of the chocolate chips makes them a perfect snack for children.

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Cream cologne light milk

Product nameCream cologne light milk

Cream cologne light milk is a pastry made from shortening, flour, sugar, and lactose. The crispy texture of the waffle is wrapped around a fluffy milk cream, creating a bite-sized petite sweet with an addictive texture and deep milk flavor. The individually wrapped waffles are easy to divide and eat, making them convenient to take with you as a lunch box snack.

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Moonlight Tailored Chocolate Chip Cookies

Product nameMoonlight Tailored Chocolate Chip Cookies

Moonlight Tailored Chocolate Chip Cookies are a confectionary whose main ingredients are flour, shortening, sugar, and chocolate chips. The addition of moist, sweet chocolate chips to the moonlight-represented dough provides an elegant and addictive sweetness. This candy can be eaten by everyone as a winter treat, making it perfect for Christmas and other events.

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Ramune gummi

Product nameRamune gummi

Ramune gummi is a confectionery made from sugar, syrup, gelatin, and dextrose. These are gummy versions of the well-known bottled Ramune, and the refreshing taste of the Ramune is combined with the crunchy gummy texture to create a product with two different tastes and textures. It also comes with a fun gimmick that allows you to fill it with Ramune and eat it, making it a perfect snack for children. They are perfect for when you want to refresh yourself after a hot summer or a workout.

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Grain LABO Dozen Shirashiri Ramune

Product nameGrain LABO Dozen Shirashiri Ramune

Grain LABO Dozen Shirashiri Ramune is a confectionery made of soft candy, vegetable oil, sugar, lactose, and other ingredients. This innovative product allows you to enjoy two different flavors at the same time: white chocolate on the outside and granulated ramune on the inside. The contrast between the sweetness of the white chocolate and the freshness of the ramune is an addictive taste. The product is ideal for young women during work hours, as it is easy to eat when tired.

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Alfort mini chocolates

Product nameAlfort mini chocolates

Alfort mini chocolates are a confectionery made of sugar, wheat flour, whole milk powder, and cacao mass. The combination of milk chocolate with a rich cocoa flavor and savory whole-grain cookies gives the chocolate a tender texture that goes perfectly with the crunchy cookies. Enjoy the aroma of whole wheat flour and the exquisite taste of milk chocolate. It is recommended to enjoy it with tea or coffee as a three o’clock snack.

Poikaki Cashew & Peepari Enchanting Amakara Flavor

Product namePoikaki Cashew & Peepari Enchanting Amakara Flavor

Poikaki Cashew & Peepari Enchanting Amakara Flavor is a snack made from roasted cashews, starch, flour, and sugar. A mix of sweet and savory flavored rice snacks and richly flavored battered cashews, this unsweetened, salty snack is so affordable that once you try it, you won’t be able to stop. They are perfect after a sweet meal or as a snack.

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Sharimuni Gummi Yogurt Flavor

Product nameSharimuni Gummi Yogurt Flavor

Sharimuni Gummi Yogurt Flavor is a confectionery made from sugar, syrup, gelatin, and other ingredients. These yogurt-flavored gummies offer two different tastes and textures: the sweet and sour crunchy powder and the “sharimoni texture” of mochi-muni gummies. Another key point is that they contain approximately 1 billion Bifidobacterium bifidum, a bacterium that suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines and improves the function of the intestines. We highly recommend these gummy bears as a snack for everyone from children to the elderly, as they kill two birds with one stone, leading to good health while tasting good.

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Country Mum Crispy Vanilla & Chocolat

Product nameCountry Mum Crispy Vanilla & Chocolat

Country Mum Crispy Vanilla & Chocolat is a confectionery made mainly from flour, chocolate chips, sugar, and margarine. These cookies are sweet and crispy, and are recommended for small children. Eating the cookies by themselves is delicious, but we recommend dipping them in a little milk to make them more palatable and creamy.

Look Blue Jewel

Product nameLook Blue Jewel

Look Blue Jewel is a confectionery made from sugar, cocoa butter, vegetable oil and fat, and whole milk powder. It is a thin sheet of white chocolate dyed blue using butterfly pea, an herb with blue flowers, and flavored with refreshing Shine Muscat. It is characterized by the elegant taste of the Shine Muscat and its lovely jewel-like appearance. Because it is not too sweet, it can be enjoyed by adult men as well. A bite will refresh you when you are tired.

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