12 Best Japanese Airport Snacks in 2024

best japanese airport snacks

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The Best Japanese Snacks Boxes are…
「Tokyo Treat

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Tokyo Banana

Product nameTokyo Banana
AirportAirports throughout Japan

Tokyo Banana is a fresh confectionery made of banana crepe, liquid egg, and sugar. The outside is a glutinous sponge cake, while the inside is filled with banana custard, and the deliciousness spreads in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. The texture is soft and fluffy, making it suitable for children and the elderly. Tokyo Banana has been loved by many people as a Tokyo souvenir for a long time and is a very famous product. Please try it as a souvenir from Japan.

Tokyo Tamago Sesame egg

Product nameTokyo Tamago Sesame egg
Price$6.39/8 pcs.
AirportHaneda Airport/Narita Airport

Tokyo Tamago Sesame egg is made with ingredients such as white bean paste, sugar, and chocolate coaching. The four layers of black sesame paste and black sesame bean paste are wrapped in sponge cake dough and coated with white chocolate, creating an addictive combination of flavors. The egg-shaped cake looks cute, and is full of entertainment both inside and out. It is a perfect souvenir from Tokyo.

Tokyo Caramelized

Product nameTokyo Caramelized
Price$23.97/54 pieces of 3 kinds
AirportHaneda Airport/Narita Airport

Tokyo Caramelized is a confectionery made from wheat and eggs, and is characterized by its crispy texture and savory aroma. The surface of the wafer is covered with sugar and maple sugar and baked, creating a delightful caramelized texture. The nostalgic taste is addictive to everyone. The variety of product types makes it a perfect Tokyo souvenir for relatives and friends, depending on the quantity and type.

Small Yokan Sora no Tabi

Product nameSmall Yokan Sora no Tabi
AirportHaneda Airport/Narita Airport

Small Yokan Sora no Tabi is made mainly from sugar, azuki beans and agar, and is one of Japan’s most popular yokan snacks. This product represents clouds floating in the sunset sky, and is only available at Narita and Haneda airports, making it a rare find only at Narita and Haneda airports. Because of its rich and firm sweetness, it is recommended to enjoy it with tea. Since it can be cut into small pieces, children and the elderly can also enjoy it with ease.

Butter’s cousin

Product nameButter’s cousin
AirportHaneda Airport

Butter’s cousin is a milky jam made from fat-free milk and sandwiched between buttery gaufrette (waffle) dough. The main ingredients are eggs, milk, almonds and walnuts. The three textures of “fluffy, crispy, and mellow” can be tasted, making it a very popular product. It is also a new brand of confectionery from Nasu City, Tochigi Prefecture, which is famous for its dairy farming. The creamy taste makes it a perfect souvenir for women and children.

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The N.Y. Caramel Sandwich

Product nameThe N.Y. Caramel Sandwich
AirportHaneda Airport

The N.Y. Caramel Sandwich is a product developed based on the Havana Sandwich, which was made in a New York pastry store known to those in the know. The main ingredients are chocolate, caramel, and butter. Brown sugar is cooked into a smooth caramel, sandwiched between crispy cookies, and then coated with chocolate. The elegant sweetness is especially recommended for adults. The luxurious look and taste will surely make an unforgettable gift.


Product nameFinancier
AirportAirports throughout Japan

This Financier is a confident product of Henri Charpentier, which has been pursuing deliciousness by being particular about ingredients and production methods since its launch in 1975, and is loved by many people. It is made from butter and sugar, with a special feature of butter made from raw milk from the Nemuro and Kushiro regions of Hokkaido. The rich flavor of almonds and fermented butter spreads softly with a moist and gentle feel in the mouth. It is sure to be a welcome gift when you bring it as a housewarming present or as a greeting gift.

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The “airport exclusive” Kubomi

Product nameThe “airport exclusive” Kubomi
AirportOsaka International Airport/Kansai International Airport/Kobe Airport

The “airport exclusive” Kubomi is a confectionery made from matcha green tea, wheat, and eggs. The raw chocolate is wrapped in a Uji matcha sublet and baked, giving it a moist and soft texture. The taste is a combination of the richness and sweetness of the raw chocolate and the deep flavor of the matcha green tea, resulting in a very rich bite. Although matcha has an impression of being astringent, the combination with the raw chocolate makes it less astringent, making it an easy-to-eat product even for children.

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Miruku Manju Gekkakei

Product nameMiruku Manju Gekkakei
AirportOsaka International Airport/Kansai International Airport/Kobe Airport

Miruku Manju Gekkakei is made with condensed milk, Japanese butter, and honey, and is loved by adults and children alike. The White bean paste, made from an original blend of two kinds of Hokkaido beans, is filled with condensed milk and Hokkaido butter, and baked to moist perfection. The individually packaged biscuits are perfect for a quick snack.

Akafuku mochi

Product nameAkafuku mochi
AirportAirports throughout the Chubu and Kinki regions

Akafuku mochi is a famous souvenir from Ise, made mainly from sugar, azuki beans, and glutinous rice. The combination of the famous Japanese sweet red bean paste and the glutinous rice covered with it is a perfect match. You will enjoy the deep flavor of the red bean paste and the luxurious taste that will make you want to cherish every bite. Akafuku mochi is so famous and delicious that it should be considered one of Japan’s most popular souvenirs. It is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea with family and friends.

Yukari Kogane Can

Product nameYukari Kogane Can
Price$6.13(Pack of 10)
AirportCentral Japan International Airport Centria

Yukari Kogane Can is a souvenir snack made mainly from shrimp, wheat flour, starch, and sugar. The rice cracker is flavored with shrimp and has a crispy texture. The dough is thin and easy to eat, making it a favorite among people of all ages. It is especially popular among adult women, making it a perfect souvenir.

Eel pie

Product nameEel pie
AirportAirports throughout Japan

Eel pie is a product made from wheat flour, sugar, eel flour, and syrup, and is a specialty snack of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Butter and carefully selected ingredients are blended with eel extract, garlic, and other seasonings to create an exquisite and delicious flavor. The cracker-like shape makes it crispy and very easy to eat, and both the elderly and children will enjoy eating it. Also, when you purchase a can of eel pie, a karuta (a Japanese playing cards) with the history of Hamamatsu and certain things about Hamamatsu is included in the package, which can be enjoyed by the family and other people.

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