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Koala’s March

Product nameKoala’s March

Koala’s March is a chocolate candy with chocolate inside bite-sized biscuit dough, and has been a long-selling product since 1984. The distinctive hexagonal prism-shaped box contains approximately 30 biscuits. The cookies are printed with illustrations of koalas in caramel. There are various illustrations of koalas, but there is a jinx that says finding a koala with eyebrows will make you happy. The cute koala illustrations and the crispy texture of the cookies are especially popular among children.

Purunto Konnyaku Jelly (Peach)

Product namePurunto Konnyaku Jelly (Peach)

Purunto Konnyaku Jelly (Peach) is a bite-sized jelly made mainly from konnyaku. The elastic texture derived from konnyaku is highly popular among people of all ages. Although the jelly is extremely chewy, it can be pushed out in 1 cm wide pieces and eaten little by little, making it safe for everyone from children to the elderly. You can taste the fresh peach aroma and sweet and sour taste. It is recommended not only as an after-dinner dessert to refresh the palate, but also for snacking when you are hungry.

Kit Kat Mini (Chocolat Orange)

Product nameKit Kat Mini (Chocolat Orange)

Kit Kat Mini (Chocolat Orange) is a chocolate confectionery made by layering elongated rectangular wafers, coating them with chocolate, and shaping them into bars. The chocolate used to coat the wafers is a soft sweet milk chocolate with a soft orange flavor. Orange cream is kneaded between the wafers. This chocolate candy with a juicy orange flavor is recommended as an accompaniment to tea time.

Pretzels (sweet corn)

Product namePretzels (sweet corn)

Pretzels (sweet corn) are bar-shaped pretzels with a crispy texture. When you open the bag, you will smell the soft and gentle aroma of butter and the savory aroma of pretzels. The pretzel is filled with corn, and when you bite into it, you can taste the sweetness and flavor of the rich corn. The rich butter and corn flavor and pleasantly crispy texture make them the perfect snack for a quick pick-me-up between studies or work.

Tokyo-banana|I found him.

Product nameTokyo-banana|I found him.

Tokyo-banana is a western-style confectionery made of sponge cake wrapped in banana-flavored custard cream, and has been one of the most popular Tokyo souvenirs since it was first sold in 1991. The sponge cake is baked once and then steamed, giving it a soft and fluffy texture. The custard cream is made from banana puree, which is made from the backs of bananas, allowing you to enjoy the natural banana flavor. The cute banana-shaped sponge cakes are individually wrapped, making them ideal souvenirs for large groups.

Saotome Graduates’ Challenge for the Manly Game

Product nameSaotome Graduates’ Challenge for the Manly Game

Saotome Graduates’ Challenge for the Manly Game is a lemon-flavored soft candy. In the middle of the soft candy is a lemon paste with a stimulating sour taste. Each bag contains 6,000 mg of citric acid, which helps relieve fatigue. The stimulating acidity, just like biting into a real lemon, will help you feel refreshed and sleepy. We recommend this product when you want to easily refresh yourself between work or study.

Pocky (chocolate banana flavor)

Product namePocky (chocolate banana flavor)

Pocky is a bar-shaped pretzel coated with chocolate. They are highly popular not only in Japan but also in other countries. The pretzel, rich in cocoa flavor, has a subtle bitterness that complements the sweetness of bananas. The chocolate used for the coating has a gentle banana sweetness. The light, crunchy texture and the sweetness of the banana chocolate make this product a good choice when you need a break from work or study and want to take a breather.

Banana Chocolate

Product nameBanana Chocolate

Banana Chocolate is a bite-sized banana-shaped chocolate candy. It is a reproduction of the “chocolate banana” often sold at Japanese fairgrounds and cultural festivals. Chocobananana” is made by sticking a raw banana lengthwise with disposable chopsticks, dipping it in hot water, dipping it in melted chocolate, coating it, adding toppings as desired, and then chilling and hardening it. Banana Choco is a long-selling product that is especially popular among children, as they can taste the gentle sweetness and aroma of bananas and milky chocolate in just one bite.

Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree

Product nameSugar Butter Sandwich Tree

Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree is a western pastry made by sandwiching a special buttercream with a crispy cereal dough. The buttercream is made from rich fermented butter with a strong flavor. The cereal dough is made from a special blend of whole wheat, rye, and wheat flour, giving it a delicious cereal flavor. The savory flavor of the cereal dough is enhanced by the sprinkling of pumice on the dough. The crunchy, savory texture and rich cream make it a popular souvenir of Tokyo for people of all ages.

Tokusen Gosan Castella

Product nameTokusen Gosan Castella

Tokusen Gosan Castella is a moist and mouthwatering sponge cake. It is made using only eggs, sugar, flour, syrup, and honey. The richness of the eggs is brought out by the addition of wasanbon sugar from Tokushima Prefecture and hokkaido chinese honey.The name “Gosan Castella” comes from the 5 to 3 ratio of egg yolk to egg white by weight. By using more eggs and less flour to the maximum extent possible, the sponge cake has a deep richness and a moist, mouth-watering texture. We recommend this sponge cake for a luxurious teatime experience.

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