10 Best Japanese Snacks 1970-1985 in 2024

japanese snacks 1970-1985

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Sakuma Strawberry Milk

Product nameSakuma Strawberry Milk

Sakuma Strawberry Milk is a strawberry milk-flavored candy, and has been a long-selling product since 1970. Its gentle sweetness and unique texture are highly popular among people of all ages. The most distinctive feature of this candy is its unique texture. The outside is a sweet and sour strawberry-flavored candy. The inside is a crispy candy like mille-feuille. The sweetness of strawberry milk and the crunchy texture are just right as a pick-me-up when you are tired.

Caramel corn

Product nameCaramel corn

Caramel corn is a sweet snack food made primarily from corn. Along with the snack, it contains salty roasted peanuts. The sweet aroma of milk caramel is appetizing. Immediately after chewing, the snack is crunchy, but it softly melts away in the mouth. After eating the salty peanuts, eating the sweet snack enhances the sweetness of the snack. They are very popular with children and adults alike, making them ideal party snacks.

Soft Eclair (3 kinds)

Product nameSoft Eclair (3 kinds)

Soft Eclair (3 kinds) is a soft caramel with a gentle sweetness, a long-selling product that has been highly popular among a wide range of generations since it was launched in 1971. Each bag contains three kinds: vanilla, chocolate, and almond. When you bite into a vanilla, chocolate, or almond soft candy, the cream begins to overflow from the inside. The smooth caramel encasing the melt-in-your-mouth cream is just right for when you want to take a breather.


Product nameHi-Chew

Hi-Chew is the most popular chewing soft candy in Japan. Its main ingredients are sugar and gelatin. The most distinctive feature of Hi-Chew is its unique chewiness. The secret behind the chewiness is the two layers of candy. The outer layer has a slightly harder texture so that the chewer can strongly feel the fruit flavor at the moment of chewing. The inner layer is designed so that the more you chew, the juicier the taste spreads in your mouth. The more you chew, the more you enjoy the fresh fruit flavor, perfect for when you need a change of pace.

Calbee’s Potato Chips

Product nameCalbee’s Potato Chips

Calbee’s Potato Chips, launched in 1975, are one of Japan’s most popular potato chips. The crispy texture of the thinly sliced potatoes makes them very popular both as a snack and as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages. The standard flavors are Light Shio, Norishio, and Consomme Punch. Light Shio uses kelp extract as a secret flavor to enhance the taste of potatoes. The Norishio has a perfect balance of flavorful ao (green seaweed) and aoasa (sea weed), and a salty and umami taste to complement them. Consomme Punch is seasoned with a broth that contains the sweet and savory flavors of meat and vegetables.

Tongari Corn

Product nameTongari Corn

Tongari Corn is a snack food made mainly from corn. It has a unique shape like a slightly crushed cone. They are characterized by their savory corn flavor and light, crispy texture. The standard flavors are light salt and grilled corn. The light salt flavor uses deep-water crystallized salt, which has a mild umami taste, to give the corn a sweet taste that is refreshing and never boring. The grilled corn uses soy sauce made from whole soybeans, which is characterized by its mild umami taste, and has a roasted, savory flavor that you will never get tired of.

Pie nuts

Product namePie nuts

Pie nuts are bite-sized pie crusts filled with chocolate. Since its creation in 1979, it has been a long-selling product that has been highly popular among people of all ages and has been loved for many years because of the well-balanced taste of the crunchy pie and chocolate. The most distinctive feature of pie nuts is the crunchy texture of the 64 layers of pie. The crispy pie is filled with rich milk chocolate. We recommend eating it with your favorite coffee or tea as a treat to yourself.


Product namePakuncho

Pakuncho is a chocolate candy with a round biscuit filled with chocolate cream. The standard flavors are chocolate and strawberry. The round biscuit is filled with either chocolate cream or strawberry flavored cream. The surface of the cookie is printed with Disney characters. The cute character prints are especially popular among children. It is fun to eat while looking for the various Disney characters.

Koala’s March

Product nameKoala’s March

Koala’s March is a chocolate candy with chocolate inside bite-sized biscuit dough, and has been a long-selling product since 1984. The distinctive hexagonal prism-shaped box contains approximately 30 biscuits. The cookies are printed with illustrations of koalas in caramel. There are various illustrations of koalas, but there is a jinx that says finding a koala with eyebrows will make you happy. The cute koala illustrations and the crispy texture of the cookies are especially popular among children.

Karamucho Chips

Product nameKaramucho Chips

Karamucho Chips are a potato chip version of Japan’s most popular spicy potato snack, Karamucho. The key to the flavor is the original spice also used in “Karamucho”. This spice is based on chili powder, which has an umami flavor of meat and vegetables. The original spice goes well with thinly sliced potato chips. Thinly sliced and light in texture, potato chips are not only a great accompaniment to alcoholic beverages, but also a great snack for children as they go well with carbonated beverages such as colas and sodas.

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