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Product nameRamunex

Ramunex is a carbonated beverage with added sugar, acidifier, and flavoring. Ramunex is a traditional Japanese cider, a drink that middle-aged and older people have fond memories of drinking at summer festival stalls, and for younger people it is a fresh drink that reminds them of the Showa period. Ramunex comes in an old-fashioned light blue bottle with marbles. For Japanese people, the presence of marbles in a bottle can change the mood of the drink. The bottle is a little slim, so it is easy for children to hold. Ramunex is great not only when it is hot, but also after taking a bath, or as a reward for a change of pace.

Japanese-flavored Ramune

Product nameJapanese-flavored Ramune

Japanese-flavored Ramune is a carbonated beverage with added sugar, flavoring, and acidity. It comes in a glass bottle with a marble, which is the traditional style in Japan. In recent years, many of them do not contain marbles or have been replaced by plastic bottles, but this Ramune is the old-fashioned style, which will bring a sense of nostalgia to Japanese people. Furthermore, Sangaria has stuck to the old-fashioned, cool and refreshing Ramune flavor. It is a juice that many Japanese feel relieved and love.

Bottled Ramune

Product nameBottled Ramune

Bottled Ramune is a carbonated beverage with added sugar, acidifier and flavoring. Hata Kosen’s Ramune has the largest market share in the world, and is a global source of the goodness of Japanese Ramune. Of course, it comes in a glass bottle with marbles. The cooled Ramune will make you feel cool and comfortable when you hold it in your hand. The sound of the marbles also pleases the ear. Bringing it chilled to a summer river trip or camping trip is sure to lift everyone’s spirits. It is a timeless drink.

Ramune Japan

Product nameRamune Japan

Ramune Japan is a traditional Japanese carbonated beverage with added sugars and flavorings. It is derived from Japanese raw milk and fermentation of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, giving it a refreshing Ramune flavor. The key, of course, is the old-fashioned style of opening the bottle by dropping the marble stopper. The presence or absence of a marble makes all the difference in the child’s delight. Drinking cider while listening to the sound of the marbles is a special experience. It is a nostalgic drink for adults as well, so it is even more enjoyable when everyone drinks it together.

Halloween Kuroneko Ramune

Product nameHalloween Kuroneko Ramune

Halloween Kuroneko Ramune is a carbonated beverage with added sugar and flavoring. This cute product is released during Halloween from Cardi, a well-known Japanese company that carries a selection of products from Japan and other countries. It is a light blue-colored carbonated drink with a blueberry flavor that you would expect to taste like ramune. It tastes refreshing. It also contains marbles, of course, and the process of opening it is enjoyable. It also has a cute cat illustration on it, making it a very popular product, especially among children and women. It will be a delight to take them to a Halloween party.

Ramune from Tenjikuya

Product nameRamune from Tenjikuya

Ramune from Tenjikuya is a carbonated beverage containing sugar, acidifier and flavoring. For Japanese people, it is probably the nostalgic Ramune flavor of the good old Showa period. This product is not in a bottle, but in a recyclable plastic. However, the marble in the bottle is the same as in the past. So after drinking it, you can take it out and play with it. The plastic container makes it safe for small children to drink, and it is lightweight and convenient for distribution at festivals and other events. The refreshing soda pop will become a new page of memories for everyone.

Yokosuka Navy Ramune

Product nameYokosuka Navy Ramune

Yokosuka Navy Ramune is a carbonated beverage made in Japan with sugar, acidifier and flavoring. This juice is a reprinted reproduction of the traditional Navy Ramune. Ramune made with carbonated gas was very popular in Japan’s former Imperial Navy. You can see that the refreshing Ramune was loved by the Japanese people since that time. Also, the fact that it comes in a glass bottle and is drunk by dropping a marble into it is nostalgic and Japanese people love it. The retro packaging is also stylish and makes a great souvenir.

Delicious Beetrole Ramune

Product nameDelicious Beetrole Ramune

Delicious Beetrole Ramune is a carbonated beverage with added sugar, flavoring and acidity. For Japanese people, it is a nostalgic cider. The sweetness, sourness, and aroma are all calculated to create this drink, and once you take a sip, you will be captivated by its delicious taste. In addition, it is green in color, which is unusual for a ramune bottle. The retro-modern design will look stylish just by putting it on the table. The carbonation is stronger than other Ramune products, so the aftertaste is more refreshing and you can enjoy a stronger sizzling sensation.

Wanpaku Ramune

Product nameWanpaku Ramune

Wanpaku Ramune is an old-fashioned carbonated beverage with added sugar, acidifier, and flavoring. It is sold by a long-established company that has been in business for over 120 years, and it is no exaggeration to say that all Japanese people have grown up with this Ramune. Of course, it is a nostalgic style using a glass bottle with marbles. The bottle has a sparkling label on it, making it even cooler. Easy to drink, this drink is timeless and loved by men and women of all ages.

Kodama Shuttle Ramune

Product nameKodama Shuttle Ramune

Kodama Shuttle Ramune is a carbonated beverage with added sugar, flavoring and acidity. It is packaged in a traditional glass bottle and can be drunk by dropping a marble. Although it is focused on a refreshing ramune flavor, it has a clean and sweet aftertaste. Therefore, it is delicious when mixed with shochu or whiskey. It is recommended for people who like to drink alcohol as a sour or highball, while children and those who are not fond of alcohol can enjoy it as is, allowing families to enjoy it together in various ways. It is also highly carbonated, making it a popular product that will give you a more refreshing feeling.

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