10 Best Japanese Fruit Juice in 2024

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Dole (various types)

Product nameDole (various types)

Dole offers a variety of 100% fruit juices. Currently, there are 10 varieties available. In addition, there are also juices such as “100% Fruit Juice – 1-Day Multi-Vitamin” and “100% Fruit Juice – 1-Day Iron” to incorporate both the taste of fruit and nutrients. In Japan, many people think of Dole when it comes to drinking fruit juices. The consistent taste, ease of drinking, and affordability of Dole’s products have made them a trusted choice for people of all ages and both sexes in Japan.

Fanta (various types)

Product nameFanta (various types)

Fanta is a carbonated beverage containing fruit juice. The Fanta series from the Coca-Cola Company is very popular for its delicious fruit flavor and sizzling, refreshing taste. It is a favorite drink of both children and adults in Japan. The classic grape and orange varieties are popular, but there is also a limited-time-only Mystery Sweets that has everyone talking. Whether you are getting together with friends or going out with the family, you are sure to have a more enjoyable time if you have Fanta.

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Tropicana (various types)

Product nameTropicana (various types)

Tropicana is a concentrated 100% fruit juice made from fruit. It is made with the utmost care so that you can taste the deliciousness of the fruit itself. It has the freshness and richness of fruit, but with a refreshing aftertaste. It is a very popular product in Japan, and can be found at supermarkets and other places around the country. It has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature in paper cartons, making it convenient to keep in stock. You can recharge your energy by drinking Tropicana with breakfast.

Bayarese (various types)

Product nameBayarese (various types)

Bayarese is a soft drink made from fruit juice. It comes in two varieties, orange and apple, both of which are very popular in Japan. You will enjoy the freshness of the fruit while at the same time enjoying a refreshing taste. Therefore, they can be drunk very quickly even during hot weather. Since the bottles are freezable, we recommend freezing them in summer. Frozen Bayalys is a great drink when you are out and about or doing sports. There is also an Okinawa-only version of the Bayalys series, which is also very popular and can be purchased online or on trips to Okinawa.

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Welch’s (various types)

Product nameWelch’s (various types)

Welch’s is a 100% fruit juice made from fruit. A variety of products from the Welch series are available, including 100% fruit juice and carbonated beverages using fruit juice. One sip and you will be able to taste the richness of the juice, which is made by focusing on the fruit itself or squeezing the whole fruit. In Japan, it has a reputation for being delicious because of its lavish use of fruit. Even in the morning when you don’t have much of an appetite, you can drink this and enjoy both the taste of the fruit and the nutritional benefits to help you get through the day in good spirits. Some people also enjoy it mixed with alcohol because of its richness.

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Nacchan (various types)

Product nameNacchan (various types)

Natchan is a soft drink made from fruit juice. Orange and apple are particularly popular, but Fruit au Lait and limited-time-only flavors are also available. While the sweetness and freshness of the fruit can be tasted, the acidity and bitterness are kept to a minimum, making it very popular with children and the younger generation. It is a juice that can be found at every gathering or family home. It has a refreshing taste, so it is easy to drink in a gulp. The bottles are also freezable, so many people freeze it to take with them in the summer.

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Koiwai Junsui Fruit Juice (various types)

Product nameKoiwai Junsui Fruit Juice (various types)

Koiwai Junsui Fruit Juice is a soft drink made from fruit juice. The fruit itself is also carefully selected, and fruit from designated farms is used. It is also made from pure water and contains no coloring agents or preservatives. In Japan, this safe and delicious juice is also the choice of mothers with small children. You can gulp it down while enjoying the gentle sweetness and aroma of the fruit. The juice is refreshing and easy to drink, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether at snack time or when thirsty. The container itself is also carefully designed with a slim PET bottle that is easy for children’s small hands to grip.

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Sunkist (various types)

Product nameSunkist (various types)

Sunkist is a concentrated 100% fruit juice. This juice is unique to the Sunkist brand, a professional fruit brand, and directly conveys the deliciousness of the fruit. You can feel the fruit’s acidity, sweetness, and gorgeousness intensely. There are many varieties, so you can change them according to your mood, which is another reason why they are chosen. Furthermore, they have a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. Since they are convenient to carry around, many Japanese people stock them at home. They would also be appreciated as a small gift.

FRUITS SELECTION (various types)

Product nameFRUITS SELECTION (various types)

Fruit Selection is a concentrated 100% juice made from fruit juice. The juice has a reputation among men and women of all ages for its delicious taste, which brings out the natural flavor of the fruit. It is characterized by its refreshing and easy-to-drink taste without any persistent sweetness. The manufacturer, LB, has made efforts to extend the shelf life of the beverage in order to reduce food loss, and it can be stored at room temperature. In addition, the paper packs are also made of SDGs-conscious materials. The beverages are useful in a variety of situations, such as for those who stock up on them and take them to work every day, or for children to drink at snack time.

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Qoo (various types)

Product nameQoo (various types)

Qoo is a soft drink made from fruit juice. It is a very popular juice that has the freshness of fruit, yet is refreshing to drink. It has a light, refreshing taste and can be drunk when you are thirsty and heals your body. This juice contains multivitamins and is recommended by nutritionists. The bottle also has a variety of ingenious features, including a design that is easy for children to grip and a mini-game attached to it. It is a product loved by everyone, especially families and young people, and can be bought at convenience stores, supermarkets, and anywhere in the world.

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